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Top skincare picks from Dermalogica, Dynamic Skin Recovery, Overnight Clearing Gel, Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, Ultrasoothing Eye Serum, Environmental Control Deodorant

A long time ago, in a far away place called Salt Lake City... a little girl named Megan went to beauty school. Megan didn't even know what the word 'esthetics' meant, let alone that someone could have a career in it... but thanks to Dermalogica, she fell in love with the study of skincare and the rest is history!


Yes, it's true! When I went to beauty school- I had never even heard the word 'esthetics' before, and I had no idea that I would be learning about skincare as part of my cosmetology training. I was 17 after all, so I hadn't paid much attention to my skin just yet. But, my education in the spa world opened my eyes to the wonder of that part of the beauty industry, and luckily for me- Dermalogica was a big part of that experience.

I've continued to use and love many of the Dermalogica products that I used during my school days. After all it's one of the top skincare lines in the world, and its' products are loved by millions. I wanted to share with you my top picks from the line, maybe there is one just right for you as well!

Dynamic Skin Recovery- This little bottle of goodness has freakin 50 SPF in it, yet it isn't thick or greasy like traditional sunscreen. It is a lightweight daily moisturizer that is geared for anti-aging and is seriously so good. Don't mess around when it comes to sunscreen. Just use it everyday and be glad you did later. It isn't cheap, but a little goes a long way- and you'll be much more likely to use a sunscreen if it is high quality and good for your skin like this one is.

Ultra Soothing Eye Serum- I have crazy sensitive eyes! The actual eyeballs them selves (I can't walk outside without sunglasses on), plus the skin around my eyes stings with almost every product that touches it. This eye serum has never irritated my eyes, and is so lovely. I always go back to it.

Overnight Clearing Gel- The name says it all. Put this stuff of your blemishes at night, and they'll be reduced in size by at least half in the morning. I use it religiously for my troubled skin.

Environmental Control Deodorant- I don't know why I love this stuff SO MUCH... deodorant is not something I usually splurge on. But this has a mens cologne scent that I just can't get enough of! It's a clear gel/solid formula, and I think it is divine. [I'm a weirdo, I guess]

Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque- Heaven in a Tube! I wear this Vitamin C masque for hours on end. The creamy orange masque leaves skin feeling totally refreshed and glowing, and it is so good for post peel or microdermabrasion treatments. Must have.

Cheers to great skin! Let me know if you have any Dermalogica favorites, and be sure you vote on instagram, to tell me which #LOOKSTHATROCK you want me to recreate from the VMA's.

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*Dynamic Recovery sample provided by Dermalogica via iFabbo
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