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Mascara Wand Shapes, Mascara Wands 101, What are the different shaped mascara wands for?
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Ever wondered what the crap all of those different mascara wands are for? Why are they shaped differently, and what will the results be? It can be more than a little confusing at times- and really overwhelming when you are strolling down the makeup isle.

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Well, rest easy my friends- today I am putting you through my Mascara Wands 101 course, and by the end of it you'll be a pro! Here is what you need to know about the different mascara wand types, and don't miss the video from Studio5 TV with more info (available after 2pm MST) and the GIVEAWAY down below. Although there are variations out there that I haven't included, these are the 7 basic types of wands and the rest all fit under one of these categories as well.

Oversized Wand- Maximum VOLUME
These full bristle wands are designed for amplified volume all around. They will thicken the lashes as well as give length and are designed to POP the eye open with their effect. These types of wands are better for advanced makeup junkies who aren't 'flinchy' with eye makeup. If you have small or deep set eyes however, this guy is not the best pick. Try Maybelline Mega Plush or Too Faced Better than Sex (dumb name, amazing mascara)

Cone Taper Wand- Winged Out Corners
Cone shapes will help direct the lashes toward the outer corners and accentuate the cat-eye look. The bristles that are longer will distribute more product on the lashes, so those will be the ones that are elongated. This mascara is great to pair with a cat-eye liner to really finish off the total look. Try Maybelline Lots of Lashes or Lorac Pro Mascara

Curved Wand- Fanned Out Curl
Curved wands are designed to fan out the lashes from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner. The wand shape mimics the curve of the eye, so the wand is the same distance from the eye all the way across. This gives more curl to the lashes located at the two corners of your eye. Try Cover Girl Flamed Up Mega Curl or Dior Over Curl

Balled Tip- Detailed Corners
The balled tip is a favorite of mine because it allows you get very near the root at the corners to thoroughly coat the base of the lashes, without the risk of poking yourself with a sharp point. You can also turn the wand vertically and sweep the ball end across the lower lashes with lots of precision. You can use the ball tip to direct the outer corners as well, so you have the exact shape you are looking for. Try Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off or ELF 3-in-1 Mascara

Micro Wand- Tinted & Natural
The micro wand is again a huge favorite of mine because I love the simplicity of it and the natural looking results it gives. Great for your 'no-makeup' days, a micro wand will deliver a dark pigment to your lashes but won't build volume or much length. I also love that a micro wand can get all the way down to the root of your lashes (without poking your eyeball) which is so helpful if you have naturally light eye lashes like blondes and redheads often do. Oh, and it's a dream on those lower lashes too! Try IT Cosmetics Tight Line Primer or Maybelline Lash Discovery 

Rubber Shorty- Defined Length
If length is your primary focus, a short bristled rubber wand is the right pick for you. The formula is most evenly applied with this type of brush so you'll have less clumps and be able to build up a longer length with more coats. The short bristles also work as a comb of sorts, keeping lashes extended straight, aiding in the length yet again. Try Wet n Wild Mega Length or Covergirl Lash Blast Length

Flat Comb- Separated & Dark
Definition is the name of the game with lash combs, so if you love to see a separation between every lash then this wand is the one you need. The comb pushes through the lashes and forces each one into a designated path way in the comb. The result is a very uniform lineup of lashes that are equally spaced from one another and coated in lots of pigment. Try Napoleon Perdis MesmerEyes or Mirenesse Cougar Mascara 

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you found this guide to mascara wands helpful! If you want to win a HUGE goody bag of my fav mascaras for yourself, be sure you enter the giveaway down below using the rafflecopter entry. The first two entries are mandatory to play, and the rest are optional but additional entries into the running. Good luck! And check out my cute dress from White Plum today, it's only $39 and I LOVE it! 

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