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I am home from a whirlwind trip to NYC. It was so much fun, and I feel refreshed and inspired by the energy I felt there, the time I spent with my sister, and the beauty that I witnessed first hand during Fashion Week.

Today I wanted to share the rest of my photo snaps from the trip. If you missed the first part of my trip, you can click here. A few highlights from above: The Brooklyn Museum was magical and I love any chance I get to see ancient Egyptian pieces. I also toured the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a true highlight of my trip, and so peaceful amongst the chaos of the city. I got a glimpse of Paris and Nikki Hilton while at Lincoln Center, and spent lots of time with my own sister Kristin.

On Monday, I'll be sharing my backstage adventures from the fashion shows- and telling you what you can expect to see in hair and makeup for the Spring 2015 season. Plus I'll run down all of the clothes I wore to my events... it is Fashion Week after all, so we have to talk a little about clothes right!?!

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