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A few weeks back while on a regular shopping trip to my local Sephora, I saw a display for a new Shiseido product. The red ombré packaging is stunning & sleek and speaks to the brands' luxury eastern skincare philosophy. It's totally eye-catching!  I've spoken about my love of Shiseido on this blog before, so it's no surprise this will be a love fest too.

When Shiseido offered to send me the new product, I jumped at the chance because I had already been so intrigued while shopping. Their new formula called Ultimune is different than other skincare products on the market, because it's main goal, like the name implies, is to build the immunity of the skin-not change the skin itself. It's a preventative measure that helps skin to be more resistant to environmental factors that break down skins’ ability to heal. It’s a product that is a first of its’ kind, and uses the 20+ years of research that Shiseido has conducted to bring you the ultimate in luxury, but also effectiveness.

The consistency is like a thin gel serum, and the scent is my favorite of any product I am currently using. It's light floral and citrus combo is very refreshing, and it's cooling effect on the skin has made this a favorite of mine to use just out of the shower. I also love how quickly the concentrate absorbs into the skin, which helps speed up my morning routine.

If you are looking for a companion product to your current skincare regimen, this is the one to buy. It's designed to enhance the absorption power of your other products, as well as smooth the skin and give a radiant glow. It's lightweight and great for wearing under makeup, but also moisturizing enough to wear at night during sleep. I also notice a huge difference in my under eye area with this, it has really helped to smooth and moisturize the delicate skin there. Ooh it's so good!

Let me know in the comments below if your face could use a good workout session with Shiseido? Who knew our skin needs to build up it’s own immunity? Pretty cool, if you ask me. Check out Shiseido's Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate HERE.

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