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This week I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to write down some things that I am grateful for. Thanksgiving is such an amazing holiday, but as I get older and as my children get older, it is beginning to have so much more meaning to me. I have so much to be thankful for- and 2014 has been such a remarkable year for me in particular. My blog has grown so much (thank you all!), my husband and I built our dream home, and my children continue to grow with good health and happiness. I wanted to share a few of my favorite things to be grateful for, some of them are beauty related, while others are not. I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with family and love!

1- Indoor Plumbing. What a gift. And as a salon owner, I know first hand that warm running water is a true luxury, and that we so often take it for granted. I am grateful that we can offer this luxury to our clients every day as we shampoo their hair at the salon. But I know we can also be better at conserving. So lets make an effort to do our part.

2- Moisturizer & Lip Balm. I live in one of the driest states in America. Without these kinds of hydrating products, I would shrivel up into a prune of grumpiness. #truth

3- Education & the Freedom to Pursue It. This year my oldest daughter, P started Kindergarten. It has been interesting, and exciting and terrifying all at once. But I am overwhelmed with joy to think that she has the chance to gain an education, and learn for herself. I hope that those women and children that are not yet able to go to school in other countries, will continue to fight for that basic human right, and that we will see it come to fruition in my lifetime.

4- Blogger Friends. One thing that is very hard about being an adult woman, is finding and keeping good friends. I am not sure why that is- but it sucks! One of the greatest, if not the greatest blessings that has come from blogging for me, has been the addition of other like-minded blogging friends. And while there is a fair share of competitive nonsense that can come along with blogging too, I have met some amazing women that have been such great gifts in my life. #love

5- Pizza. I could eat it every day.

6- ZzzQuil. I have had trouble falling asleep since I was in Junior High. I assume the timing lined up with life getting hard, and my inability to turn off my brain and just let go. Sometimes, I would lay in bed for 2-3 hours before I could fall asleep, and even then I would barely be 'beneath the surface' of sleep. About 2 years ago I discovered ZzzQuil, an over-the-counter sleep aid. It has changed my life! I use it every night- but I am not addicted in any way. I wake up without being drowsy, and I can even wake in the middle of the night to help my kids without any problems. So grateful for better sleep.

7- Prayer, Guidance & Faith. I don't often talk about my religion on this blog, but I couldn't talk about gratitude without mentioning my immense love for my Father in Heaven and his hand and guidance in my life. I know that he lives and loves his children. He blesses my life and I am so grateful to know that I can speak to him through prayer whenever I need answers, or strength in my trials.

8- Digital Photos. Thanks to my cell phone, I am able to capture photos all day long of my girls and their lives. I have thousands of pictures and videos documenting our adventures, and the life phases of my children and my relationship with my husband. Digital trails that tell our story. #joy

9- Mascara. Without it, I look somewhat alien. Blonde eyelashes just aren't fair.

10- Family. The only thing that truly matters. #eternal

I love you all, and this small place that I have on the internet to share with you. Thank you for your support. I am truly blessed and have so much to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving! xo

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