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Christmas gift guide for her, hair and beauty gift giving guide, gift ideas for women and teens who love Sephora, gift ideas for women, hair stylist picks for best gifts this season: T3 Showerhead; Click n Curl Brushes; Living Proof Prime & Prep; Wen Cleansing Conditioner Trio; Sephora Gold Star Brush Duo; Nume Titan 3; Alterna Bamboo Volume Trio; Kerastase Carre Lissant; Emi Jay Ties; Top Shop Scrunchie

This is a gift guide that I could seriously do some damage with- after all hair has been my full time profession for almost 13 years now! I am always on the hunt for the best hair products, tools, and innovations, and this list has a nice smorgasbord of all of them. Take a look at my picks for the 10 best gifts available this Holiday season for the hair and beauty guru on your list, and be sure you let your significant other know about your favs on the list too. These are all products, tools and brands that have personally used and love- so you'll be sure to love them too. 

1- Emi Jay Hair Ties & Top Shop Polka Dot Scrunchie Cute hair accessories never hurt nobody

2- T3 Source Shower Filter One of life's greatest gifts is soft water for your hair and skin. Add the filter straight to your shower head and see and feel the difference immediately!

3- Click n Curl Brushes with Detachable Handles The at-home blowout just got better with the round brush that doubles as a hot roller too, see my full review here and then scoop them up for BIG hair!

4- Living Proof Primed & Ready Set This brand owned by Jennifer Aniston, knows good hair. The priming creme in this set is a cult favorite, but the hair spray and texture spray are just icing on the cake. See my first review of Prime here.

5- WEN Cleansing Conditioner Trio If your a curly haired gal, or prefer a non lathering shampoo then WEN is the pick for you. You can't go wrong with this trio of their best selling scents.

6- Gold Star Detangling Brush/Comb Duo Add some bling to your bathroom counter with these dazzling gold detanglers.

7- Nume Titan 3 Wand Set (save 10% with code: numegift) Now is the time to scoop up my favorite wands, they are the best price of the year, plus you can save extra! They heat up so fast and give amazing curl! I will never use another brand again, and my bet is that you won't either!

8- Alterna Bamboo Volume Trio BIG HAIR has never been easier, and this set is by far the best way to get it. I am in la la love with this line- the scent and the results are tops! The 48 hour volume spray is worth its' weight in gold. See me go gah-gah over it here on Studio5 TV.

9- Kerastase Carre Lissant Static Removing Hair Wipes If you suffer from static or fly-away hair in the cold months then finally there is a product out there that will change your life! These wipes are so cool, and fit nicely in your purse for on-the-go static control. Each one has a lightweight wax coating on it, that sweeps over the hair to neutralize static and lock hairs into a frizz free position. Genius! I'll be adding them to this old post about static as well.

Which hair must-have is on your list for Santa? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for stopping by! Be sure you are following along over on instagram, and say hello too, xo

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