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Masckara foundation review, 3D makeup, highlight & contour palatte

Why hello lovely!
Have you ever experienced a time when you were so ahead of the game, I mean like the ORIGINAL believer/ lover of/ promoter of something that later turned out to be HUGE!? Like that one person that read the Twilight book first, and started the #IheartEdward fan club, before anyone else on planet Earth had even thought about vampires in centuries.

Or were you the original 'Dirty Diet Coke' drinker, way before it became cool and now everyone plus their mom drinks their DC with lime and coconut!?

And then you are all 'HEY! Peeps, I started this whole thing- so give credit where credit is due!' Boom. [insert angry face]

I think it's safe to say that it has happened to all of us at some point in time. I also think it is safe to say the the ORIGINAL beauty guru that started the whole 'Highlight & Contour' craze, was none other than Cara Brook, of

Now whether or not she's all huffy on the sidelines [I doubt it, I've met her and she is too kind to be huffy] and wondering when the rest of the world decided to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to the way we apply foundation... I don't really know. But Cara is a revolutionary with this product and technique, so it's no wonder that everyone else is joining this fan club.

If you missed my review on the first generation of IIID Foundation, you can go back and read that here. But let's talk about what has changed since the first go around, and why this foundation has been on repeat since I got it.

Highlight & Contour foundation, MaskCara Makeup
Wearing: Floral Shift Dress c/o Oasap | MaskCara IID Foundation: Linen/ Walnut/ Pink Grapefruit/ Illuminator

The new IIID Foundation is like the way cooler older sister of the first edition. The packaging is much better and allows for custom palette creation with insertable colors and refills. It's a heavier quality plastic too which is much improved, and the magnetic system for holding the pans is perfect.

The makeup itself has also undergone a makeover, and the results are that much better. The highlight colors are designed for brightening and concealing. They are super creamy and spread really nicely under the eyes especially, but have great coverage as well for those dark circles or acne like I have. These tones are all warm to reflect light and give a natural 'glowy' effect.

Next, you'll pick a contour shade designed to chisel out the bone structure of your face and really make you look sculpted. The consistency of these colors is thicker and less creamy because they are designed to stay in place more firmly on the skin. After all we don't want our contour to go running down our face do we? Cara designed these colors to be cooler so that they look like a shadow on the face, versus a typical warm bronzer.

Finally you can top off the look with a blush and the illuminator. These final steps really make the face come to life and feel more feminine. And you know I LOVE a good blush color!

Here's a really quick look at my application process to give you an idea (video)

And for those of you with acne or oily skin, I recommend setting your oily/acne zones with a translucent powder to give the foundation extra holding power. I use the Pixi Quick Fix and love it. I also recommend a the Pixi Full Coverage Foundation Brush to apply the IIID foundation, because the bristles and size of the brush work well with the narrow makeup pans- so you don't accidentally pick up neighboring colors. And the bristles are contoured to fit into tighter spaces under your eyes etc. nicely, but it's still big enough to cover the whole face quickly. (Although in the video, I am using the MaskCara double sided brush which is great too)

Let me know if you have tried the IIID Foundation, or if you love highlighting & contouring as much as I do? Plus if you were ahead of your time on something HUGE, I wanna know that too! Thanks so much for stopping by today, xo

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