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Today's post is a little different than usual, but I hope you'll read it through and leave this webpage feeling a little more beautiful.

I happened upon this video that Dove created as part of their #choosebeautiful campaign. I am not sponsored by Dove or involved in promoting, this post comes purely from my intention to share their wonderful message. I am not even sure if this campaign is current right now- but after watching the video I felt so moved I had to share.

A lot of times I get asked the question 'Why did you decide to become a hairstylist?'. And while many of my colleagues will tell you that they had the desire to style hair from a young age or that it was their destiny or life calling... that was never the case for me. Sure I loved hair and makeup- but I didn't plan to make it a career.

I ended up in beauty school by default. It was not my dream, but I happened to be pretty good at it, so I stuck with it for a time. After working in the salon and witnessing some of the not-so-glamorous sides of the beauty industry, and realizing how much work it takes to be a good hairstylist, I could have easily walked away.

So what's kept me in the industry for 13 years now? It is simply the joy that I feel when I help women to feel more beautiful after sitting in my chair for an hour. Without a doubt the power that comes from their renewed confidence is so rewarding and so beautiful to witness everyday- I have grown to love this job for a reason much bigger than perfect highlights, or the latest in haircut trends.

Please watch this powerful video from Dove, it is really so great!

After having two kids, my time in the salon is a lot more limited- and that's OK because I want to be home with my girls while they are young. But I still love to be involved in the industry, and to hopefully help more women with these words and videos on my site. Blogging has allowed me to reach far beyond the salon chair- and it has been such a gift to me to make relationships around the globe. 

I hope that I, in a small way can help more women to #choosebeautiful because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And that is the gosh darn truth! This campaign is so on-point, don't you think? It is so easy to feel unpretty in today's world, and to question which door you should walk through. It makes me sad, but also makes me more motivated to spread this message and continue the positive-talk about ourselves that we all deserve!

I love you all so much, thank you for reading and spreading this message of true beauty! Join me in giving yourself a much needed break from self doubt and critisism. #choosebeautiful instead!

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