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Happy Earth Day! 
Whether you are a newbie to the Green lifestyle, or you've been practicing earth friendly behaviors for year, everyone can appreciate a product or brand that makes eco-conscious choices. While only 5-10 years ago, it was very hard to find health and beauty products that were organic or sustainable, but today there are so many incredible options available to us that utilize best practices and make amazing products to boot! 

I've personally used all of these products and not only do they perform amazingly, but they share the common factor of being eco-friendly both in packaging and ingredients. Support these brands so that they continue to raise the bar and produce products that are safe and effective. Ready? Here goes:

  • 1- Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Leave-In Hair Smoothing Treatment- I am so proud to sell Kevin Murphy in my salon. Not only because the products are amazing, but the brand actively promotes and utilizes eco-friendly practices. This smoothing cream is to die for, and I literally use it on EVERY SINGLE client that sits in my chair, no matter what hair type they have. 
  • 2- SheaMoisture Duel Sided Makeup Brush Set These are soft, fluffy and so wonderfully made. The duel ends cut down on materials needed, but on top of that the handles are made from bamboo and recycled aluminum.
  • 3- Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap If you are an oily skin person, or suffer from bacne (back acne) or acne on your arms... look no further than this amazing bar of charcoal goodness!
  • 4- One Love Organics Brand New Day MicroDerm Scrub From one of my fav organic lines comes this amazing scrub & masque that cleanses, exfoliants, and detoxifies your skin with gentle love. Oooh it's so good!
  • 5- Yes To Coconut Eczema Relief Spray Anyone who deals with ECZEMA knows that some products can irritate more than help. This lightweight spray is super soothing and helps with itch and redness. Plus it smells like heaven and is totally affordable.
  • 6- Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Finding a deodorant without harsh chemicals in it- is nearly impossible! But these healthy deodorizers not only smell amazing (I love the coconut scent) but they sooth the underarms too.
  • 7- Josie Maran Creamy Concealer Stick Josie's entire line is made from natural and sustainable ingredients, and one of her main purposes for creating the line was to bring glamorous skincare and makeup into an eco-friendly realm. This creamy concealer crayon has been a fav of mine for years. It is wonderful at concealing under the eye circles and fine lines while giving a moisture that can only come from Argan Oil.
  • 8- Method Foaming HandWash My go to makeup brush cleanser every time! Although I do try different scents almost every time I purchase. And of course it's a great hand soap as well!
  • 9- Pacifia Lip Tint These lip tints go on like chapstick but have beautiful subtle tints that are perfect for natural gals on the go.
  • 10- John Masters Organics- Rose and Apricot Day Cream A lightweight yet hydrating face moisturizer that smells like a fresh garden. I almost want to eat it... and probably could because John Masters uses all organic ingredients and limits their preservatives as well. 

What are your favorite eco-conscious beauty products? Let me know in the comments below, and go plant a tree today! xo

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