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Zits are simply the worst.
I have shed a few too many tears over the state of my skin, and truth be told, it was less than a week ago that I had my most recent cry for that very reason. Anyone who has struggled with acne knows the pain and heartache that can come when you skin doesn't cooperate. It may seem trivial (and in the GRAND scheme of things, I know it is trivial) but living each day with ugly bright red bumps on your face is not something I wish anyone to endure.

My skin has improved quite a bit over the last year, but lately I've had a flare up that has been plaguing my self esteem and made me want to throw in the towel. But alas, life must go on, and with that I thought I would give you a quick video to show the process I go through to cover acne each day.

I'm calling it Zit CoverUp 101- and I hope you find it helpful! Watch the video below and then check out the products that I use and recommend too.

Products Used in Video:
I truly hope this video is helpful to you, if only to let you know that you are not alone when dealing with acne. If you know someone who might benefit from this post too, please share! xo

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