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Hello lovlies! Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by.
Last week I introduced you to the newest curling iron in my collection the Twirl 360. It's part of the newest breed of curling irons out there that twirl all on their own.

So maybe your asking yourself; 'does it really work that well?'

Take a look at this video so that you decide that for yourself. I think you'll enjoy seeing it in action!

Products mentioned in video:

Overall the Twirl is a big investment, but for women out there who struggle creating curls it could be Once you've mastered the use of it, you can easily do a full head of curls in 5-10 minutes, but be prepared to feel a little awkward with it at first. I had to use it about 3 times before I really felt comfortable with the new technique, but now I am a big fan! And also remember that self-spinning irons can only flat wrap curls, so you are somewhat limited in the shapes you'll get. *See my wrap techniques to the right for further explanation. a great tool to have and use.

I would also note that this type of iron is probably best for women who have hair that is shoulder length or longer. Shorter than that and I don't think the self-wrapping function is necessary or would speed up your style time much. 

Thanks so much for reading, and be sure you enter to win your own Twirl 360 one post back. xo

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