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Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs Review, Flora by Gucci Glorious Mandarin Review

I LOVE to explore new perfumes seasonally because our sense of smell is so strongly connected to memory. Every time I get a whiff of gardenia, it's like I am instantly transported back to Hawaii and the first trip I took there with my late grandparents. Such happy memories!

Try wearing a new scent on your next Summer vacation, so you can revisit those memories too every time you spray that perfume. It really works! And it's not too late to scoop up one of these for an amazing Mother's Day gift as well.

Summer Florals are all the rage right now, and I've narrowed it down to two fragrances that I think you'll love too. One for day and one for night time wear:

  • Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs- Marc Jacobs is known for his floral range of perfumes- and I have loved almost all of them, but Daisy Dream has become my favorite by far! It is light and bright, and truly a 'happy' scent. It has notes or fruit like blackberry and pear and my favorite addition is the coconut water. 
Although it is sweet smelling, it is still very fresh and airy which is perfect for day time wear or for anyone who prefers a soft feminine scent during the evening too. Also, this one is perfect for teens and 20-somethings!

  • Flora by Gucci // Glorious Mandarin- This perfume is perfect for night time wear in the Summer months because it is still a bright floral but it has a depth to it with a light musk note. The mandarin orange tone pairs really nicely with a pina colada note, making it sweet and fruity too. It's perfect for a more 'mature' women and someone that likes a sophisticated scent.

Have you tried a new scent lately that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below, xo

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