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Inside tricks to shop Sephora and other beauty stores successfully

One of the most common things I hear from women when the subject of beauty comes up in our conversations, is that they often feel overwhelmed by shopping for new makeup and hair products. And because of that lack of confidence, many women avoid the experience all together- which means they aren't having fun with the their beauty routine [which is SO important] and they may be using old expired products!

To help you feel excited about the shopping experience again, today I am sharing my best tips for buying smart next time you are at Sephora. But these tips can also apply to other retailers and shopping online as well! Ready? Go...

1- Go with a goal in mind- what types of items do you NEED
  • Walking in just to browse is certainly ok, but when it comes time to throw down your hard-earned cash, don't do it without asking yourself this question: 'Does my makeup collection NEED another product like this one?' If you NEED new foundation, start there first... then wander over to the mascara if you have the time later.
2- Stick to a healthy timeframe
  • I personally believe 30 minutes is enough time to get what you NEED, and also explore the store for a look at new items. Beyond that and everything can start to all 'blur' together, and you may end up feeling overwhelmed again anyway. You also may end up with more in your shopping cart the longer you are there- so keep it short and leave feeling excited and refreshed, not depressed that you just spent your rent money. 
3- Read the signage... it is your road map
  • Many times our eyes are so fixated on the colors and displays, that we forget to look up and read the signage near the products. Sephora does a great job at labeling the brands themselves, but also explaining what products are for and how they work. You can avoid time wasting by reading ahead and knowing if that type of product will be right for you. Look for key words like 'shimmer' 'matte finish' 'full coverage' etc to guide your decisions.
4- Enroll the help of an employee
  • If you've ever worked in retail, you know that the days can go by SO SLOW! Most employees are happy and excited to help their customers because it is their job after all, and it helps keep them busy. The employees know the layout of the store, they are trained in the products, and they are best equipped to help you find what you need. Don't be afraid to ask- but that being said, don't feel pressure to buy anything you don't really NEED. The employees get paid no matter what, so say 'no thank you' when necessary! 
5- Scout out the endcaps and floating displays
  • The ends of the isles are treasures amongst the store- don't ignore them! This is where you'll find NEW release products, best-sellers, and pre-packed collections that offer the highest value!
6- Testers and samples are your friend
  • The great thing about stores like Sephora is that they offer testers of almost every product in
    the store, and they'll make a sample of anything you may need to try at home before buying- like foundation. Get your hands messy and test out those colors and textures before you buy. A while back I posted this pic on instagram of my 2-year-old swatching lipgloss at Sephora. She's seen me do it a million times- so she just does it too! But you should as well. Also Try something from a brand you've heard of or used before, but also try a similar product from a line you're unfamiliar with. Compare the two and pick your fav! You'll never find new loves, if you always buy from the same line simply because you know the name.
7- Edit 
  • Now that your basket is full- it's time to reign it in and edit out about 20%. Really take a long look at what you're considering and decide if it again meets the NEED criteria, and if you are filling a hole in your collection. If you can walk away without thinking about it again- you made the right decision to give it the boot. 
Bonus- Be careful of the cashwrap trap!
  • Sephora does an amazing job of giving you things to look at while waiting in line... but be careful! Just 'throwing in' a few extra trial sizes at the end of your trip, just undid your entire editing process, and I guarantee you didn't NEED anything you threw in. The only time it is safe to shop here, is only when you want to check for a smaller size version of a product you are already purchasing. 

Hope that helps, and happy shopping! A few of my Sephora faves are below

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