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Often I get asked about the best ways to save money on beauty products. Everyone loves a good deal, and it can be a very expensive hobby to collect makeup. I put together a few of my recommended methods for saving on your beauty purchases. There's a lot of em', so let's get to it!

Following your favorite brands on social media (instagram is my preferred place to see sales) is the easiest way to be in the know and get flash deals, coupon codes, and a first look at new releases. Although I don't love my email inbox to be overflowing with mailers, I do appreciate getting first dibs on my favorite products, and most sites will let you choose how often you get emailed. Other great savings can come from apps like Cartwheel at Target, which will let you know when brands you love go on sale. 

Ulta's monthly mailer (also available on their website to view digitally) always has amazing deals listed and a coupon offer, which you can use online or in store. Their shopping events are amazing as well, and will offer different discounts each day for an entire month, so keep an eye out for those. 

Sephora is well known for their sample program, and in fact you can have a sample made of any product they sell, to try before you buy! And when you order online, you always get the option to add free samples to your order, which is a great way to find new products. Don't forget to sign up for their VIB program too, to earn points, bonus offers, and rewards on your birthday.

The best time to shop at high end retailers is during the Holidays, when the pre-packaged collections come out. You'll save BIG when you buy gift sets and usually you'll discover some new loves packaged along side your good old stand-by favorites. 

Home shopping networks like QVC and HSN offer the same great products found in retailers, and often they can be found in special offers and collections, which saves you money. This option is great for large purchases too, such as for blowdryers, because they can often be broken down into multiple smaller payments over time. 

Drugstores offer the best couponing options, and will often be the place where you can save the most on lower-end lines. Most drugstores will except double coupons, meaning you can use a store coupon plus a manufacturers coupon on the same purchase. You'll often see Buy 1, Get 1 offers here too, and my favorite CVS, offers instant store cash on purchases that you can turn around and use immediately!

Signing up for email newsletters is a surefire way to get coupon codes, but google searches for things like 'Curling Wand Coupon Codes' will often bring up many great codes as well. One place that is unexpected to find coupon codes is in the description of many Youtube videos. Companies often work with bloggers and youtubers to promote their products, so you'll find some great discount on their videos. A google search will help you to find them. 

Deal sites are worth checking regularly, like Groupon or Living Social. These sites have sections for 'goods' in which you can find some really great deals. My only advice here is to do a little research on the seller to make sure it is a legit company, and only by products that you've heard of before. If it's a no-name beauty offering such as a '25 piece makeup brush set from xyz brand'... steer clear. Stick to well known brands, otherwise you'll end up with a flop. As with the before mentioned deal sites, Amazon can be a great place to score products too, just do your research on the seller before you buy to avoid getting expired, used or discontinued products. 

Hope this helps you find some new ways to save! Thanks for reading and subscribing, xo

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