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Anastasia Brow Tutorial, Natural Brows, Eyebrow How-To, Ulta Beauty

If you have been living under a rock the last year, you may have missed the memo; but BOLD brows have taken over the world once instagram photo at a time! It really has been a big shift in the world of beauty, and I for one hope the trend never leaves.

Bold brows make you look younger and they single handedly take your look from 'eh' to 'POW' in less than 3 minutes. [If you are looking for speed stick with powder... pencil requires more time]

I have softened my brows up over the last few months however, and am not drawing them as heavy as I did when this trend first emerged. I feel like that is often the case for trends... we go BIG at first, then start to see the light and pull it back slightly over time. [contouring... I am talking to you! Can I get an Amen!?]

So here is a really quick and easy tutorial on achieving natural bold brows with Ulta Beauty.

Products used [all available at Ulta Beauty]:

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*this post was created in collaboration with StyleHunters and Ulta Beauty
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