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Well peeps, I am always keeping an eye on the Target Cartwheel offers, and right now Vaseline is on sale thru TODAY! I realized that I had not one, but three different varieties of the Cocoa Radiant Vaseline in my medicine cabinet. Obviously I am a believer! I use them in their normal functions to hydrate the skin, but I also use them for other unique ways too.

Now that it's colder, I always amp up my moisturizing routine- the Cocoa formula is always the one I reach for because I LOVE THE SCENT. It's warm and rich, with a hint of yummy. And it has prescriptions strength ingredients, without the prescription. Here's how I use them:

Intensive Care Lotion: This guy is a staple for my kids' skin. It is always what we use post-bath, because the scent is wonderful- but it is also rich and hydrating on their sensitive skin.
  • SNEAKY TECHNIQUE: I use this lotion as a Barrier Cream when applying my faux tanner as well. I works so great to protect your palms and the bottom of your feet from getting tanner on them, and then leaves them silky afterward.

Spray & Go: I have talked about my obsession with the Spray & Go Moisturizers on this blog a few times [here & here if you want to see me gush] I use it daily for quick application of moisture on my legs and arms.
  • SNEAKY TECHNIQUE: Use it to hydrate knees, elbows, and feet prior to applying your tanning lotion or mousse. It is light weight so it won't interfere with the saturation of your tan, but it will also help to protect over-saturation and dark spots on these drier thicker areas of skin. [here are my rules for the perfect faux tan]

Petroleum Jelly: This stuff is crucial in my household during the cold and flu season. When my kids have a runny nose, they always get sore, raw skin on their upper lip from blowing. I apply the Vaseline to the area to calm and protect the skin. The Cocoa scent is ideal because it smells nice when applied right under your nose.
  • SNEAKY TECHNIQUE: I use Vaseline as eye makeup remover, and have for years! A tub lasts forever and it works so good removing stubborn mascara and liner. Plus it leaves the skin around your eye plump and hydrated, just avoid direct contact with the eyes of course.

What ways do you use your Vaseline? Be sure you scoop up some of this goodness next time you are at Target, talk to you soon, xo

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