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So if you haven't heard about the highly anticipated Kylie Lip Kit... you may be living under a rock. But just in case you missed it here is the skinny: Kylie Jenners' famously plumped lips gained lots of attention over the last year. And like any Kardashian would, Kylie decided to cash in on said fame and create her own line of lipstick.

After months of waiting and anticipating the arrival of the Lip Kit, finally the day came when it was to be released. Chaos surely ensued.

Kylie's hundreds of thousands of fans crashed her website and the Lip Kits sold out in under 1 minute. It was madness- I should know, because I was just one of the zillion people trying to buy the kits. But lucky for me, I was quick on the trigger and was able to buy ALL three of the first run colors.

I am the first to admit that I am not a 'Kylie-type' beauty with pouty lips, perfectly contoured cheekbones, and lashes for days. I am just a regular gal, mother or two, and wearer of natural makeup. So my experience with the Lip Kit may be slightly different than others out there... and I am guessing you can relate, and that's why you're reading this.

So here is the scoop from one REAL girl to the next:

The pigments are unreal, and give amazing coverage in one swipe. I tend to think that matte liquid lipsticks are too dry- but surprisingly these are moister then most. They are a true matte however and dry to a powdery finish. The scent is a strong Vanilla type flavor, and I find it to be better than other liquid scents on the market. They wear very well and will hold up through mild eating and drinking. I like to add a gloss over the top midday and freshen up the color without having to add more lipstick.

The true star for me however is actually the lip liner that is included in the kit. The liners are smooth
as butter but don't smudge and give amazing color as well! I have a hard time finding liners that I love, and I LOVE these. I wish they were twist-up and didn't require sharpening, but that is my only complaint.

The real draw back for me are the colors themselves. With only three options, you are pretty limited at this point in the production. I bought all three- but really only wear Candy K on a regular basis, and will probably never wear True Brown K, seeing as it looks almost black on my coloring. I tend to think these muted colors look better on darker skin tones, so I am hopeful that more colors will be available soon.

So is it worth it? I am going to say that buying your favorite color, is all I would recommend. At $29 each, you definitely don't need all three. You can get the same look with the Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip for only $6 and they are equally as awesome!

Thanks for reading! xo
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