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I'm always striving to come op with fun new ways to style my hair. After all, 13 years in the beauty industry can get a little repetitive...

Today I am sharing a few new ways to use your heat tools, they are creative and a little bit out-of-the-box. Each way will produce a curl, but hopefully they are curls you have seen or tried yet.

Take a look at the video below for your lesson in creative curling. [PS- this episode of Studio5 was filmed in front of a live studio audience, which was SO exciting and fun. The energy was fantastic! As part of the fun, I was able to pluck three ladies from the audience, whom I've never met and ask them to join me on TV! They were such great sports and I had so much fun meeting them, so thanks ladies- you all look gorgeous.]

1- The Mermaid Curl
Using a 1 inch wand or curling iron, twist wrap the hair in horizontal sections to develop ribbon curls with a twist that are slightly undone and not uniform. This produces an 'off duty' looks that is casual and relaxed. Practice the wrap technique by first looking at your 'pulse', then twist your wrist to look at your 'watch' before wrapping around the wand, and repeat to the end of the strand. [using 25mm wand form Nume]

2- The S-Wave
Using our flat iron, take thin horizontal sections and guide them into an 'S-pattern'. Tap the flat iron over the shape to heat it through, and then use clips to secure the wave while it cools. Repeat in the opposite direction to the end of the strand. The result is a vintage type finger wave look that is great for a formal night out. [using Megastar flat iron from Nume]

3- The Bantu Curl
Section hair into 2 inch triangle sections, and apply heat with the flat iron to heat the section through. Twist the hair into small buns around the head, and secure the ends with a booby pin. After cooling, release the buns to reveal bouncy textured curls that resemble natural curl.

Thanks so much for reading and watching, see you all soon!

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