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What are Perfume Oils?
Simply put they are the Creme de la Creme of perfume, with the most concentrated amount of fragrance suspended in an oil base. The formulas don't contain any alcohol so they don't evaporate quickly like traditional perfumes do.

Instead the oil is warmed by your skin and releases fragrance throughout the day. The formula is rich and luxurious and makes me feel as though I am a delicate lady of a previous decade. (Sidenote: Have you seen the BBC Series, 'The Paradise'? I just binged watched the whole series, and these perfume oils are exactly what the ladies wore back then!) The fragrance oils are intended to be placed on your pulse points, and to be massaged into the skin- becoming part of the wearers essence.

This means that every scent will smell 
slightly different on each wearer, 
and the result is truly unique. 

Here are my favorite perfume oils, that are highly recommended (video):

  • The Blend by Fred Segal Custom Oils Buy one or more of your favorite individual notes, than layer them together for a completely custom fragrance. My top picks are 03 Vanilla, 07 White Tea, and 10 Citrus Zest. Check out these recipe ideas too!

  • Kai Perfume Oil The perfect 'Beach Vacay' scent filled with Gardenia and White Exotic flowers. Reminds me of Hawaii every time I put it on.

  • Inkling Scents This company makes small batch oil perfumes and has some amazing scents and packaging! I love the ink pot and feather quill display for a very lady-like experience. Favs scents include Unify and Sultry.

  • Diptyque Do Son If you've ever smelled a Diptyque candle, you know just how heavenly their scents are. But the perfumes steal the show- and the Do Son scent has beautiful rose and floral notes. The lasting power is great on this one, and the packaging is perf.

  • Nirvana White & Black Black is rich, warm and quite musky with notes of Vanilla and Candlewood. White is a lighter more feminine scent with notes of peony. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen know a thing or two about mystery, and these scents are a perfect reflection of their styles. 
Have you tried perfume oils yet? Let me know in the comments below, smell ya later!

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