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This blog started after years of working in the salon industry and hearing many of the same complaints or questions over and over again. Those common threads drove me to create a place where I can answer the 'cries of help' for a larger audience and share my knowledge with all of you!

One such complaint I still hear in the salon ALL THE TIME is; 'My hair never grows!'

Well ladies there are several reasons why you feel like your hair won't grow, but there are also several ways to aide in the process and speed things along. So lets look at both sides of the story.

Your hair won't grow because:

1- Breakage at the ends
2- Lack of scalp stimulation and blood flow
3- Poor nutrition and vitamin intake

Three Ways to induce hair growth:

1- Limiting your heat tool usage is going to be number one for keep length on the ends and avoiding breakage. Opt for a maximum of 2 times per week using either a blow dryer or flat iron/curling iron. Which means you'll need to use your dry shampoo on non wash days, or opt to let hair air dry if you are washing more often. And on that note, be sure you are shampooing correctly (here is my guide on that) and protecting the ends with a heat barrier. I reccomend Alterna Multivitamin Heat Protection Spray

2- Amp up the blood flow to your scalp to increase cell activity and turnover with scalp stimulation. This can and should be done two ways: with cold water rinses after shampooing, and with scalp massage/dry brushing. The first way is pretty self explanatory, but cold water will quickly bring blood to the surface of the scalp, as well is make hair appear shinier and less frizzy.

Next, you'll want to buy a scalp-friendly paddle brush and thoroughly massage the scalp with long brush strokes nightly on dry hair. (Once your hair has reached the desired length, you can maintain with massage sessions weekly) Avoid brushing through the lengths and ends of the hair, as this could cause breakage- ONLY focus on the scalp. And of course be carful not to scratch or injure the scalp. I reccomend The Wet Brush or the Tangle Teezer.

Also, be aware of how you sleep. Consistent pressure on the scalp will limit blood flow, so if you ALWAYS sleep in the same position, your hair on that side of your head will grow slower. Rotating throughout the night is ideal for hair growth reasons.

3- Add a hair growth vitamin into your daily nutrition. Good hair comes from within, so eating healthy and exercising are always great places to start. But taking a supplement designed to help hair grow will be a huge step in achieving your goal. These vitamins are packed with Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Biotin, and Coconut Oil to aid in the strength and luster of the hair. My favorite are SugarBearHair Vitamins.

Remember that hair grows on average 1/2 inch per month, but with these techniques you can see that double! Good luck, and let me know if you have any techniques in the comments below, xo

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