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Spring time is the perfect season to click 'reset' on your hair and get a fresh start. The winter months
often leave us with dry parched hair, and a need for a boost of moisture. I always reccomend a nice trim at the salon in Spring, but adding my 10 Day Hair Repair Recipe for even better results.

10 Days to Better Hair:

Day 1- Begin taking a Hair Supplement daily to repair from the inside out. 

Day 2- Shampoo with a protein based ShampooConditioner. Cool rinse after washing.

Day 3- Rest day... no washing or heat tools, instead use Dry Shampoo and refresh the ends with an Argan Oil

Day 4- Protein Treatment on the midshaft and ends of hair to strengthen and washing. 

Day 5- Rest day

Day 6- Scalp Treatment using a Scalp Brush and Scalp Elixir 

Day 7- Rest Day

Day 8- Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Treatment

Day 9- Rest Day

Day 10- Scalp Treatment 

You'll see great improvement in just 10 days, but continue to repeat the regimen to see even better results in 30 days.

This regimen has been carefully crafted to give you just the right amount of protein and conditioning during each 10 day cycle.

Get more details in the video below:

Here is to healthy hair!
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