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Using a nice blow dryer is comparable to driving the ultimate luxury car. And if you've been driving a rusty old hatch-back Honda around, you know exactly what I mean!

So what exactly is a good blow dryer?

Here is my criteria:
  • Powerful Motor
  • Light Weight yet Sturdy
  • Quiet
  • Dries the hair in under 10 minutes (15 for super long or thick hair)
  • Uses Ionic or Tourmaline Technology
  • Lasts a Minimum of 5 Years

If your dryer doesn't meet ALL of the criteria- you could be driving a rust bucket. And there are better alternatives out there for you. I've rounded up my top picks at every budget, so ladies (and gents) meet your new Cadillacs: [video]

  • Splurge- Harry Josh Pro Dryer $300 This is the dryer I use every day at the salon. It's Italian motor has a 15 year life span and it's powerful while being super compact. It has a 9 foot long cord which is awesome, and settings to turn on and off the ION function. You want 'On' for smoothness, and 'Off' for more volume. Totally worth the investment, in my opinion.
  • High End- Solano SuperLite $159 Lightweight with multiple heat settings- this guy is great if you suffer from static hair. It uses ceramic and tourmaline technology to add shine and heat hair from over drying causing unwanted static.
  • Mid Range- Ultra CHI $79 Besides being super cute to look at, this dryer is a tried and true that has been around (and loved) forever. CHI pioneered the use of ceramic technology for better heat distribution without unexpected bursts of cool air. This one has a single setting on heat however, so it's best for those with thick and long hair that tolerates high heat well.
  • Budget Friendly- Conair Infiniti Pro $29 This dryer packs a punch with over 1800 watts of power- but at a super affordable price. I LOVE the nozzle on this one because it's super wide and expands the width of your brush all at once. It also has a cool shot button which is great for a shiny finish on your hair.
  • Best Travel- BaByliss Pro Nano $39 Mighty and mini... two things that describe me- and THIS dryer! :) It's perfect for travel and comes with all the bells and whistles of your full size dryer, including a nozzle and long cord.

Thanks for reading- happy drying! xo

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