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Eyebrows have really taken center stage in the beauty world over the last few years. And I for one have LOVED seeing them become such a huge piece of the puzzle... after all they are literally the 'frame' around the 'window to your soul'! That's a bold statement- but hey, it's true!

I first began tinting my eyebrows during my time in beauty school, and I realized what a life changing experience it can be, especially for fellow blondies like myself. And while a professional tint and wax is always a great way to liven up your features- it's not always in the cards to pay to have that service done at the salon.

Dying your eyebrows at home is easier than you might think, and this post will teach you exactly what to do to get a professional look in under 10 minutes. [Video]

  • Use a store bought Root Touch Up Kit by Clairol, and opt for an Ash tone which will appear more natural. 6A is ideal for blonde brows, 5A is great for medium brown, and 4A is best for very dark brown or black. Typically I reccomend a 5 minute process time for the Clairol, but start with 3 minutes to determine how dark you want your final results.
  • If you've got very corse brow hairs, or grey in your brows try Just for Men Mustache and Beard Tint and process for about 3 minutes. The Light-Medium, Medium Brown, and Medium-Dark Brown will be the best colors to use on brows.
  • Opt for a color that is AT MOST 2 shades darker than your natural brows
  • Mix the color following the ratio described in the directions which is 1:1 parts color to developer, but remember you'll only need a small amount, about the size of a pea for each part. 
  • Apply a layer of Vaseline around the brows first to protect the skin from the dye using a Q-tip.
  • Use a cheap makeup brush to apply the color to the hairs in light upward strokes. Avoid pressing firmly onto the skin... we are tinting the HAIRS, not the skin.
  • Remove any stray dye from the skin with a clean Q-tip.
  • Time for 3-5 minutes, and wipe off using a warm washcloth and shampoo, or a makeup remover wipe. If you applied the right brow first, remove the right brow first as well. 
  • Assess the color and repeat to darken the color if necessary.

Typically I reccomend tinting every 4 weeks to maintain your color, and one box of dye should last you 8-10 applications. I hope you'll give it a try, let me know if you have any questions below! xo

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