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The ART OF THE PART is one of my favorite topics! I love to see the change when a simple shift happens, especially for women who have been parting their hair in the same place for years!

You might not think that it could make a huge difference, but you'd be surprised with the amount of change it can have. Just look at my three pics above- same makeup, same clothing... but different partings make a HUGE difference in the appearance in my face and the area in which your eye is drawn to.

Here is a quick guide [video] that gives you some inspiration and a starting point to finding the most flattering part line. 

Off-Center Part:

Off center partings are great for most face shapes and hairlines- especially oval, square, or triangle. It will drape a small bit over the forehead, hiding some of it, and directly focus to the eye that is more revealed. 

Place the parting over the center of one eye, and angle back towards the center of the crown. If you already wear this parting, a simple flip to the opposite side is a great way to add variety

Deep Side Parting:

Deep side partings are best for Round, Long and Oval faces- as well as more angular faces like Heart Shaped and Diamond. This parting will cover a majority of the forehead, and direct the eye to the cheekbone. It will soften harsh bone structures and give a more 'formal' feeling to the hairstyle.

Part the hair over the tail of one eyebrow, and slide straight back for a more aggressive parting, or angled towards the center of the crown for a less formal style. 

Center Parting:

Center parts are great for Oval, Heart Shaped, and Round face shapes- this parting draws attention to the forehead and eyes, and is slightly more 'edgy' than the rest. A nod to the hippie/boho vibe, this parting works best with longer hair lengths, and those that don't have cowlicks near the hairline.

Avoid center parts if you have a large forehead (more than 4 finger widths, generally) or a larger nose- as this parting will draw attention to the center of your face and cheekbones. I always wear this parting with slightly more makeup, because it is going to really show off the face (no hiding behind your hair with this one!)

Part right down the middle directly above your nose, but only go back 2-3 inches to avoid looking 'flat-headed', and tease the crown slightly for added volume.

Hope this helps inspire you to try a new parting! You never know till you try! xo

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