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For those ladies out there looking for a more natural and softer makeup finish- products that offer just a 'hint of tint' are just what you need.

They are designed to offer a more sheer coverage, that will enhance your look, without covering up your features. Here are a few of my recommended products that give just enough color but still have major payoff. [video]

  • Maybelline Dream Cushion- My go to foundation all Summer long. It gives beautiful pigment to even out redness and cover blemishes, but has a super thin consistency so the texture of my skin still shows through. It's perfect for the gal who 'hates foundation'. 
  • Billion Dollar Brows Hint of Tint Brow Gel- This is a great brow gel that gives more color then a clear formula, but is still more subtle than a powder or a pencil. The universal taupe color is great for everyone. 
  • Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel- Although the colors look bold, this formula is so sheer it only leaves a kiss of pigment on your cheeks. Just a few dabs on the cheekbones will give you a glow and flush of color that is so natural, you might just be blushing!
  • Colour Pop Ultra Blotted Lip- Hands down my favorite formula ever. It is a Matte-Sheer finish which means you can still see your lips ever so slightly under the pigment, but no glossy finish. It's just like the name says, a 'blotted' lipstick look. ***Giveaway*** Head over to my instagram for a chance to win the ENTIRE COLLECTION. Ends 7/23
  • NYX Lid Lingerie- I love these for a quick was of color all over the lid. They dry down and become budge proof, but still have a beautiful metallic finish. 
What other subtle makeup products do you love? Let me know in the comments below! xo

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