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Peeps! Can you believe it- the Nordies Sale is already here! That year flew by for me but also went SO SLOW at the same time! (Being Pregnant and having a newborn will do that to you, am I right!?)

This years sale is the best I have ever seen in terms of the beauty offerings!

There are literally double the amount of beauty products on sale this year, which made picking my list so hard. But these are all amazing deals, and even more amazing products! You cannot go wrong. 

  • 1- SuperGoop SPF 50 Setting Mist A setting spray with SPF 50! Makes so much sense that the last thing on your skin is sunscreen. 
  • 2- Hourglass Diffused Light Palette A cult favorite- this is the most beautiful highlight pallette with three gorgeous shades, I love it all throughout the year- as my skin tone changes I have options. 
  • GloPro MicroNeedling Roller A major game changer in the skincare world, at-home micro needling will restore your skins elasticity and help with collagen and age spot fading. 
  • 4- MAC Nice n' Spicy Lip Kit The most perfect pinky-nude color that looks wonderful on literally every skin tone!
  • 5- Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting Liquid Get two of my secret weapon with this deal! Fade acne scars and pigmentation, while keeping new breakouts from surfacing. 
  • 6- Anastasia Clear Brow Gel Duo There is no other brow gel quite like this one. Get two in this deal, you won't regret it. (It's a fav of all the Kardashians too, if that means anything to you?)
  • 7- Beachwaver 1 1/4 Self Rotating Iron Beach Waves in a snap with this auto-rotating iron. I love this thing and so do my clients at the salon. Here's a video demo
  • 8 & 9- Ouai Haircare Dry Shampoo Foam and Wave Spray Dry Shampoo foam will be the next big thing on the market. Ouai figured it out first and it's a game changer. The Wave spray is the ultimate cool girl beach spray and it gives great volume to the hair.
  • 10- Donna Karen Cashmere Mist Deodorant Trio A three-pack on this amazing deordorant that I learned about from my girl Brooke Walker. Smells like heaven and works wonders for those pits.
  • 11- Touch XL Makeup Mirror I use it every morning and night. Glam and function.
  • 12- Bobbi Brown Face Palette- it's double decker with a huge mirror in the middle! Literally everything you need and so great for travel.
  • 13- Voluspa Candle Trio The BEST SMELLING CANDLES ever. period.
  • 14- BKR Glass & Silicone Water Bottle Duo Beautiful skin is hydrated from the inside out. I love the glass bottle. It's pretty, free from chemicals, and keeps water colder than plastic. I need that spiked option too though! Ouch! 

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