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Best Hair Perfume Mists

I take scents very seriously.

Just watch one of my youtube videos, and it's pretty much guaranteed that I smell something in the video! The scent of a beauty product is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing a product or not, I've definitely learned that first hand over my 15+ years selling shampoo!

But did you know, that the scents in shampoo are not designed to linger in the hair?

That's right, the vast majority of shampoo formulations these days are made with 'flash fragrances' that give a burst of scent upon first use- but then dissipate quickly. They do this because most people use multiple products and layering them would cause too many scents to be in play- it wouldn't be good.

Enter: The Hair Mist

What is a hair mist? It's a perfume spray designed specifically for use in the hair. The mist is finer, uses less alcohol (so it isn't drying) and they usually contain some shine ingredients to make the hair look nicer as well as smell better. 

Another factor to consider is that most women aren't washing their hair daily, so a hair perfume is nice to freshen up the hair on days 2 and 3. [video]

Here are 5 of my recommended Hair Perfumes:
I hope you'll give one a try, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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