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We all know the BIG names in makeup- brands like Loreal, Clinique, and Bobbi Brown. But there is SO MUCH MORE out there, in terms of small independent brands that aren't as well known- but are simply amazing and I want you to hear about them. 

Today, I am rounding up 5 of my top hidden gems- and sharing one product that I think you should try from each line. Ready? Let's go! [video here]

Colour Pop To be fair I have mentioned Colour Pop many times on the blog in years past, so you may already know about it. But the brand has recently launched at Sephora, which means it's now going to be a household name for anybody who shops for makeup. 

  • Ultra Blotted Lip, is my favorite formula in the line. It is the perfect lipstick for the woman who doesn't wear lipstick, but wants to. Confused? Well, here's the deal: It's sheer but matte, two things that don't usually go together. You can get a great pop of color that lasts longer than a gloss, but it still shows the texture of your lips through the color. Amazing for a more subtle look than your typical Liquid Lipstick. Which Colour Pop also makes, and those are great too!

Karity This indie line is more compact and produces in smaller batches, so the quality always remains consistently high. There's no middle man here either, they only sell direct from their own site- meaning the prices are low. Can I get an 'Amen'!?
  • The Shadow Palettes are stunning, with blendable pigments that POP off the eye. The Peach Palette is a dream, but the Nudes & Rudes palette cannot lead you astray. 

Huda Beauty Huda is no stranger to the beauty world- her Youtube channel has over 2 million subscribers! But the average consumer may have never heard of her and her cosmetics line, that is now available at Sephora. Her shadows are stunning, and her Lip Strobes make any pout just a touch more glamorous, but my favorite are her Holographic Lip Toppers.

  • The Mini Lip Strobe Collection is a great way to jump into the holographic makeup trend. You get 4 minis that can be worn alone or over the top of a lipstick. The light reflection is like 'BAM'! and I even love using them right in the center of my lips for a little extra plump.

Models Own is a UK drugstore staple, but the US is finally getting in on the action. It's a HUGE line with over 600 products (we don't have them all here- bummer) and they are a great budget option for makeup lovers. 
  • Sculpt & Glow Highlight Palette gives you three BIG pans of color in each compact. The pink version is my favorite and gives you a blush and highlighter in a single step. I love that there are powder and cream formulas in the same compact too, so you can adjust depending on the look you want. 

Soap & Glory is another UK transplant, and is mostly well known for their lotions and body scrubs. But their makeup line is fantastic as well, and the collection comes complete with super catchy packaging and names. Don't be offended... it's funny people!

  • One Heck of a Blot Foundation is a super unique formula, that starts off as a liquid and dries down to a velvet powder finish. That powder goes to work absorbing excess oil throughout the day, helping to combat the shine and need for blotting. Love this stuff- only downside is the lack of shade variety. 

Happy Shopping! xo 

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