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These are not your grandmas press-on nails folks! In fact press ons are making a big comeback, and you might be surprised to find out celebrities like JLo are wearing press ons for an instant touch a glam and boasting about it on social media

If you haven't thought about or worn press-ons in a long time, you'll be happy to know that the technology has improved and the results are more life-like than ever. These types of nails are made with a gel finish, so they are shiny and super durable. 

You can also apply them for a temporary pop of pizzaz, and here's how: [video]

Kiss Gel Fantasy (glue) Great for an event or photos. 2-3 days, but pop off more easily with the glue.
imPRESS One-Step Gel (peel and stick) My FAVS! They last 7-10 days and are so easy to apply!

Tips for an easy application:

  1. Start by using your 'awkward' hand to apply nails to your dominate hand. It's much easier to apply with your awkward hand, BEFORE they have nails on. 
  2. Find your proper size nail- it should lay flush with the curve of your nail bed, without having to be pressed down. You may need to size up, and then file the sides more narrow to get the right fit. Tip: Write down you sizes so you can quickly grab the right ones next time
  3. Prep the natural nails by washing your hands, and using a quick swipe of polish remover to remove any oil or residue before applying
  4. Apply glue to both the natural nail and the press-on, but only allow to dry for a few seconds before bonding together. Or if using the peel and stick, simply remove the backing and press and hold.
  5. Place the nail on at the cuticle first (avoid touching the skin) then rock the nail forward. Press firmly to remove air bubbles and hold for 10 seconds for a solid bond. 

It is common for 1-2 nails to pop off in the first day or so... these will be the nails that didn't get a proper bond the first time around. Simply reapply glue and bond again. Once the nails have made it passed this phase, they've proven they are secure and will last about a week before the natural oils in your nails loosen the bond. At this point the nails will need to be removed and any remaining glue can be soaked off quickly with some acetone based polish remover.

Press ons are super fun for a quick change or a temporary look. Ideal for a big event or even somthing like family pictures. I hope you'll give them a go! xo

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