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Everyone needs a little more time in their lives- but we all only have 24 hours in a day. Make the most of your morning routine by becoming more efficient with your products and time management. I put together 3 of my fav time saving products and 3 of my time saving tips! [Video Here]

Time Saving Beauty Products:
  • Pixi Multi Balm Dab the same color on cheeks and lips for a quick pop of color and moisture in a single product.
  • Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo Soak up oil and give more volume to the hair with a dry shampoo, BUT be sure to apply it at night before bed for maximum results when you skip the shower in the morning. 
  • Power Dry Me A Blow Dry Accelerator that repels moisture out of the hair so that your blow dry time is reduced by up to 40%. 
Time Saving Beauty Tips:

Keep your morning creams in the kitchen and or fridge, and apply them while your prepping or eating breakfast. The coolness of an eye cream fresh from the fridge will de-puff bags under your eyes, and applying them while waiting for your toast to pop will save you time later when applying makeup, you will also have better results when you allow your creams to set into the skin longer prior to applying makeup.

Declutter your makeup stash and keep only your 'use everyday products' in front of you- and keep your 'extras' stored away. The rule is: 'If I don't use this product at least 3 times per week, it doesn't belong in my makeup bag.' This will cut down on time digging through your makeup bag passed all the clutter. Opt for stackable baskets and divide into categories for quick reference and easy locating. 

Dial in on the order in which you apply your products- and then stick to the list for speed! You can even print out a cheat sheet and tape it to your mirror to help you until you memorize the order. Knowing what to reach for and exactly where it is will speed up your routine more than anything else. Make it a game and set a timer too, nothing kicks you in to gear like a ticking clock!

Beauty Cheat Sheet: (Print it out and tape it to your mirror until you've got it memorized)

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