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PERM- it's a four letter word... literally of course, but also figuratively as well.

Why is that? Well, in my opinion, perms are associated with bad memories. Women remember them from their pasts, and the subsequent frizzy hairstyles that followed in our younger years. And hairstylists are somewhat afraid of the perm- because it's a service that we can't fully control the results of. We never want you to leave unhappy, and that fear of the unknown and the possible disappointment- makes many stylists avoid the perm all together.

The perm is not going to become mainstream again, but it is going to be seen and heard more often in salons. We've already seen a few celebs jump on the bandwagon and share their results online. So today on Studio5 we took a trip to the salon with a brave volunteer and delved into the return of the perm, take a look! [video here]

And if you've got some wave in your hair already, here are a few of my favorite curl enhancers to give your style a bit more of the beach. [video here]

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Would you rock an updated perm? Let me know in the comments below. xo

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