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You asked for it- and it's here! My top tips for applying makeup once your skin has hit that 'mature' mark. I know I am not there yet, so you may be thinking, 'Megan, what do you know!?' and I can see your point. But as a working makeup artist for over 15 years, and as someone who STUDIES the industry like a crazy person, I do think I know a few things that could be really helpful to you!

So here are a few of my recommended tips and products that will leave you feeling more confident and beautiful no matter your age. [video here]

Over 50? Do This...  Not That

  • Do Lift Brows with Highlight and Natural Brow Strokes... Don't overly pencil in harsh brows when your hairs are scarce, you'll draw more attention to the scarcity and visually weigh the eye down. Chella Highlight Stick // NYX Micro Brow Pencil
  • Do use blush on the higher points of the cheeks to accentuate and lift cheekbones... Don't streak blush across the length of the cheekbone, or focus on the front apple of the cheek. This will bring the look of the cheek down lower on the face and accentuate loss of volume on the cheeks. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
  • Do conceal the undereye all the way across the cheekbone to the temple using a color that is close to your skin tone... Don't conceal only the moon shape under eyes in the socket or use overly bright/light tones. This will only cause more contrast next to the shadows of your fine lines and make them appear darker and deeper. La Girl Peach Corrector and Concealer
  • Do define lashes with a soft line of shadow... Don't use harsh/black eyeliner around the eye it will close down the eye, accentuate loose skin and age you up. Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Chocolate Bar Palette
  • Do use a clear lip liner and powdered lipstick to keep lip color from feathering into fine lines... don't use a waxy/ glossy or wet lipstick that will travel and accentuate lines around the lips. Pixi Clear Lip Liner // Karity Lip Lock 

Bonus* Your questions answered here [video here]

What do you guys think? Helpful? Let me know, xo

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