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Time to get in shape, by skipping the gym! Today's post is a recap of my BROW BOOTCAMP class. When I asked you, my readers, what topic you would love to learn more about- overwhelmingly the response was 'Eyebrows' !

So I've put together this round up- which will teach you how to take your natural shape and then enhance it, without trying to alter what your momma gave you.

First up- determine your natural shape based on the six most common shapes above. There is no right or wrong here, just simply how your brows grow and your bone structure.

Now take a look at the before and after pics below so that you can see how each shape was enhanced to a more flattering version. (pics via

To keep those brows looking top notch, you'll need a few tools:

  • Just for Men Beard Tint

Filling in your brows to enhance, shape and color each day- requires a little planning. This daily technique will guide you in the right direction. This technique applies no matter what type of pencil, pen, powder or gel you are using. 

 Maintain your shape at home with this technique:

There are two other brow enhancements that can really make your routine quicker and easier- DIY brow tinting and permanent makeup. If you want a more in depth look at both of those options, head on over to those links. 

Hope this recap was helpful! Happy Brow Grooming friends! xo

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