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I get asked about my brushes EVERY time I post a tutorial on instagram! It's a hot topic- so today I bring you;

2018 Best of Brushes:

  • Liquid/Cream Foundation- It Cosmetics Heavenly Skin Smoothing Brush $48 Worth the hefty price tag! It blends and smooths foundation like no other I've ever tried- it also washes nicely and never sheds bristles. 
  • Concealer Blender- Pixi Strobe and Sculpt Double Ended Brush $14 The Domed end blends under eye concealer perfectly with its soft touch and perfect shape. I used the other end to set my concealer with loose powder. I great price and a great brush!
  • Blush/Bronzer- Real Techniques Blush Brush $9 I have two- I love them so much and the price cannot be beat! Fluffy and soft to blend blush, bronzer or powder in a snap.
  • Large All Over Shadow- Japonesque All Over Eye Brush $15 Hard to find- but worth the search. I use this brush in every eye look to quickly and efficiently blend my shadows. It's BIG but that's why it works so fast. 
  • Eye Shadow Must Haves- Fluffy Blending BrushTapered Blending Brush, Domed Pencil Brush $6/ each (Or a set of four for $19) I tried these affordable brushes on a whim and boy am I glad I did! They are soft, cut well, and work like a charm! The fluffy blender is my go-to, but I reccomend you buy the whole set so you'll have everything you need! 

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