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All products mentioned by the Beauty Snoop are chosen at our discretion and are given honest reviews based on our personal experiences with them. The majority of the products on this site are purchased as a consumer and given ratings based upon personal trial. Any posts that have been sponsored by a brand or business, will be noted as such in the post. Product(s) that have been given to The Beauty Snoop for press samples etc., will also be noted as such in the post footer. The use affiliate links will be used when relevant to the post, which results in a small commission paid to The Beauty Snoop after being referred from this site to the retailer.  

The expert opinions on this site are from Megan Moore, owner of MOORE HAIR DESIGN in Salt Lake City. Megan has been in the beauty industry over 13 years and her expertise in this field has led her to build one of Utah's most successful hair salons. Her salon and editorial work has been featured nationally in both American Salon Magazine and Modern Salon Magazine. In 2014 Megan was named a top three finalist, in the Beauty Blogger Awards by Allure Magazine.


'Hello, thanks so much for visiting my site! At age 17, I found myself in beauty school and the rest is history. I am a self-proclaimed celebrity gossip junkie, I love to travel and play golf, and I can spend an unhealthy amount of time wandering the aisles of Target.

I am a momma to two beautiful girls who make me crazy and keep me sane at the same time. My poor husband has to put up with a lot of estrogen, but he handles it like a champ.

This blog is about a topic I love; beauty. Although it may seem shallow on the surface, I believe there is great power in a fabulous haircut, the perfect shade of lipstick, or the glow of a soft [faux] tan. With confidence comes energy, and this world deserves your individual energy that no one else has.

Q- Why is the blog named The Beauty Snoop?
A- As a hair stylist I often get asked the question 'have you ever tried... [fill in the blank with one of a million beauty products]?' My clients expect me to be an expert in all things beauty, they often want my opinion before purchasing the latest and greatest beauty stuff. After 12+ years of working in a salon, I like to think I have heard it all- so I set out to go 'snooping' for answers to these questions, and provide my two cents for those of you who love beauty too. I also have a thing for Sherlock Holmes- hence... the magnifying glass.'