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Monday, September 15, 2014


hair, makeup, nails, NYFW, New York Fashion Week Beauty

Happy Monday! Today I am excited to share with you my backstage coverage from New York Fashion Week. It was such a thrill to be backstage at a handful of shows this year- the energy and excitement is like nothing I have felt before.

Imagine 15 gorgeous models, 30 makeup artists and hairstylists, and 5 manicurists... all doing their jobs at once, plus about 20 members of the press (that's me... 'press' :) trying to photograph and video ALL AT THE SAME TIME! In a tiny backstage area, I might add! It is chaos at its' finest.

In the video below, I put together some of the beauty looks that I was able to witness first hand, as well as some of my other favorites from shows I wasn't able to attend this season. It gives you just a glimpse of the beauty you can expect to see trending come Spring 2015. The majority of the designers all opted for sleek/wet hair looks on their models, and mostly natural looking makeup. But, there were of course a few outliers that went for bold lips, crazy nail art, and even pierced eyebrows! Take a look:

Featuring looks from:
I hope you find some beauty inspiration in these looks! I know I did, and I'll be bringing you some 'Inspired By' posts over the next couple months, where I'll showcase some of my favorite looks, and how I would achieve them at home. Stay tuned for those, and be sure you come back later this week for a recap of what I wore while in NY, and for my Mascara Wands 101 class with Studio5 TV. xo
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Friday, September 12, 2014


I am home from a whirlwind trip to NYC. It was so much fun, and I feel refreshed and inspired by the energy I felt there, the time I spent with my sister, and the beauty that I witnessed first hand during Fashion Week.

Today I wanted to share the rest of my photo snaps from the trip. If you missed the first part of my trip, you can click here. A few highlights from above: The Brooklyn Museum was magical and I love any chance I get to see ancient Egyptian pieces. I also toured the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a true highlight of my trip, and so peaceful amongst the chaos of the city. I got a glimpse of Paris and Nikki Hilton while at Lincoln Center, and spent lots of time with my own sister Kristin.

On Monday, I'll be sharing my backstage adventures from the fashion shows- and telling you what you can expect to see in hair and makeup for the Spring 2015 season. Plus I'll run down all of the clothes I wore to my events... it is Fashion Week after all, so we have to talk a little about clothes right!?!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


You know how girls tend to over dramatize things? It's kind of hilarious when you think about it with any amount of seriousness...

Well on that note I have SOME HUGE NEWS. [see what I did there?]

To say 'beauty' and 'crisis' in the same sentence is again, a little dramatic. I mean how earth-shattering is that lipstick really? But, just like any girl who loves hair and makeup- sometimes I do find myself feeling like I am going through a beauty crisis when things don't pan out right.

When I heard about the new PopSugar Beauty series called #Crisising, I was immediately excited to check it out. The gist of the show is that the ladies of Pop Sugar, help solve beauty crises in a witty but totally helpful way. I loved the first episode, and wanted to share it with you:

If you have a beauty crisis that you need solved, you can tweet your request to the ladies. Be sure to use the hashtag #crisising and you might get an answer on the next video, plus you'll be entered to win $500 in Benefit Beauty items. Sa-weet! I'm thinking up my best crisis to ask...hmmm what will it be? 
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*thanks to popsugar for sponsoring this post and supporting this blog

Monday, September 8, 2014


Beauty product fails, the products I wish I had my money back for, Redken Pillow Proof Review, Josie Maran Matchmaker Foundation and Powder Review, Loreal Miracle Blur Under Eye Review, Lumine CC Cream Review

I try to keep this blog a mostly positive place... Aside from my few rants here and there, I choose to only feature brands and products that I have positive experiences with and genuinely love! Not only because the world has enough negativity in it already, but also because as a business owner, I understand that negative reviews hurt and aren't always the fault of the company. So my usual approach is: 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'.

That being said, SO MANY of you have requested videos or posts that talk about products I don't recommend. I am not sure why this is exactly, but I imagine its part human-curiosity and part research before you spend money on products that you could avoid disappointment with.?.

I get it. I always research before I buy too. So in an effort to give you guys what you want, I'll make a NOT SO SNOOP-TASTIC video every now and then, and run down the things that didn't make the cut. Just keep in mind that these are only MY opinions, and there may be people out there that have better experiences with these products then I did. In fact I hope that's the case! Please let me know if you have different results.

Wearing: Polka Dot Blouse c/o Oasap

Thanks so much for reading and watching friends! Right now I am knee-deep in fashion goodness during NYFW Spring/Summer 2015. It's been a whirlwind, and I can't wait to share everything with you soon. For a peek at what is coming, head over to my instagram. xo

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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Spring Summer New York Fashion Week photo snaps by Megan Moore, The Beauty Snoop in New York
Hello lovely friends! Happy Sunday
I know that I don't usually come to you on Sundays, but I am so excited to share a few fun pics from my first two days in New York. The trip so far has been so much fun, and it's only just begun!

I'm staying with my big sister, who has lived in New York for almost 10 years, She is the BEST tour guide, and it's always so fun to stay with her. When I was in college I used to come out about every 3 months to see her... now it's only about once a year, but I still get giddy every time I come!

Above you can see some of my first few stops, including a new gel manicure, a trip to Macy's to preview the new Sheidedo Ultimune serum, my journey across the Brooklyn Bridge, and the RewardStyle rooftop event at the Empire Hotel. I wore this beautiful floral dress that's from the fall collection at Kingdom and State, I got so many compliments on it. (Thank you Tan and the K&S team for letting me wear it!)

Tomorrow, you'll get a look at something I'VE NEVER DONE on the blog... hope you like it! And stay tuned for more from NY, xo

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Exuviance Skincare Vitamin C Booster, the best vitamin C skincare products, Vitamin C for your face, exfoliation, dark spot lightening with Vitamin C

Whelp, my obsession with Vitamin C skincare products continues... With help from you guys I might add. You have been suggesting some great products to check out, that all have the super power of vitamin C built right in.

This particular one was intriguing to me because it's a POWDER formula! Cool right!?! (Some of my most favorite skincare products ever have all been powders!) It's called Exuviance Illumination, and it's a two part formula. You mix the powdered vitamin C booster, with the restorative gel complex- then slap that goodness all over your face before bed.

I love the powdered version because its slightly gritty texture gives a gentle exfoliation before it dissolves into your skin to go to work rebuilding skins texture. I focus the exfoliation on my acne scars and dark spots, then spread the remainder through my face.

The powerful antioxidants in the formula are ideal for evening out pigment in the skin and I LOVE that the formula is 100% active. That means there is no water or fillers in it... Just the good stuff.

If you're dealing with discoloration or dark spots, then this is the Vitamin C formula for you. I'm about 1/2 through my bottle and have seen good lightening of my acne scars, especially the ones on the more delicate skin on my neck. 

If you give it a whirl, let me know what you think! xo
Next stop, New York Fashion Week... hope you're coming with me via instagram

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