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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Buxom Lip Cream Review, Too Faced Lip Injection Review, City Lips Lip Plumper Review, Best Lip Plumping Products

2014 was the year of the full lip- thanks to the phenomenon known as Kylie Jenner and her perfectly plump nude pout that swept the nation and the Rumor mill with heated debates about her makeup routine and possible plastic surgery.

I haven't dared to venture into lip injections and don't really plan to any time soon. I do however love a good temporary lip plumping gloss or serum and the illusion of a great overdrawn lip liner to fake an enhanced lip.

I've tested my fair share of these lip boosting formulas, and rounded up the top three choices for a mild to a major mouth popping effect:

Buxom Lip Polish- Mild- the Buxom Lip Polishes have been my personal cult favorite glosses for almost a decade since their introduction to the market. They have a mild tingle and a great subtle plumping action that lasts about an hour while the color pigment wears longer. These come in over 40 shades and are the best for daily use.

Too Faced Lip Injection- Medium- the Too Faced Lip Injection serum is more intense and causes a stronger heat and tingle reaction. You'll feel the blood be drawn to the lips about a minute after you've applied it and the plumping action typically lasts 1-2 hours. This option only comes in a clear formula, so you'll need to add additional color over the top. Some people do have a reaction to this formula although I never have- I would suggest grabbing a sample at Sephora before purchasing just to be sure.

City LipsMajor- the City Lips gloss use a different technology to plump the pout and this one averages 3mm of growth with each use. It's really quite amazing and although it's warm and tingly- it's not quite as intense as the Too Faced option. It comes in 8 shades and is quite hydrating, but also pairs we'll with additional glosses or lipsticks. You can also apply this each night before bed and over about 30 days you'll get a semi-permanent plump that lasts as long as you keep up your regular use. Pretty neat eh?!


Friday, January 16, 2015


Skincare and makeup products to achieve a dewey complexion. At home facial routine, DIY facial, skincare, glowing skin, dewey skincare, makeup that glows

Well folks, we've hit the most drab time of year- and our skin tends to follow suit looking drab and dull right along side the weather outside. Dull, dry and lackluster are not words that anyone wants associated with their skin or face, but during these cold winter months it seems almost impossible to avoid the seasonal slump that plagues our complexions.

Today I am giving you my secret recipe for Dewey Skin even in the Dead of Winter, and you might be surprised at how easy it really is. You can catch the full scoop on Studio5 TV and get my 5 steps to glowing skin down below.

1- Take your kitchen Crock Pot and turn it into a luxury spa service by heating up a few moistened wash cloths (add a few drops of essential oils for added relaxation) for about 20 minutes on low heat. Next remove a towel and place it over the face and press gently to allow the steam to go to work unclogging pores and cleansing the skin for about 45 seconds until the towel has cooled. Repeat as necessary until makeup and dirt is all removed and skin is squeaky clean.

2- Deeply exfoliate with a peeling gel like my favorite Sonya Dakar Flash Facial. It removes the surface layer of skin cells in 60 seconds without irritating, stinging or burning- and you're left with a fresh radiant layer or skin that is already glowing! (I do this once a week, but up to 3 times per week is ok in the winter months. Be sure to watch the video to see this in action... it's kind of gross but so cool!)

3- Repair lost moisture with a cooling gel like the Garnier Moisture Rescue. It's lightweight and non greasy, but extremely hydrating and leaves the skin glowing and smooth.

4- Complete your dewey complexion with a light reflective serum like Revlon Skinlights. It comes in four different tones and is easy to apply as a last step in your makeup routine. Tap the product onto the tops of your cheekbones and around towards your temples for a subtle reflective glow.

5- Illuminate the dark circles under your eyes with the SmashBox Under Eye BB Cream. This step rehydrates fine lines and brightens all at once giving you a Summer time glow even when temperatures are plummeting outside.

Cheers to Dewey Skin, xo
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Pixi makeup at target, the best of Pixi Beauty, Pixi by Petra review, UK makeup brands available in the US, best UK makeup, affordable makeup, budget makeup, target makeup brands

Target has been KILLING IT lately in the style department. Just ask my credit card statement. Or my husband, who pays said credit card statement... [oops!] But seriously though, if you haven't browsed the isles of a Target store lately and seen the amazing home design, clothing and shoes, then at least stop by the makeup and skincare isles.

Target has brought on some of the best beauty lines from across the pond, and I for one, am thrilled that they are now available so readily here at my fav retailer. Pixi by Petra is no stranger in the beauty junkie world, but if this line is newer to you, here's a little rundown:

Pixi by Petra was started over a decade ago by makeup artist Petra Strand in London. She's been a makeup artist for over 20 years, and I remember hearing about her products in the early days of youtube from my British cohorts who raved about them in their blogger videos. The line has a skincare element to it and the products all contain natural botanicals and healthy skin ingredients.

My Pixi collection has grown steadily over the last year, and today I've rounded up my blue ribbon picks from the collection. Here are the must try products from Pixi by Petra:

  • Correction Concentrate- Under eye circles have met their match with this creamy peach concealer that knocks out blue shadows and veins with one swipe. It's color-theory at it's best and it doesn't settle into fine lines or melt away throughout the day.
  • Glow Tonic- While this one hasn't shown up on the shelves of Target just yet, I still included it in this post because it is in my opinion the crown jewel of Pixi's line. This toner leaves skin indeed glowing as the name indicates but also hydrated and exfoliated as well. I also love the scent because it reminds me of my late grandmother's perfume- in a wonderfully nostalgic way.
  • Natural Brow Duo- This multi tasking duel sided brow wizard has an automatic brow pomade pencil on one side, that has a chiseled angle applicator which is easy to use and gives great volume to the brows as well as nice color. The other end houses your setting brow gel which doesn't flake and keeps the brows in place all day and night.
  • Fairy Dust- A great loose pigment eye shadow that is finely milled and easy to apply with a built in sponge applicator. I love the shimmer tones and the pigment is beautiful and lasts with out creasing. Add a primer before hand for a brighter color payoff.
  • Shea Butter Lip Balm- I love these soft lip balms with a hint of tint and tons of moisture. The sheer colors are beautiful and they wear like a dream.
  • Sheer Cheek Gel- The bright pigments in these gels look intimidating at first but they are quite dewey and mellow once applied to the skin. The gel texture isn't sticky at all and gives a nice bright pop of color to the cheeks that looks lit from within. 
  • Quick Fix Powder- Set your face for an all day matte finish with this innovative powder puff. The packaging is genius and mess free- which I love and gives you the benefits of a loose powder without the white residue all over your countertop or clothing. I don't care for the scent on this one, but the oil absorption and matte properties are top notch. 

Have you tried any Pixi products? Got any favorites to share with us? Let me know in the comments down below, and thanks so much for stopping by today! And if you didn't hear about my girl MaskCara's new makeup launch, be sure you head over there to check it out. I already bought be custom palette and I can't wait to get it! 
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Thursday, January 8, 2015


tape-in hair extensions, sombre hair color, DIY sombre hair color, DIY hair extensions

Heyo! It's time for another episode of Stylewise, and this time I'm switching things up in the length department! I wanted to throw in some tape-in extensions while the weather was still cool because they act like your own personal space heater for your head, and I want nothing to do with them once the temps outside reach 60 degrees or higher. I also opted to add a 'Sombre' effect to my extensions, aka Subtle-Ombre if you haven't heard of that made-up word floating around the beauty world...

Take a look at the video below to see the process of how I achieved this look!

Tools Mentioned in Video:
Harry Josh Dryer
Nume Flat Iron (Save 40% with code: WINTERSNOW)

What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below- and tell me if you have any plans for a new look yourself this New Year? xo
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


New Years Resolution ideas aimed at health and beauty

There is just something about a clean slate that is so refreshing, encouraging and exciting! I've always loved the first blank page of a brand new notebook, and I know I am not alone when it comes to the simple pleasure of starting fresh.

My beauty goal this year are less about vanity and more about health and wellness, after all that's where the real beauty lies in all of us. I hope you'll join me in making your own list of beauty goals too- or you can just use mine if they fit the bill!

2015 Beauty Resolutions:
  • Drink More Water! Ugh, I am SO BAD at this... I am one of those few people on earth that experience a nice ol' gag reflex while drinking water. [I know, weirdo] It's not impossible for me to drink, it's just not easy. But I know the importance of H20 and I am going to drink at least 24 oz. a day, which isn't a lot- but it's a lot for me! Fingers crossed.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Swish 3x's per week.  My teeth are gigantic- I don't know if you've ever noticed, ha! But they are large- and I drink Diet Coke or the daily. As I've gotten older my teeth have yellowed more, and while I love a good round of whitening strips- In between sessions I have started swishing with Hydrogen Peroxide at night for whiter teeth and healthier gums. It doesn't taste bad, and it's a lot quicker and easier than oil pulling  
  • Nightly Face Cleansing no matter what! Last year I decided that I was NOT going to skimp on my routine at night, even if I was dead tired at 2am. [which sometimes meant scrubbing by the light of my phone to let me husband sleep] The consistency has paid off with my battle against acne and I am not about to stop now. By the way, here are 5 Things You Should Never Do When Washing Your Face
  • Stretch and Breathe. This year I want to work on getting some of my flexibility back. I've noticed a major decline in my bodies ability to bend and stretch the way it once did- and my knees, back and neck have taken quite the beating after spending 13 years standing on my feet behind a styling chair at the salon. For this goal I am going to turn TV time into stretching-while-watching time... ahh that feels nice, doesn't it?
  • SPF 365! I've heard it a million times, and so have you. Let this be the year we actually apply our sunscreen religiously. I am no Spring chicken anymore, and fine lines are starting to appear around my eyes and on my chest where past sunburns [and tanning beds, ugh] caused damage. I've added a matte lightweight/oil free SPF 32 into my morning routine, and pledge to keep it ongoing year round. I hope you will too! 
What beauty resolutions are you making this year? Let me know in the comments below- writing them down is a must... good luck! xo
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Monday, December 29, 2014


Image Map

It's hard to believe and a little sad that 2014 is drawing to an end- and yet at the same time I am always so happy for a fresh start on a new year. I was reflecting this last week while I took a short break from the blog, over the amazing year that I have had as a blogger, and what great things happened on these pages, and in real life because of my journey with beauty.

Today I wanted to compile a few of the Top Beauty Articles from this blog in 2014, and share them with you once again. You may have missed a couple, or want to re-read one or two. These are the cream of the crop [if I do say so myself] as well as the posts that had the most views or comments from readers this year. I hope you'll learn something new, and share an article with a girlfriend who might learn something too. (shameless plug ;)

Image above is clickable, or links available below:
Have you started reflecting and planning for next year? Let me know in the comments below- I'd love to hear about your goals for 2015! xo
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