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Thursday, April 17, 2014


olie biiologique oil review, dermalogica hydrating booster review, beautisol exscrub me? review

It's our final episode of Ask the Expert in my Skin & Makeup Series- at least for now. But we are ending the run with a great topic sent in via instagram by reader @btrumbo. She asks, 'What are your best tips for foundation and dry skin. My foundation absorbs into my skin making it look splotchy and flaky, help!'

Well I've got some great advice and product recommendations in the video below. Take a look and find the answer. And remember that you don't have to be extremely dry skinned to benefit from these products... I promise your face will glow no matter what complexion you have. mmmm, this one is a good one!

Wearing: Lace Sleeve Blouse c/o Oasap

Products Mentioned in Video:
Beautisol Citrus Face Scrub (coupon code: 'BOGO2014' for Buy 1, get 1 free!)
Olie Biologique Rejuvenating Oil (coupon code: 'olieBB05' for 20% off!)
Dermalogica Hydrating Booster (coupon code: BOOST' for 15% off!)

Thanks for stopping by today, hope I helped any of you looking for some dry skin tips!
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*Sample products were requested by The Beauty Snoop and provided by iFabbo and Brandbacker

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Round brush hot rollers for mega volume, detachable handle round brush

Raise your hand if you love BIG hair!?!
I certainly do. In fact my nickname in high school was 'Texas'- due to my love of BIG, BLONDE Hair. And while I don't rock the platinum blonde hair anymore, I still feel a little more girly and bouncy when I am sporting some major volume in the locks department. (Love to any texan ladies out there!)

At the salon, one of the number one complaints I hear from clients is about their lack of volume. It's a problem for a lot of women. I wrote a post about the perfect recipe for major volume here, but you can replace the brush and traditional rollers with these all new bad-boys of blowouts: round brush hot rollers.

What are they? Round brushes with detachable handles that give you the ability to keep the brush in place while the hair cools. I picked these up about 5 months ago and took them for a test spin at the salon. They were fab so I snagged a second set for my own use at home. 
You use the brush just as you would any other round brush while blow drying your hair. The center is made of ceramic plating, so it heats up with the hot air put out by your dryer. After the hair is 70% dried, you can roll the brush down to the scalp with a decent amount of tension- then press the release button to disconnect the handle. Now its a hot roller, waalaa! Blast the rollers with additional heat until dry. Keep the rollers in while you finish your makeup, and once cool, remove the rollers for some 'holy-hannah-that's-big-texas-hair!' 

Most sets like this that I've seen come with 5-6 rollers which is enough for a whole head. I tend to just use a couple on my trouble areas like the crown and bangs. Either way the results last much longer because the cooling stage locks in the lift. You can get true blowout results at home, especially after a little practice. My set is made by Bioionic which is a professional line sold at salons, but I found virtually the same type of system by Click n' Curl here in two different barrel sizes. (plus there is a handy video to see it in action!)

Who is coming to Texas with me?
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Friday, April 11, 2014


Colored Clay Foundation and Foundcealer use the natural minerals found in the Amazon
Well folks, the love affair continues.
I have found another Tarte product that I cannot stop loving on- and who can blame me? This stuff is magic in my eyes. [Cue the swooning here]

The Colored Clay collection from Tarte is brand new technology that harnesses natural sun baked minerals found in the Amazon jungle. The clay is layered in the earth, and is naturally colored in amazing tones that range from green to purple! Mother nature is just showing off I think. Anyways- the clay is finely milled into a dust and then added to the foundations to give a color-correcting blend of goodness.

A few weeks ago I highlighted the Tarte Colored Clay Liquid Foundation in this video. So I won't go into too much detail here- but this option is a high coverage liquid with a silky texture that's a little more dewey when applied to the face. My only negative about this one, is the container that it comes in. It has a mesh filter in the opening which helps you to pick up only the amount of product you actually need, but once the product is running low- it becomes hard to access the last bits. I just end up cutting the mesh out and scooping with my finger. Classy.

Above is a pic of me in my natural bare face. This is scary, and I hate to post it- but I can't just tell you about my acne at some point I have to show you, right? The middle pic is with foundation only (the Tarte Foundcealer in Light) and I think you can see what a good job it does of neutralizing the redness in my skin and giving me a much healthier looking tone. The final pic on the right is with additional concealer on my scars and zits, as well as contour to visually camouflage the bumps. I also added blush to complete the look.

If you like the idea of a mousse-ier type foundation, then the Tarte Colored Clay Foundcealer option may be right for you. It comes in a tube and gives a more matte finish that looks more like airbrushed powder when dry. I like this version when my complexion more clear and I don't need as much camouflage.

Both are AMAZING products that I cannot stop buying or loving. So I hope that they find a home in your makeup bag too! You can get them both for a better value on QVC in value packs that include brushes!

The Allure Beauty Blogger contest kicks off on Monday- be sure you check out all the fun beauty challenges, and P.S. I would love your vote to keep me in the running!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Eeek! I am freaking out- if only you could see my ridiculous expression as I type this!
Today Allure Magazine announced the finalists in this years Beauty Blogger of the Year Awards, and guess what!?!

I am one of them!

Holy amazing-ness, I could not be more thrilled, humbled, and terrified all at the same time.

What are the beauty blogging awards, you ask? Well basically it's like the 'Surviver' of the blogging world. Each week, for the next five weeks, we will be competing in a series of blogging challenges. The challenges are voted on by you guys, as well as judged by a panel of editors at Allure, and one celebrity guest judge each week.

At the end of each challenge, there will be a winner declared- and one or more bloggers will be eliminated. [sad face.] At the end of the five weeks, one blogger is crowned Beauty Blogger of the Year, and she wins a trip to NYC to be photographed and interviewed for the October issue of the magazine. WOWZA!

I'll need all the help I can get to stay in the race- I am up against some awesome fellow bloggers. Be sure you check them all out too, and vote for your favorites each week at The fun starts on Monday. 

Hugs and thank you's to you all for helping me get this chance!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Best pink eye shadows

*** This article was first seen on 

Looking for a fresh makeup trend to kick off your springtime routine? Take a page from this trending book, and add a fresh pop of pink to your lids. The subtle ballet-slipper pink adds a feminine touch that is perfect to pair with your springtime floral and pastel wardrobe. Celebrities like Cate Blanchett have worn the look on the red carpet, and pink lids were a big trend during fashion month on catwalks all over the world. It’s a look that wears beautifully on all skin tones and is perfect for daytime office beauty as well as glammed-up nighttime styles.

To get the look, sweep a creme shadow all over the lid starting just above the crease line and down into the lashes. Cream shadows are ideal for pale colors because they pack more pigment and will give more color in less layers. Or opt for a powder shadow with a shimmer that will reflect the light and give major attention to the color of your eyes. Looking for just a hint of pink? Replace your white highlight with the pink version, and sweep the hue under the eyebrow and on the inner corners of your eyes for an instant eye-brightening effect.

Complement the look with a matching pale cheek and a few coats of black mascara, and your springtime beauty will be updated, feminine, and on-trend. To get the look, try these products:

2. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Ballet Pink
3. Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow in Diamond Pink
4. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Pomegranate Pink (In love with every shade of these!)
5. L’OrĂ©al Infallible Eyeshadow in Glistening Garnet 

Ok lovlies, it's time to tell me what you think of this trend? Is it one that you'll be trying this Spring- or are you not a fan of the baby pink tone? Tell me in the comments below, and don't forget to come follow along for more fun on instagram.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Oooh Wee! This subject is a doo-zie (is that how that's spelled?) Today in my Ask The Expert video I am continuing my Makeup & Skincare series and answering another reader question that came through instagram. @JessieMariko wants to know how to lighten dark spots and scars quickly.

While there is no magic cure for lightening up pigmentation on the face, we can certainly help speed up the process with the use of some good products. Check out the video below for my recommendations, and a look at a LIFE CHANGING beauty secret that I use every. single. day.

Products Mentioned:

I hope that you aren't suffering from dark spots, but if you or somebody you know is, you can shop my recommended solutions below and I wish you tons of luck with your treatment. Thank you as always for watching and reading- you guys rock my world! If you have your own beauty question, please leave a comment below or send me an email and I will read every single one! Thanks

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