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There's a new trend in makeup that's all about convenience, efficiency and the idea makeup should be interchangeable- meaning one product that can function in a number of ways.

The concept of 'Stick Makeup' is the idea is that you pair down your large collection of bulky makeup, and instead create a smaller 'pencil box' full for multi-tasking sticks that can be used for everything from your cheeks, to your eyes, to your lips.

One brand that is pioneering the stick makeup concept is called NudeStix, and I've got a few favorites to show you, and teach you how you can condense your collection and still get amazing results. [video here]

  • Face- Tinted Blur Stick This is essentially their version of foundation, but depending on the color you choose can also be worn as concealer, highlight or contour. I’ve shown it in three tones: Base ‘Medium 5’, Highlight ‘Light 2’, Contour ‘Deep 9’

  • Cheeks- Nudies Blush Stick These sticks can be used on the cheeks, lips and eyes- and the formula is beautiful on all three. You can opt for a matte version or a shimmer, and it comes with a great blending brush built in for on the go touch ups. I’m wearing ‘Bare Back’

  • Eyes- Magnetic Eye Color Stick If you have a hard time with your eye shadow creasing, you’ll love these eye sticks! The shimmer tones are my favorite of course, but the mattes are beautiful as well. You have about 1 minute of play time to blend the product, then it’ll dry down to a super secure finish that doesn’t budge. Fav colors: ‘Angel’, ‘Guild’, ‘Terra’, and ‘Chocolate’.

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