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SPOILER ALERT: 4 out of 5 are actually FREE! wahoo

Stepping up your beauty game doesn't require fancy vanity lights or a course in makeup artistry, simple changes and a mindset shift make a HUGE difference, and I am excited to encourage you to try them all. [video here]

  1. Commit to one day a week where you take the time to FULLY get ready. SCHEDULE out time for yourself and go through the whole process- wash and style your hair, sit down with your makeup and experiment with new techniques, products or colors, and then take a selfie and conquer the day!! My skills only improve when I experient and try new things with my beauty routine- but that means I need to slow down and make that a priority! Cost: $0
  2. Wash your makeup brushes. Clean brushes perform better, and that's the bottom line- you'll have better blending and easier application with clean brushes and sponges. Throw on an episode of your favorite show, and get to work scrubbing. Your face will thank you! Cost: $0
  3. Apply your makeup in front of a window- which may mean plopping yourself down on the floor with a hand mirror instead of standing in your bathroom mirror. Natural light will give you the BEST results in your application. You'll be able to see when your foundation needs more blending, or your blush is too bright. A small change that makes a BIG difference! Cost: $0
  4. Declutter your makeup stash- with a goal to keep only the things that you use at least 3 times a week. What sparks joy, and what is just a filler product that 'you may use someday'? Also, throw out expired products! Organize and create an order in which you apply your products to make things more efficient... Cost: $0
  5. Invest in a luxury lipstick- I mean your perfect 'power shade' that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Bonus points for packaging that is beautiful and something you're excited to see everytime you look at it. Cost: $25

Be sure and enter my giveaway happening over on instagram, to win 3 luxury lipsticks valued at over $75! Tell me your favorite ways to improve your beauty game... xo