80'S BEAUTY.png

Today on a special LIVE episode of Studio 5 dedicated to the 80's, I took 4 iconic beauty trends from that decade, and showed how they've 'glown up' into a more sophisticated look today. All trends cycle back eventually, but each time they resurface they get a little more modern... hallelujah!

So here's a quick look at 4 of my favorite ways to update those 80's looks. [video here]

  • Crimped & Permed Hair ---> Glown Up: Rock Star Waves. My favorite hair tool in years is this Bed Head Deep Waver. It is so easy to use and gives amazing texture in a snap. Deep Waver
  • Scrunchies, Clips & Headbands ---> Glown Up: STILL scrunchies and clips! Hair accessories have come back strong, but wearing them as an adult can be tricky. Try looking for fabrics and prints that are more mature. For clips and bobby pins be sure to strategically place them in pairings and groupings for an updated twist. Accessories
  • Blue Eyeshadow ---> Glown Up: Brights, but with a modern twist. If you want to jump on board to the BRIGHT shadow trend happening right now- be sure you are very intentional with the usage of color. Try using your brights as an accent color, instead of an entire wash over the lid like we wore in the 80's. Sapphire Palette
  • Streaked Blush ---> Glown Up: Contoured Bronzy Blush. The OG form of contouring was streaking blush along the cheeks. We've learned a better way thankfully and achieve this with a matte bronzer and a subtle blush combo. Matte Bronzer and Blush 

What trend was your fav from the 80's!?