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Well no - not a scam, but there are definitely MAJOR variances out there as far as quality of ingredients and effectiveness. So it is essential that you take only the best quality beauty supplements otherwise you won’t see results and really you’re just flushing money down the toilet.

I firmly believe that supplements are a great way to fill in the gaps in our diets and promote healthy results. When it comes to beauty, so much of it comes from WITHIN right?! Healthy skin and hair are a product of healthy insides, and then we can enhance that from the outside with makeup and styling etc.

I’ve recently been impressed with two supplements out there, and I wanted to shed a spotlight on them for you all, incase you are looking for a boost in your inner wellness too!

  • Halo Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails + Halo Beauty Kiwi Booster. Halo was created by one of the most amazing women in the beauty industry Tati Westbrook. Her goal was to source the HIGHEST quality ingredients from all over the world and combine them in the perfect dosages for optimal beauty results. She hired physicians and nutritionists to formulate the ingredients and well as scoured the US for the best labs to make her dream a reality. I have personally seen amazing results in the texture of my skin, and the amount of moisture it holds, as well as the strength and shine in my hair. The Hair, Skin & Nail formula contains biotin for hair and nail growth, but not everyone reacts well to Biotin (can cause breakouts in some), so she also made the Kiwi formula without Biotin that focuses solely on skin health. Check out the full list of ingredients here

  • OLLY Flawless Complexion Gummies Are a little less pricey and easy to pick up at Target or CVS, but the ingredients and formula are both spot on. This supplement is designed to help clear skin from acne and inflammation, and uses plant based ingredients to do so. It is gluten free and tastes super yummy actually, but my acne has really improved since adding this to my daily nutrition.

I don’t reccomend taking more than one beauty supplement at once unless they are specifically designed to work together. Over taking your daily % needed won’t result in extra benefits- your body will simply flush out the excess and therefore it is wasted. Stick to the dosages and be consistent for best results!

Let me know if you try them and what your results are, xo

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