Hello lovely friends! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading today- I have missed you this week while I have been away. I wanted to have a couple posts ready for my absence, but alas life won the battle and that did not happen. This last week has been a whirlwind of adventure in NYC, one of my favorite cities to visit! I hope you were following along on instagram [shameless plug]

I am a lucky gal because my older sister has lived in NY for over a decade, so I have been able to stay with her more times than I can count, and every time I visit I find new things to love. While Fashion Week hasn't wrapped up yet, I wanted to at least give you a little snippet of my trip- and then later this week I'll bring you

all the best hair and makeup from the shows. Ready?!

  • Strolling through the brownstones wearing: Dress- Target // Booties // Sunglasses

  • The 9/11 Memorial shining beams of light into the sky on the eve of Sept 11th. (We toured the new museum, and it was so amazing and heartbreaking at the same time, but highly recommended if you get the chance)

  • A visit to the US Open early in the week to see the Williams sisters battle it out! Which was a dream come true for my husband and I who are both avid tennis players and fans. It was the matchup of a lifetime, and an experience we will never forget.

  • The view from my sisters down-town office, looking up at the Freedom Tower.

  • Stained glass art installation 'house' down under the Manhattan Bridge, looking out to the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River.

  • The 9/11 Memorial Fountains that stand in the foot prints of the fallen towers. I have seen these before, but they still take my breath away. I feel as though it was inspired to keep this space open, as it gives a beautiful poignant dedication to the lives lost.

  • On Top of the Rock, looking out over Central Park on a windy afternoon, wearing: Dress // Sunglasses

  • Walking home to Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge... My sister does this every day after work. It's quite the workout, but lots of fun and offers so many amazing views in every direction.

  • A day trip to the Natural History Museum wearing: Dress // Bag // Sunglasses // Flats

  • Live butterfly exhibit at the museum had me a little freaked out as they fluttered by my head, but I managed not to scream or swat one out of the air, as I am sure that would be frowned upon!

  • Running around the city in between fashion shows wearing: Dress- Target // Bag

  • A view from the top on a moody day (which had me feelin like Batman in Gotham).

Come back on Thursday for a full recap of

the best beauty from New York Fashion Week

, and I'll see you all soon! xo

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Custom Lipstick Colors and Flavors with Bite Beauty

Clockwise: Pigment 'chocolates'  |  Lipstick cooling in molds  |  Flavor oils

I had a mission when I was in New York earlier this month: '

Get your booty to the Bite Lip Lab, Megan! ' I gave myself that order, however... no one was really yelling that at me! ha.

I've been a Bite fan since the first day of their arrival in the US, at Sephora stores. And I've written about some of my fav Bite products on this blog in the past, but I hadn't yet experienced their custom lip color creation process, that only happens in NY.

Lucky for me the stars aligned and I was able to create my own color while in New York. The process is seriously so cool, and it made me want to experiment creating my own lip colors at home. But, that's another story for another time.

make your own lipstick

If you are in The City anytime soon, you must make a trip to the Lip Lab for yourself- you won't regret it! I watched in awe as the ladies of Bite worked to combine colors, melt down the pigments, hand stir in the flavorings and gloss options- then carefully pour the liquid into lipstick molds. Then the molds are super-chilled to set the lipstick in the perfect shape, and lastly the mold pops off and the applicator tube slides on into position.

I went with a rich orangey-red color for Fall, and I added coconut and mint as my flavorings with a satin creme finish. I love the way it turned out, and I also love the all of Bite's products are natural, and in fact healthy enough to eat... although I don't think I'll be consuming my lipstick anytime soon.

If you won't be in New York in the near future, you can still scoop up your own Bite products at Sephora. My favs include their Matte Lip Crayons, and their Lush Lip Tint. Now's the perfect time to switch your lip color up for the new season. Thanks for stopping by today, xo

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Happy Friday! I am so glad you are here- thanks for your continued readership!

Today, I am sharing a few pics of the outfits I wore during Fashion Week. I know I am not a fashion blogger... I could never keep up with that! But, since it is Fashion Week after all, I wanted to show you some of the beautiful clothes I got to wear, from some of my favorite clothing brands.

Floral Dress: c/o Kingdom & State


Leopard Belt

 |  Shoes Jessica Simpson (



Black High Waisted Skirt


Bomber Jacket




Ear Cuff

Love to you all!

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