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Welp Summer is over… JK, but seriously how are we already creeping into July!? I can’t complain though, because July is my favorite month of the year! Independence Day, Rodeos, BBQ’s, fireworks and this year our first ever trip to Lake Tahoe! I cannot wait!

I’ve rounded up a few goodies for you before I go get my sunshine on, so let’s dive in:

Almay Velvet Foil Cream Shadow- I can’t quit wearing this stuff! It is so easy to apply, and stays out through sweat, water and of course just time itself… it claims up to 24 hours, but I haven’t actually tested it past about 12 hours. Favorite shade ‘Cupid Glaze’

It Cosmetics CC+ SPF50 Full Coverage Cream- Without failure I always go back to this stuff when the weather gets hot. The SPF 50 is just amazing and I love that I can skip that extra step when I wear it. It is a FULL coverage though, so if you’re looking for a lighter [and cheaper] option that also has the SPF 50, try the Maybelline Urban Cover.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder- With heat comes SHINE, so I am reaching for this loose setting powder daily right now. Not only is it cheap, like Walmart cheap… it works just as well as the powders three times the price. My only complaint here, is that I don’t love the scent on it.

Garnier Glow Boost Apricot Mask + Scrub- Now hear me out… Apricot scrubs get a REALLY bad rap in the skincare world. And rightfully some of them are risky to use because the apricot pits/shells are jagged and can cause tearing of the skin or redness etc. BUT, not all scrubs are created that way, and this one uses a finely milled Apricot Seed powder as the scrub, which is safe to use but still effective to exfoliate. I have been loving it! I apply it for a few minutes like a mask and let the fruit enzymes go to work breaking down dead skin cells, then scrub gently with fingertips to loosen and wash away.

Tangle Teezer Ultimate Detangler- I love it so much I bought two! It’s like the original version but made even better with a handle! I cannot live without it since my fine hair fine, long and is prone to snarls.

Get out there and have a great July, xo

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