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The kids are back in school, and mama is feeling good! I had a great Summer and hope you did too, but I am excited to get back into the swing of a schedule and have a little more ‘me’ time. Do ya feel!?

During August I had a few new favorites creep into my life- and by creep, I mean that I BOUGHT them and brought them home, so I don’t know who I am blaming? ha!

Take a looksy at the contenders and let me know if any of these are your favs too.

  • Maybelline Colossal Mascara-I love a good volume mascara but often the brush in these formulas is SO HUGE that I can’t easily apply it without getting panda-eyes. This brush is large but manageable, and the formula is awesome. Doesn’t end up on my face midday either!

  • Stila Liquid Eyeshadow in the color ‘Fuchsia Fiction’- My collection of these things is literally overflowing but this new color it so amazing. It is a duo tone that reads white and pink depending on the light. I have been wearing it non stop on my inner corner and have had so many compliments.

  • NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in the colors ‘Corfu’ , ‘Siros’ and Oaxaca’ (which are all places, I’ve learned ;) These are so smooth and creamy and swipe onto the lids with ease. The perfect options for days when you want to be quick. The staying power is also AMAZE and the pigment won’t budge once it’s dried down. (I scored mine at TJMaxx for a great price, so be sure to check there)

  • Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soak in ‘Glow & Radiance’- OMGEEEEEE!! This is my newest obsession. I have already gone through three bags in the last month. If you are not a bath person, you will become one after soaking in this stuff. The scent is unreal and will fill your entire house with such a nice citrus blast. It also makes skin soft and hydrates with essential oils. Try it!!!

Hope you all find something great to try from my recommendations! As always, thanks for reading, xo

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Wrapping up July with a look at a few things I really loved over the month. They all go along with the theme of easy/lazy beauty ;) two things I am excellent at, ha!

  • Avon Magix Tint- This is such a good tinted moisturizer! I have been wearing it for my low maintenance days when I want to even my skin but don’t need full coverage or SPF. It hydrates without looking greasy and it smells so nice! Plus is affordable- hallelujah!

  • Morphe M6 Brush- The hunt for a budget-friendly dupe of my ride-or-die foundation brush has finally brought me to this one! It is so good and works with liquid and creams like a dream! It’s still not as soft as the high-end option, but it blends just as well and is a quarter of the cost!

  • Style Edit Root Touch Up Powder- I stretch my hair colorings as long as possible (remember, lazy) and root touch ups are my saving grace. But since I’ve gone red I have had the hardest time finding a good match. Everything was too purple/red… and I needed a copper option. This powder is such a great color, and the application is so easy. I like it better than a spray too because it’s not sticky or transferable to clothing. They make it in browns, blondes and reds! You can buy it in Salt Lake at my salon Moore Hair Design, or online here.

  • Becca Ultimate Lipstick in ‘Tulip’- This lipstick formula is so creamy and pigmented and a wonderful option if dry/matte lippies are not your style. And this color is a dreamy pinkish nude! Plus the tube is heavy duty and has a magnetic closure which I love.

Here’s to one more month of Summer! xo

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CHARCOAL may not be the ingredient you think of when you hear the words luxury or beauty, but surprisingly enough charcoal is worked its way into every beauty category as of late. The use of charcoal is designed to detoxify or draw out oils and impurities from the body, so that is the unifying factor in all charcoal based products. You’ll want to look for products that are a dark or black color in tone because that means that there is a high concentration of charcoal in the formula. Take a look at my favs here [video]

  • DryBar On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Love this detox shampoo for removing buildup like sweat, oil and of course Dry Shampoo, but it doesn’t strip the hair or make it feel dry. Once a week is perfect for this guy!

  • Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Charcoal Scrub This is a great option for those of us who struggle with blackheads in the T-zone. The charcoal absorbs oil and the scrubbers go to work breaking down build up.

  • Shea Moisture Activated Charcoal Bath & Shower Jelly Now this is a weird formula, not going to lie… it’s slimy and slippery but somehow turns into a beautiful bubbly foam when you emulsify it in a washcloth. The charcoal detoxes but the coconut hydrates and it smells amazing!

  • Earth Therapeutics Charcoal Infused Body Buffing Sponge If you love a good exfoliation like I do, this sponge will be your new fav! It has charcoal infused into the bamboo fibers and I love to use it to scrub off patchy faux tan as well as prep skin for a new layer of tan.

  • Schmidt's Charcoal + Magnesium Natural Deodorant For those leaning more natural this deodorant uses charcoal and magnesium to absorb smell and moisture under the arms. It’s a little gritty in texture but that doesn’t bother me much at all. I won’t be using this all of the time but I wanted to include it in my round up.

  • Hello Activated Charcoal Toothpaste If you haven’t tried a charcoal toothpaste or if you’ve only tried the dry powdered version (yuck!) then you must give this one a try! It is minty, fresh and still foams just like regular toothpaste, but it is fluoride free and whitens like a DREAM. Seriously, go look online at the before & afters!

  • Milani Make it Last Matte Charcoal Setting Spray This setting spray is BOMB! It soaks up excess oils and keeps me looking matte all day using the power of charcoal!

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These babies are the TOPS when it comes to quality, but I usually choose to splurge on them only during sales, so I thought you might like to jump on that chance too!? I’ve picked 10 deals that I think are worth the price during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. These are some of my tried-and-true favorites that never dissapoint.

  • 1- DryBar Four Pack Styling Set This set is perfect for travel and includes one of my fav Dry Shampoos and Texture sprays, plus a hairspray and heat protectant.

  • 2- Jo Malone Mini Fragrance Set Ok I swear my LOVE ‘Orange Blossom and Honey’ never goes on sale, so I was so excited to see it in this set. If you haven’t sniffed it… I promise you won’t regret it!

  • 3- St. Tropez Jumbo Express Tanning Mousse This is still my go-to tan after all these years, the mousse is the perfect color and is so forgiving if you aren’t perfect at applying.

  • 4- YSL Nude Lip Trio I’ve talked about splurging on a luxury lipstick before- I think there is something so powerful about the perfect shade in a gorgeous tube. YSL is my go to when I want a glamorous lip, and this set has THREE amazing options.

  • 5- Oribe Full Size Magic Styling Set If you are a person that buys things based on how good they smell… Oribe is the brand for you! The Dry Texture spray is my go-to for tousled waves or giving a little grit to my braids.

  • 6- Stila Liquid Shadow Set On repeat… always! The best glitter/metallic shadows on the market hands down.

  • 7- NARS Face Palette I don’t usually spend lots of blushes or bronzer, but these iconic shades by NARS together in one palette was something I couldn’t resist. Amazing quality and perfect colors

  • 8- Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Set A summer staple to beat the heat and keep makeup LOCKED in all day. I haven’t found anything that compares.

  • 9- Philosophy Purity Cleanser Set I use this nightly as my first cleanse to remove makeup gently. I love how it lathers but never dries skin out, and it’s safe to use on the eyes as well!

  • 10- LUXIE Classic Eye Shadow Brush Set Such a great set! Has everything you need in one grouping with great quality and a nice price tag. I use the Small Tapered Blending brush daily for all of my looks.

Happy Shopping! xo

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Welp Summer is over… JK, but seriously how are we already creeping into July!? I can’t complain though, because July is my favorite month of the year! Independence Day, Rodeos, BBQ’s, fireworks and this year our first ever trip to Lake Tahoe! I cannot wait!

I’ve rounded up a few goodies for you before I go get my sunshine on, so let’s dive in:

Almay Velvet Foil Cream Shadow- I can’t quit wearing this stuff! It is so easy to apply, and stays out through sweat, water and of course just time itself… it claims up to 24 hours, but I haven’t actually tested it past about 12 hours. Favorite shade ‘Cupid Glaze’

It Cosmetics CC+ SPF50 Full Coverage Cream- Without failure I always go back to this stuff when the weather gets hot. The SPF 50 is just amazing and I love that I can skip that extra step when I wear it. It is a FULL coverage though, so if you’re looking for a lighter [and cheaper] option that also has the SPF 50, try the Maybelline Urban Cover.

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder- With heat comes SHINE, so I am reaching for this loose setting powder daily right now. Not only is it cheap, like Walmart cheap… it works just as well as the powders three times the price. My only complaint here, is that I don’t love the scent on it.

Garnier Glow Boost Apricot Mask + Scrub- Now hear me out… Apricot scrubs get a REALLY bad rap in the skincare world. And rightfully some of them are risky to use because the apricot pits/shells are jagged and can cause tearing of the skin or redness etc. BUT, not all scrubs are created that way, and this one uses a finely milled Apricot Seed powder as the scrub, which is safe to use but still effective to exfoliate. I have been loving it! I apply it for a few minutes like a mask and let the fruit enzymes go to work breaking down dead skin cells, then scrub gently with fingertips to loosen and wash away.

Tangle Teezer Ultimate Detangler- I love it so much I bought two! It’s like the original version but made even better with a handle! I cannot live without it since my fine hair fine, long and is prone to snarls.

Get out there and have a great July, xo

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SUMMER FAVS 2019.png

Summer beauty should be fun, easy and of course geared toward warmer weather and sun protection! So I've rounded up 8 of my top picks for Summer, and all of them are under $15! Wahoo! [video here]

  • Flamingo Razor System- the BEST razors (and also shaving cream and wax strips too!) now available at Target hallelujah! 
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Illuminator- It hides imperfections and gives skin a major glow, perfect for the shin bone and collar bones especially!
  • Sun Bum Sunscreen Facial Stick SPF 30- the BEST facial stick out there, it goes on clear and matte and smells like yummy bananas!
  • Not Your Mothers Matcha Green Tea Butter Masque- HEAVENLY smelling and turns dry parched hair into smooth hydrated tresses! Use it once a week especially if you're swimming.
  • Sun Bum Hair Lightener Spray Perfect for dirty blondes and medium brunettes who want to brighten up their locks while at the pool. Think of this more like a beach spray and use it sparingly through the midlengths and ends to add bright highlights. Avoid the roots though so you don't turn orangey. (Don't use if you've got bleached hair already)
  • Garnier Balancing Facial Mist- this is like a shine shield spray to keep your face from looking too oily. I like to use it BEFORE and then again AFTER my foundation to really lock things into place.
  • Maybelline Dream Urban Cover SPF 50 a foundation that boasts SPF 50 is hard to find, but this one has it and it rocks! I am so excited to have found it. (Semi dewey finish, so set with powder if you're oily)
  • Almay Velvet Foil Cream Shadow This stuff doesn't budge! I have worn it swimming and to the gym, and it holds up amazingly. Lots of colors and easy to apply, I'll be adding more to my collection soon.

Happy Sweating, er I mean Summer! xo


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May has come and gone- and that means Summer is officially here! I am excited for some warm weather and family fun.

Last month I had 5 favorites that I want to share with y'all... so let's dive in!

  • Garnier Balancing Facial Mist- I love the scent on this, but I really do think it balances the skin, meaning it helps control oil and shine, but doesn't dry you out either! I mist it on evenly and generously prior to my foundation, and I am hooked!
  • OLLY Flawless Complexion Vitamin Gummies- I swear by the OLLY brand and use many of their supplements, but this complexion formula is one of my favorites. It is a small part of my very LARGE skincare routine, but I do think the antioxidant ingredients go to work to keep skin more clear and radiant.
  • Equate Spray Brush Cleaner- I bought this totally on a whim at Walmart a few weeks ago, but holy cow, it's amazing. I use it as a daily brush cleanser to keep my brushes sanitized and fresh in between deep cleanings. You simply spray it on a paper towel and then swirl the brush on it for a super quick but effective removal of makeup.
  • Wild Fable Phone Cord Pony O's- These things are so good at holding hair in place all day, but what I love most about them is that they help my ponytail to perk up and not droop off the back of my head. The colors are so cute too!
  • Who What Wear Pleated Scarf- These pleated scarves are such a fun accessory to add into your hairstyles. The texture moves with you and really makes a bold statement.

Happy June! xo


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April flew by, and now school is almost out! What?

I had four favorites in April that really stood out to me- the ones I wanted to share with you all. And guess what the most expensive on the list is only $15, so wahoo!

  • Pixi Rose Glow Mist I honestly love ALL of the mists by Pixi, but this Rose one is the latest to my collection and she is glowy, refreshing and calming to the skin. I use her before I apply foundation, and then again after I've applied my base products to lock everything in with a nice healthy glowing finish.
  • Garnier Micellar Eye Makeup Remover Wipes These convenient littles wipes take off eye makeup so well without tugging on skin or leaving eyes dry or red. I also use them to clean up my lines after applying eye shadow, they are wonderful! 
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Matte Topcoat If you are already a fan of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, you NEED to try their new Matte Top Coat. It gives such a fresh and modern look to your nails.
  • Physicians Formula Butter Lip Cream These buttery lip creams go on so smoothly, pack a major punch in pigment, and leave lips looking glossy and plump. I love them because they are a hybrid of a gloss and a lipstick in one easy to use product.



Facetune 158.JPG
Happy Spring! Here's a look at the things I couldn't love enough on during March...

  • Fav Palette: Zoella x Colourpop Brunch Date Palette- such amazing everyday colors (with one wild card blue) Mattes and shimmers that are so pigmented and easy to use.
  • Lash Love: Babe Lash Serum (20% off with code 'beautysnoop')- my lashes have never been healthier, longer or stronger after three months of this. Essence Volume Booster- Prep lashes for mascara with this creamy white primer that lengthens and thickens in a snap. Loreal Unlimited Mascara- I bought this on a whim because of the unique packaging, but the formula is fantastic and a new fav for sure!
  • Bronzer: Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer- and easy to apply stick bronzer that makes contouring and adding color so easy. Smells a little like clay, but I don't mind it- makes me look a little more Spring-weather-ready!
  • Hair Gadget: Revlon One-Step Volume Dryer- I can't get enough of this... it has changed my hair routine for the better and it's under $60! I sleep on wet hair, then spend about 10 minutes with this bad boy in the morning. I'm left with volume and smoothness in a single step. You can see how I use it in my instagram highlight titled 'HAIR HACK' 



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Can you believe February is almost over? I do love that it's a short month, which is much needed after the absolute DRAG that is; January. This year I've decided to round up my monthly favorites for you in smaller doses, instead of just giving you one giant list at the end of the year. So kicking off this series, here is a look at the products I reached for most in February.
  • FOUNDATION Loreal Infallible 24H Fresh Wear A natural finish that is hydrating but still quite matte. It's a medium to full coverage and lasts well throughout the day, although a full 24hours is probably not a reality. 
  • PRIMER Hard Candy Sensitive Skin Primer This primer is more like a moisturizer, but it really lays nicely under makeup and it helps to smooth skin nicely. It's great for peeps who avoid silicones and other irritants like oils & fragrance. 
  • HIGHLIGHT Fenty Beauty Killawatt 'Hu$tla Baby' I love this color specifically because its warm and not icy. Which I find looks beautiful on all skin tones, especially my fair/non tan complexion this time of year.
  • LIP GLOSS Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine '1993' I have never worn brown tones before, but lately I have been loving them. This one is a beautiful caramel color, and the formula is my fav! It's minty and tingly with a high shine.
  • GEL POLISH Sinful Shine Gel Tech 'Spice' These at-home gels don't require a UV lamp, just a gel topcoat- but they last and wear so well! I get a solid week before any chips appear.
  • EYE SHIMMER Stila Glitter & Glow 'Ballet Baby' This color has just a hint of pink, but mostly looks like a silvery glitter on the eye. I have paired it with EVERY color of shadow and it is the perfect finishing touch!
  • PALETTE ProFusion Metallics This $10 palette completely blew my sock off! It has amazing pigment, super smooth buttery texture and every color you could ever want. I can't wait to try more from ProFusion. 



There are so many great products for the face these days, but lately we've noticed how many now come in the form of a spray or mist. Why are they so great?

Mist application is quick and easy- as well as gives are very smooth even application of the product.

There are TWO CATEGORIES for facial mists: Skin Prepers & Skin Finishers 

Skin Prepers are applied to fresh clean skin and are designed to balance the pH of the skin, rehydrate, smooth and prep the skin for further applications of makeup etc.

Skin Finishers are applied as a last step to set makeup in place, control oil production and shine, and sometimes to add UV protection to the skin. [

video here


Fav Prep Mists:

Fav Finish Mists:

What are your favorite sprays? Let me know, xo

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best Korean skincare available in US

What is K-Beauty?

K-Beauty is short for Korean Beauty, and it is what we call beauty products imported from Korea. The Korean beauty culture is whimsical and fun- but also technology driven. They have innovated so many new and effective products, and up until now it was hard to come by them in the United States. Large retailers like CVS are now importing a curated grouping of top selling K-Beauty products, making them easier to access here without the hassle of ordering from overseas.

Check out my K-Beauty favs and scoop up some of your own goodies. Have you been loving the Olympics as much as I have? Such a fun uplifting couple of weeks!


video here


K-Beauty Skincare Favs:

Holika Holika

Gudetama All Kill Cleanser Oil

-  Take of your day with this Blue Popsicle scented cleansing oil. It breaks down makeup, oil, and grime to expose glowing skin. The perfect first step in your double cleanse. 

Holika Holika

Gudetama Smooth Egg Peeling Gel

-  Break down dead skin cells in a snap with this


 peeling gel. It will leave skin smoother, reduced the appearance of pores, and get rid of that dull complexion. 


Sheet Masks Green Grape Pore Control Mask


Blueberry Hydrating Mask

-  The Koreans were the originators of the Sheet Mask


 and these fruit based sheets leave skin looking refreshed and feeling great!

JJ Young

Steaming & Cooling Pore Pack

-  This double mask first heats the skin with a warm clay experience that will open pores and get rid of buildup and blackheads. Next cool down and refresh the skin with the cooling clay to close the pores and hydrate the skin. It's like a fancy face Icy/Hot!


Moist Up Hyalurone Ampoule Serum

-  Mini bubbles of Hyaluronic Acid make this serum super

luxurious. The acid will draw in moisture from the environment and plump up as result, giving your skin a HUGE boost of moisture. 

the SAEM

 Iceland Hydrating Eye Stick

-  It's cold to the touch (magically) and calms skin bags under the eyes with a few swipes. A perfect wake-me-up each morning and preps skin for concealer perfectly. LOVE this stuff!

Peach Slices

 Acne Spot Dots

- Heal active/oozy zits with these wound care spots designed to sooth and extract fluid from your spots, they also help to keep zits from getting infected. 


 7 Day Vitamin Mist

- Keep skin glowing with this toning water full of



. Using their anti-oxidant power your skin will drink up this spray and ask for more! 


Another year has come and gone- and with it hundreds of beauty products tested and used. I get the privilege of calling this my job, and I take it very seriously while still having a great time! Playing with makeup is always fun. Today I've rounded up my most loved products of 2017, the best of the best- and I hope you'll find a new favorite here too. [

Video Here


Hair Favs

Makeup Raves

Skincare Slays

Bonus Yays

Here's to new loves in 2018! xo

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NYX Lip Colors

Row 1:



Soft Spoken


She Devil


Push Up





Row 2:

Berry Strudel


Creme Brûlée


Up the Bass




Sao Paulo


Indie Flick

Row 3:



RootBeer Float


Raspberry Tart




Russian Roulette



Row 4:



Shocking Pink




Tres Leches


Sugar Cookie


Ripe Berry

The Entire Lippie Countdown

- Now on Sale! 

Liquid Suede Vault

- Now on Sale!

December was such a fun month- but if you followed along during my


series on


, you know that MY December was also very colorful! I loved the challenge of wearing a new (and surprise) color every day- it stretched my creativity and forced me to try new colors I might have never reached for on my own. I hope that you'll be inspired to think outside of the box, and switch up your own makeup looks... a perfect New Years resolution! Here you'll find a list of every color worn, as well as all the other makeup I used during the challenge. I hope this post will serve as a great reference for you to come back to when you are makeup shopping. 

Other Featured Makeup in my mini tutorials during the Lippie Countdown





Eye Liners

Lip Liner


Eye Palettes

Cream Eye Shadows




Setting Spray

Self Tan

Tools & Brushes

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We all know the BIG names in makeup- brands like Loreal, Clinique, and Bobbi Brown. But there is SO MUCH MORE out there, in terms of small independent brands that aren't as well known- but are simply amazing and I want you to hear about them. 

Today, I am rounding up 5 of my top hidden gems- and sharing one product that I think you should try from each line. Ready? Let's go! [video



Colour Pop

 To be fair I have mentioned Colour Pop many times on the blog in years past, so you may already know about it. But the brand has recently launched at Sephora, which means it's now going to be a household name for anybody who shops for makeup. 

  • Ultra Blotted Lip, is my favorite formula in the line. It is the perfect lipstick for the woman who doesn't wear lipstick, but wants to. Confused? Well, here's the deal: It's sheer but matte, two things that don't usually go together. You can get a great pop of color that lasts longer than a gloss, but it still shows the texture of your lips through the color. Amazing for a more subtle look than your typical Liquid Lipstick. Which Colour Pop also makes, and those are great too!


 This indie line is more compact and produces in smaller batches, so the quality always remains


 high. There's no middle man here either, they only sell direct from their own site- meaning the prices are low. Can I get an 'Amen'!?

  • The Shadow Palettes are stunning, with blendable pigments that POP off the eye. The Peach Palette is a dream, but the Nudes & Rudes palette cannot lead you astray.

Huda Beauty

 Huda is no stranger to the beauty world- her Youtube channel has over 2 million subscribers! But the average consumer may have never heard of her and her cosmetics line, that is now available at Sephora. Her shadows are stunning, and her Lip Strobes make any pout just a touch more


, but my favorite are her Holographic Lip Toppers.

  • The Mini Lip Strobe Collection is a great way to jump into the holographic makeup trend. You get 4 minis that can be worn alone or over the top of a lipstick. The light reflection is like 'BAM'! and I even love using them right in the center of my lips for a little extra plump.

Models Own

 is a UK drugstore staple, but the US is finally getting in on the action. It's a HUGE line with over 600 products (we don't have them all here- bummer) and they are a great budget option for makeup lovers. 

  • Sculpt & Glow Highlight Palette gives you three BIG pans of color in each compact. The pink version is my favorite and gives you a blush and highlighter in a single step. I love that there are powder and cream formulas in the same compact too, so you can adjust depending on the look you want.

Soap & Glory

 is another UK transplant, and is mostly well known for their lotions and body scrubs. But their makeup line is fantastic as well, and the collection comes complete with super catchy packaging and names. Don't be offended... it's funny people!

  • One Heck of a Blot Foundation is a super unique formula, that starts off as a liquid and dries down to a velvet powder finish. That powder goes to work absorbing excess oil throughout the day, helping to combat the shine and need for blotting. Love this stuff- only downside is the lack of shade variety.

Happy Shopping! xo 

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Although Summer vacation might be winding down, the sun is still shining HOT in my neck of the woods. We are soaking up all we can get, and I hope you are too.


good sun care doesn't just end with Sunscreen

... consider what you do after the sun to be almost as important. Rehydrating and soothing skin and hair will go a long way to keeping both healthy, so today I am sharing some of my

favorite after-sun products

. [






Happy Sunning! xo

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Father's Day 2017 Gift Ideas

Father's Day is this Sunday- and there is no better time to

spoil your man with a few great Mens Grooming products

. In my experience I have found that men don't always think about grooming products as a necessity, but once they give them a try, they usually enjoy using them enough to want to keep using them.

Your guy deserves to look and feel his best too, so here are a few of my favs that are also approved by my guy (and others I asked for research as well!)


  • Columbia Toiletry Bag light weight and great for camping or travel.

  • PooPouri Toilet Spray I know this is a 'unique' item to include on this list, but just trust me- this is no ordinary air freshener. In fact it's not that at all. This spray-before-you-go spritz is life changing! Ha! I gave it as a gag gift to my husband, and turns out it is worth every penny and even my kids can use it.

  • Jack Black Skincare PLEASE get your man to stop using bar soap on his face, and give him some nice skincare products designed specifically for his skin. This facial cleanser is great in the shower, and the Face Moisturizer is essential year round with 20SPF. The Beard Lube is also a favorite and keeps skin razor burn free.

  • Harry's Razor Collection Pretty much the best invention ever: razor blade subscription. Forget buying them at the store (who remembers anyway?) and get a custom delivery every couple months. The blades are AMAZE and under $2 a piece. Yup, $2... enough said.

  • Axe Shampoo & Styling Products The 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is perfect for a guy on the go, and the styling products smell so yummy. Pick the amount of hold you want and the amount of shine you want with the custom pomades and gels.

  • Mens Fragrances: Armani Code, Azzaro Chrome, Calvin Klein Eternity Skip the musky, rich scents this season and lighten up for Summer! These 3 smell like a fresh Summer day and you and your man will love them. Notes of Mandarin, Lavender, and Basil are perfect for a casual warm-weather cologne.

Happy [Groomed and Good-Smelling] Father's Day, xo

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Not every beauty product is glamourous... and today's post is all about

the ugly but totally necessary beauty items I cannot live without

. I mean, it's been too long since I reminded you about my sweaty armpits right!?



will give you a few new favorites to try, enjoy!

Megan's Favorites

Brooke's Favorites

Do you have any unglamorous products you swear by? Let me know in the comments below, xo

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We live in a world of instant gratification

- and the beauty world is no exception. We want quick results otherwise we lose interest too quickly. After all, spending your hard-earned money on a product that takes months to work, or never works at all, can be extremely frustrating!

Today I am rounding up some of my

favorite insta-beauty products

, the ones that pack a punch in a short amount of time.  Take a look at the


below and check the links to shop.

Products mentioned:

Do you have any insta-fix products I should try? Let me know if the comments below, xo

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I'm a busy mom on the go- and that means I'm often found applying makeup in the car. I've gotten pretty skilled at it really... and I don't know if thats a skill I should be boasting about? Ha!

But today I wanted to share the


every woman needs on the go for that quick


These are my tried and true favorites, and I know you'll love them to. They make a major impact with the least amount of time, and none of them require additional brushes or tools to apply. [



  • Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in 'Brightening Illuminator' for an instant lift to the eyes. Apply using the sponge tip applicator, then wait about 30 seconds before blending in with your ring finger.

  • Essence Make Me Brow in 'Blondy Brows' for a polished brow in seconds. Coat the brows and then smooth into place with the handy micro wand.

  • Mark. All Butter Now Lip Treat in 'Pop Tart' for color and hydration all in one sweep.

  • NYX Tres Jolie Gel Eye Liner in 'Brown' for a lash boost that doesn't have to be perfect. Focus on the outer corners of the eyes and smudge into the lash line for an easy enhancement.

  • Tarte Cheek Stain in 'Flush' for an instant pop of color that brings life to the face. Apply to the apples of the cheeks, then blend in with your fingertips for a dewey glow-on-the-go.

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