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Summer beauty should be fun, easy and of course geared toward warmer weather and sun protection! So I've rounded up 8 of my top picks for Summer, and all of them are under $15! Wahoo! [video here]

  • Flamingo Razor System- the BEST razors (and also shaving cream and wax strips too!) now available at Target hallelujah! 
  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Illuminator- It hides imperfections and gives skin a major glow, perfect for the shin bone and collar bones especially!
  • Sun Bum Sunscreen Facial Stick SPF 30- the BEST facial stick out there, it goes on clear and matte and smells like yummy bananas!
  • Not Your Mothers Matcha Green Tea Butter Masque- HEAVENLY smelling and turns dry parched hair into smooth hydrated tresses! Use it once a week especially if you're swimming.
  • Sun Bum Hair Lightener Spray Perfect for dirty blondes and medium brunettes who want to brighten up their locks while at the pool. Think of this more like a beach spray and use it sparingly through the midlengths and ends to add bright highlights. Avoid the roots though so you don't turn orangey. (Don't use if you've got bleached hair already)
  • Garnier Balancing Facial Mist- this is like a shine shield spray to keep your face from looking too oily. I like to use it BEFORE and then again AFTER my foundation to really lock things into place.
  • Maybelline Dream Urban Cover SPF 50 a foundation that boasts SPF 50 is hard to find, but this one has it and it rocks! I am so excited to have found it. (Semi dewey finish, so set with powder if you're oily)
  • Almay Velvet Foil Cream Shadow This stuff doesn't budge! I have worn it swimming and to the gym, and it holds up amazingly. Lots of colors and easy to apply, I'll be adding more to my collection soon.

Happy Sweating, er I mean Summer! xo


Although Summer vacation might be winding down, the sun is still shining HOT in my neck of the woods. We are soaking up all we can get, and I hope you are too.


good sun care doesn't just end with Sunscreen

... consider what you do after the sun to be almost as important. Rehydrating and soothing skin and hair will go a long way to keeping both healthy, so today I am sharing some of my

favorite after-sun products

. [






Happy Sunning! xo

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Anti-Aging sun screen products

Sunscreen is about the least sexy beauty product out there, am I right?!

No one loves buying sunscreen, but we all NEED it in our lives. I am quite the stickler when it comes to sun safety, and I've tried just about every sun screen out there in my quest to stay pasty. (Thank goodness for Spray Tans)

There are 3 sunscreens that pass the test in my opinion. They cover all the bases:

  • Best Overall Protection: Sun Bum Spray SPF 50 Light weight, non-greasy, and gives major protection. Absorbs quickly and smells great. I love the cream version too for my kids!

  • Best Face/ Anti-Aging: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 High end, effective skincare with a built in protection level of SPF 50. Non greasy and super hydrating too.

  • Best Scalp Protection: ColoreScience Powder SPF 50 I love this for on the go touchups, but especially for its ability to protect your scalp along your part lines, without getting your hair greasy.

Here's to safe sun and lots of fun! xo

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Makeup in heat and humidity, Melt proof makeup tips

Well we've reached the high point of the Summer, and truth be told I am counting down the days till school is back in session and my Fall wardrobe reappears. But something tells me we still a have a fews weeks left of these toasty hot temperatures before I can expect to see that happen.

Every summer I change up my makeup routine to give it a longer wearing result, and more resilience. It only takes a few minor tweaks and additions to your routine to make your look stay put in the heat and humidity. So today I am sharing the four products that I love and use to achieve melt-proof makeup, and these ones are all available at Ulta. 

Prime It

  • NYX Proof It Eye Shadow Primer This little pot of goodness grabs on and holds tight, keeping your eye shadow, liner, and mascara in place all day. It's translucent so it works for all skin tones.

  • Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer Prep the skin prior to foundation with a non silicone (because silicones will slide off your skin in heat) primer like this one. It will give your face a barrier between sweat and your foundation, and help to hide pores as well.

Set It

  • Urban Decay De-slick Mattifying Powder Combat your oily zones with this translucent powder that keeps the skin matte and oil free without looking chalky. It's also great underneath the eyes to keep concealer in place and prevent runny mascara.

  • NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray Set your completed makeup look with a setting spray, like my favorite matte finish from NYX. It's like hairspray for you face- and simply keeps everything locked in place.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to subscribe to THE BEAUTY SNOOP by email so you never miss a SNOOP STORY! xo

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combat makeup meltdown, makeup tips for humidity

I'll never forget the time I vacationed to Palm Springs one summer just after high school, in early June. It was my first time to that part of California, and I quickly learned that

'I wasn't in Kansas anymore'  

when I stepped out of the airport and was met with a wall of heat unlike anything I had ever experienced before!

As I literally felt the makeup melting off of my face I thought two things: 1) remind me to never visit Palm Springs during the summer months again, and 2) there has to be a better way to apply makeup when it's hot.

A decade later, I still haven't been back to Palm Springs later in the year than April- and I still change my routine in the warmer months to prevent makeup landslides.

Here are five quick tips that you can use to help your makeup hold up during the hottest months of the year. 

1- Exfoliate in the PM

I honestly learned this technique on a fluke. I am a pretty regular exfoliator, but sometimes I get lazy in the summer usually because I am staying up much later, then I fall into bed without going through my whole skincare routine. After a couple weeks of skipping the scrub step, I realized that my makeup was breaking down much more quickly than usual and I was looking greasy by 4pm.

The culprit? Clogged pores and dead skin cells. My skin wasn't able to breath- causing major oil buildup on my face. That led to a break down of the makeup with a reckless abandon. As soon as I added the scrub back into my nightly (2 times per week) routine, my makeup adhered to my skin better and resisted the elements of heat and humidity much better. Now, I never miss this step and I hope you won't either!

* If you are wondering why I specified NIGHT time scrubbing? Because scrubbing can cause redness, so give your skin a whole 8 hours to calm and repair before applying makeup. Try

Beautisol Exscrub Me?

2- Switch to a gel moisturizer

Cream moisturizers often leave a sheen on the skin that doesn't absorb into the skin for many hours. That glossy finish, although radiant, won't do you any favors when combating humidity, heat and sweat. A gel moisturizer will absorb into the skin much quicker and is light and refreshing with a matte finish. My current favorite is

Garnier Moisture Rescue for Dry Skin

3- Wait 10 minutes post moisturizer before applying anything else

After reading #2 above this step should be a no brainer, but here is the expanded version: apply your gel moisturizer to a clean face in the AM. Then give your face a solid 10 minutes to absorb the gel fully. This is a great time to work on your hair, check your


feeds (which hopefully include yours truly! #shamelessplug) or get dressed. Finally, continue with your makeup application.

4- Set first with spray

Once you've completed your beautiful face canvas, set your masterpiece with a makeup setting spray. I love

NYX Matte Finish

in the Summer months (I choose their Dewey finish in the winter) because it works great and is totally affordable. Think of this step as hairspray for your face. Neat-O

5- Set second with powder

And finally hit your T-zone with an extra dose of translucent powder for major oil control and staying power. You can also reapply midday for bonus power, if needed. My go to?

Urban Decay De-slick Mattifying Powder

Hope these tips help you stay fresh all day long. Got any meltdown tips of your own? Let me know in the comments below, xo And don't forget to enter my huge Summer Beauty Box giveaway



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Lorac Makeup, Beach Palette, After Glo Palette, Lorac Review

LORAC After Glo Palette


Ray Ban Sunnies


Layered Necklace


360 Turquoise Earrings

Happy Friday friends! ***I thought it might be fun to switch things up around here and present products in a more personal way- let me know if you like it, or if my typical 'magazine cover' presentation floats your boat more. I love your feedback!

The new

LORAC After Glo

shadow palette immediately reminded me of the beach. I love the shades of the sunset, sand and water together and I have been able to create some beautiful 'sunset eye' looks since I got this palette in my hands. True to LORAC's amazing quality the pigments in this collection are stunning, and velvety so you can blend until your heart's content. There is also a great variation in matte and shimmer shades so you get a little bit of everything in this perfect-for-summer palette.

Hope you make your way to the beach this Summer, but if not- you can fake it with a gorgeous sand and sea look! xo

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Flash Tats, metallic tattoos, skin designs, temporary metallic tattoo, Flash Tattoo

Wearing: Flash Tattoo

Zahra Collection

 |  Oasap c/o 

Striped Crop Top

 | Maurices c/o 

Layered Stone Necklace

Hello! Happy Tuesday. I am super excited about this unique product on the blog today-

Flash Tattoos

are seriously so much fun and every time I look down at my hand while typing this I think 'oooh pretty sparkles...' Yep. That made me sound like a Seagull, didn't it? Ha

Even my 5 year old got in on the action!

My sister in NYC, spotted these cool metallic tattoos and sent them my way, and I have been hooked ever since. 

Flash Tattoos are the gown up version of the gumball-machine tats you loved as a kid

, and work the same way. You simply peel the clear coat off the design, place that tat on your skin in the desired location, then apply a little water to the back side of the paper and Walaa!

The collections come with 4 sheets of metallic designs that all resemble jewelry. You can cut them up and make your own designs to create a look that is completely unique. I love the way my bracelet turned out when I added the dangling feathers, but you could do something totally different with yours. That's part of the fun! I think these tats are the perfect accessory for Summer because you get the glam look of blinged out jewelry without actually wearing any.

And if you feel like this look is a little too young or not quite work appropriate, just remember that they are temporary and come off in 4-6 days (or earlier if you remove them with baby oil) so it's great for a long weekend or a Summer vacay to the beach. I might also suggest a more discreet location like the top of your foot, which gives a beautiful henna-type effect. Cute eh!?!

See you all later this week- xo

P.S. I just updated my

Shop the Snoop

 page with the latest of my

Holy Grail

beauty finds- check it out if you are looking for my top recommendations.

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patriotic nail design, independence day nail ideas, red white and blue nails

I'll be the first to admit that nail art is not my forte. But there is just something about 4th of July nail art that gets me excited every year! I feel like it's the perfect way to introduce a little






into your style with out being too LOUD and it's perfect for the whole month of July! When I saw this patriotic glitter polish by Sally Hansen, I just had to have it! I love a good glitter and this collection is a favorite of mine because I love the variation in size of the glitter specks. Cute huh!?!


Sally Hansen Color Frenzy

in 'Red White & Hue' [it's a brand new collection so you may have to shop around a bit until you find it] Available at drugstores and other major retailers.

A few quick tips for nail art newbies:

  • Don't attempt to do anything if you're in a rush! Nail art takes a long time to do well, you must let EVERY layer dry completely before moving on to the next. If you skip the full dry time, you'll end up with overly thick nail color, and most likely major smudges.

  • Layer STRATEGICALLY. Darker colors will cover much easier over lighter colors and you won't need as many layers. In the above pic, I used white first then added the red half-moon after the white had completely dried. Doing the opposite may have left me with a pinkish-white.

  • Use HOUSEHOLD items to help form your designs. You can certainly go to a beauty supply and buy some fancy nail art tools, but things like toothpicks and push pins work great for creating dots and doodles... and they are free and disposable!

  • When in doubt TOP COAT it out! A clear coat goes a long way to hide imperfections and complete a look. Don't stress if your art isn't perfect- that's why it's uniquely yours.

I challenge you all to have fun with your nails this month too, and if you do- send me a pic or tag me when you share it, so I can see your artistic work! See you all soon

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Today I am stopping by Studio5 TV to share some great hair styles that you can wear at the pool and beach. Often times when I get out of the pool I feel the 'wet dog' syndrome happening... it makes me want to run and hide, do you relate!?! 

These accessories and quick styles will help you feel put together at the pool, but they are easy and no mirror is required. Take a look at the

video below and check out my go to looks for wet hair beauty.

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by today- I'm so glad you are here!

Today's episode for

Summer Essentials

is all about great bargains- and who doesn't love that? The

video below

is a collection of

drugstore beauty favorites

that I am loving for Summer 2014. There is a little something for everyone and I hope you'll find a new love too. Check it out and don't forget there are shopping links to all the products down below.


Navy Striped Dress

 c/o Oasap

Products mention in video:

Not Your Mother's Way To Grow Leave-In Conditioner

Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadow [Barely Branded]

Pixi Brightening Peach Correction Concentrate

Revlon Skinlights [Pink Light]

Revlon Gel Envy [Top Coat


Multi Colors]

Scunci No Slip Grip Elastics

Past posts mentioned in video:

Summer 2014 Favorites  |  High End

Loreal Gel Lacque Review

Best Under Eye Concealers

Do you have any amazing Summer trips or plans coming up? I am dreaming of a vacation but sadly, I don't see it happening any time soon. Tell me where you are headed though, so I can dream vicariously through you! See you back here later this week for a look at what's in my beach bag. (even though it won't be going much farther than the local pool this year...) xo

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Hello beautiful SNOOPETTES! (I'm going to start calling you that ok!?! Just decided that right this very moment, ha!) Today for your


viewing pleasure, I am rounding out my

favorite products for Summer 2014 

in the


below. I kept it short and sweet, with just 5 products- but I could have easily added 10 more. It's just so hard... too many amazing things out there, I tell ya!

These are my

high end favorites

, if you are looking for a good splurge. But, be sure to tune back in later this month for my drug store favorites video too. And don't forget shopping links for all the products mentioned are listed down below.

Products mentioned in video:

It Cosmetics Tightline Waterproof Primer

It Cosmetics CC+ Ombre Bronzer

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Gelee

Cover FX Protection Primer

Alterna Bamboo Ocean Mist

Thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to sign up to follow along via


, or via email in the left top sidebar. Let me know if you try any of my favorites too. Peace out

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Today on

Summer Essentials

, we are talking all about chunky braids and beachy waves. Two easy styles that scream 'SUMMER!' I stopped by Studio5 TV to share some great tips on creating both looks. Check out those videos (




) below so you can learn how to get


worthy locks with little effort.

Wearing: Purple Leopard Shift Dress


Products Mentioned in Video:

Clip-in Extensions

 (full set- but for braids I suggest the use of only 2-3 inch wide wefts)

Turkish Towel

Alterna Bamboo Ocean Mist

Bumble & bumble Surf Spray

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray

Which Summer style are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure you are signed up to follow The Beauty Snoop by email over in the left top sidebar. Have a great weekend

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