Best of Hair 2018:

  • Dry Shampoo: Amika Perk Up $25 Smells amazing, works amazing!

  • Shampoo & Conditioner:Love, Beauty & Planet 'Blooming' Rose $9 each This product is incredibly clean and keeps all the bad ingredients out. It cleanses so well, protects color, and smells lovely!

  • Volume/Texture Powder:Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff (salon locator) I love to add this to my braids and buns to give them grit, texture and volume. It leaves a residue on the hair that you can feel, but not see. I tiny bit goes a long way, so don't be turned of by the price of the size of the bottle.

  • Shine Spray:Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Me (salon locator) Any time I get a compliment on my hair being shiny, it's because I have this sprayed in it! It has light reflecting mica particles in it that makes even damaged hair glisten.

  • Hairspray:Pureology Soft Finish Hairspray $28 Super lightweight and brushable. Great for fine hair that needs more volume and lift.

  • Root Cover Up Spray:Loreal Magic Root Cover Up $8 I can't live without this stuff in between my color services. It hides roots in a flash and washes away easily.

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Beach Waver Review, InStyler Max Review, Babyliss Miracurl Review

If you haven't updated your curling irons lately today's post just might motivate you to do just that. I am excited to share some of my favorite irons that are not only high tech but make your life easier too!

High tech irons all contain motors and rotate on their own. They take a lot of the guess work out of curling, and give you consistent, and QUICK results! Take a look at the


below for my recommendations

  • Instyler Max Polishes as it rotates for super shiny hair. Use it to smooth and straighten or get loose curls by wrapping hair around barrel prior to closing the clamp.

  • Babyliss Miracurl Creates tighter curls and spirals in a snap and is great for novice hair artists who need a little more help to achieve curls. Medium lengths are best for this tool.

  • BeachWaver Makes beautiful waves with the push of a button. The iron rotates both directions to creates soft bouncy waves a la Victoria's Secret.

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Hello lovlies! Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by. Last week I introduced you to the newest curling iron in my collection the Twirl 360. It's part of the newest breed of curling irons out there that twirl all on their own. So maybe your asking yourself; 'does it really work that well?' Take a look at this video so that you decide that for yourself. I think you'll enjoy seeing it in action!

Products mentioned in video:

Overall the Twirl is a big investment, but for women out there who struggle creating curls it could be

Once you've mastered the use of it, you can easily do a full head of curls in 5-10 minutes

, but be prepared to feel a little awkward with it at first. I had to use it about 3 times before I really felt comfortable with the new technique, but now I am a big fan! And also remember that

self-spinning irons can only flat wrap curls,

so you are somewhat limited in the shapes you'll get. *See my wrap techniques to the right for further explanation. a great tool to have and use.

I would also note that this type of iron is probably best for women who have

hair that is shoulder length or longer

. Shorter than that and I don't think the self-wrapping function is necessary or would speed up your style time much. 

Thanks so much for reading, and be sure you enter to win your own Twirl 360 one post back. xo

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**Thanks to ShopStyle for sponsoring this post through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write this post and create a how-to video, the products featured and opinions are at my discretion. 


rotating curling irons, spinning curling iron, t3 twirl 360

Ever thought to yourself... 'I wish their was a curling iron that could just magically make curls for me, and I wouldn't have to do a thing!'???

Well the day has arrived peeps.

Lately there have been curling irons popping up all over the place the twirl or spin on their own. This latest generation of irons helps to speed up your curling process (after a learning curve of course) and to take the guess work out of creating perfect curls.

I was super hesitant at first with these types of irons because I din't really think it was a concept that would catch on... after all spinning contraptions and hair seem like a scary combination.

But after much debate, and a LOT of research I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see for myself what all the fuss is about. And honestly, I'm glad I did.

So which spinning curling iron did I go with?

The T3 Twirl 360. Why? Well first of all, just look at it! It has a stunning design with those gorgeous rose gold accents. But beyond that T3 is a brand that I have loved and used for years both in the salon and at home. The other MAJOR selling points for me were the long clamp area, which gives the ability to work with larger sections of hair, and lessens your likelihood of burning yourself while trying to place hair in the clamp especially if you have shorter hair or layers.

And of course the gyroscope technology which senses your movement and turns the iron automatically in the direction you want to roll. It's so cool and amazes me every time. In addition, the surface on this iron is SO smooth (it's has a combo of ceramic and tourmaline) and you can safely run your hair through the clamp without pulling or tugging on the hair, and the clap never leaves a mark in the hair either.

Other spinning irons out there have much smaller clips and the ability to only spin one direction, or require you to flip a switch to alternate spinning directions... which is silly and time consuming if you ask me.

Next week on the blog, I'll have the full video tutorial showing you how to use the iron and achieve bouncy beach waves in a snap with the Twirl 360. So be sure to come back Monday for that one! xo

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Every gal seems to be in search of

the perfect hair product

that will leave her locks looking like that certain celebrity gracing the cover of a magazine. Over my career as a hair stylist I have seen hundreds of images of the one and only

Jennifer Aniston

serve as the inspiration to hair cuts and colors not only in my salon, but around the globe.

To say Jen's hair is legendary isn't really overstating things. Her tresses single handedly started the phenomenon known as 'the Rachel' in the 90's- and I'll never forget how I felt bouncing out of the salon one Saturday afternoon after I'd gotten myself a good ol' Rachel cut somewhere around 1997.

And my love for her product line Living Proof is not new to the pages of this blog either. I've raved about her product Prime here as well as her SPF Protection Spray here. But this latest product launch, Perfect Hair Day, has really stolen the show and my heart and I am so excited to share it with you today!

Perfect Hair Day consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner, and a 5-in-1 Styling Treatment which is what I am going to talk about [and giveaway] today. They are all designed to extend the life of your style, and give weightless hold and bounce to the hair. And boy, do they fulfill that promise!

The 5-in-1 Styling Treatment is lightweight, and it just works. That's what I love about it. It isn't fussy or difficult to use and a little goes a long way. It not only smooths and polishes, but it also gives volume and lightweight hold in a single product, which is not easily accomplished because those two goals usually counteract each other. It is seriously a must try, and you can see from my pic above that my hair is loving it!

Now for the fun part... I am giving away two bottles of PHD- and you've got two chances to win. Enter here on the blog using the rafflecopter below, and again over on instagram.

Good luck and good hair!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


tape-in hair extensions, sombre hair color, DIY sombre hair color, DIY hair extensions

Heyo! It's time for another episode of


, and this time I'm switching things up in the length department! I wanted to throw in some

tape-in extensions

while the weather was still cool because they act like your own personal space heater for your head, and I want nothing to do with them once the temps outside reach 60 degrees or higher. I also opted to

add a 'Sombre' effect to my extensions


aka Subtle-Ombre

if you haven't heard of that made-up word floating around the beauty world...

Take a look at the


below to see the process of how I achieved this look!

Tools Mentioned in Video:

Harry Josh Dryer

Nume Flat Iron

(Save 40% with code: WINTERSNOW)

What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below- and tell me if you have any plans for a new look yourself this New Year? xo

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#voloom, @voloom, volume and texture iron that lifts roofts from within and gives major volume and density to hair for days. Voloom Iron Review

About 80% of women that come into my salon are looking for more volume in their hair

. That's a pretty large majority, especially in todays world where the numbers are almost never that straight forward. And I am always looking for more volume in my own hair- in fact I've written about volume on this blog more than any other topic. And while I do have some favorite products for achieving volume on the wet-side of your style, that is only half of the battle. 

Once the hair is dry, you can achieve even more volume with the use of a Volumizing Iron.  

I have used a few other irons designed for volume in the past, but the Voloom iron immediately caught my eye as being different because it uses a waffle iron pattern in the plates to create volume instead of a crimp or wave. I scooped it up ASAP so I could bring you a first look at the Voloom and I captured my first use with the iron on video for you to see down below. Check it out!

I am completely impressed with this bad-boy and can't wait to use it more to find the perfect amount of volume for me. I think it may be easy to go a little too big with this guy, so I would encourage anyone who buys it to reign in their inner 'Dolly' and find a happy medium. The waffle pattern really seems to make a big improvement in the the visual density of your hair and gives an ample cushion to the roots, which provides great volume payoff.

It also maintains the volume for 2-3 days after the initial use, so you get a lot of wear out of those extra 5 minutes in the morning on day one

. Genius!

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tangle teezer review, tangle teezer giveaway, detangling brush review, best detangling brush, beauty blogger pick for best detangling brush

If you've ever battled with snarly hair- then you know the trauma that can ensue when your tresses and your brush go head-to-head. Personally, I've snapped a few combs in half, and had my fair share of brushes lodged in my locks so tightly that only scissors could free them from the wrath that is;

the tangle.

And while I handle the annoying chore of hair brushing just about as good as the next fellow, nothing could have prepared me for what would happen when I'd have to brush the hair of my first born daughter! My six-year old, 'P' is tender-headed to say the least, and very dramatic to boot. So our post bath time routine was loud and unpleasant for all of those within a half mile radius. When she was about three, I began my search for a brush that would ease the pain for us both- and that is when I discovered the

Tangle Teezer


Tangle Teezer is a lightweight brush that is designed to get rid of tangles without pulling on

the hair or causing any damage. As soon as I bought a brush for my daughter, I knew that I had to have them in my


too, and I have been selling them there for the last two years as well. They fly off of our shelves, simply because they work so well. The design is simple and unassuming- in fact you might think; 'What makes them so special?'

Answer: It's the

multiple rows of flexible bristles, and the variations in their lengths- that help it to detangle the hair as you glide through the strands

. Also, the lack of a 'ball-tip' on the end of the bristle prevents pulling and stretching of the hair, so knots can't get tighter by accidental pulling. The bristles are also quite short, requiring that you work in shallow sections- again this is designed to aid in detangling and it really makes a big impact and gives better results.

Anyone can use a Tangle Teezer but they are

especially great for those people who have naturally snarly, distressed or curly hair and those who wear extensions. And they are wonderful to use in the shower to distribute your conditioners

and to distribute your styling products as well. I keep the compact size in my gym bag and purse too for quick touch ups on the go.

I really love this egg-shaped ninja brush and I think you will too. I am super excited that Tangle Teezer offered to sponsor todays giveaway. One lucky reader will get a prize pack of my favorite three brushes from the collection: the

Pink Holiday Compact

, the

Purple Salon Elite

, and the

Black Aqua Splash

. Enter by liking the

Tangle Teezer facebook page

and using the rafflecopter down below  for extra entries and good luck! xo

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Fall 2014 trends: sleek, blunt haircuts with red tones

Howdy Snoopers! Happy Monday- can you believe how fast the month has gone by?!

With every changing season I love to switch up my locks, and bring you along for the ride while I do it. Fall 2014 is the season for sleek and blunt-edged haircuts, and celebrities like Halle Berry and Whitney Port have both opted for blunt LOB haircuts too.

Take a look at the


below to see how I took my hair from Summer to Fall, and let me know in the comments below if you have any plans to switch up your hair this season as well.

Products & Tools used:

Sam Villa Blow Dryer

(save 20% with code: '20FORUT')

GHD Coral Flat Iron

Body Up Brushes

Unite Hair Oil

The Gnarly Whale Detangler Spray

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to enter my Beauty Blender giveaway


 if you haven't already. xo

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the beauty products I use to the bitter last drop, empties

You know that ONE product that you have been a relationship with longer than your husband? The one that you use on repeat, and always need a spare bottle of? Yup, those are the best kind of beauty products- the ones that you use to the bitter last drop!

I call these my EMPTIES because they always seem to be empty, and I am always looking for a refill on them


Check out my

Fall 2014 edition of empties

, and see what goodies I have used up recently. Maybe there will be a new discovery here, that will soon become one of your empty-loves too!

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Heyo! It's time for another look reveal- and this season I decided to warm things up and add a face framing POP of copper! You may remember a few weeks back when I


about the celebrity trend I'm calling 'frame-lights'? Well I jumped on the bandwagon too (at home in my bathroom as usual).

PLUS, I answered a question that I get asked so often both here on the blogosphere and at the salon...

'how do I get SHINY hair?'

  Well peeps, the answer is... YOU FAKE IT! No but really, most of us aren't blessed with tresses that shimmer in the light, so I've deemed my process for shiny locks:

The Styling Book End

. Get the full scoop in the



Products Mentioned in Video

(secret recipe for shiny hair)

IT Haircare-

Fix IT

IT Haircare-

Polish IT


Blue Floral Dress

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Let me know if you've switched up your hair for Summer. And don't forget to come follow along on


for some fun extra glimpses into my world. xo

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Thanks to IT Haircare for sponsoring this post


Stylist Secrets: rules to preserve your hair color vibrancy

Hey there! Nice to see you 'round these parts. [yup, that was my inner cowgirl talking]

Have you ever had a color on your hair that was glossy and beautifully pigmented, only to have it fade into a brassy, mousy version of it's former self? It happens to the best of us, so don't feel bad- but

there are 4 steps you can take to keep your hair color vibrant longer. And today, I am stopping by Studio5 to dish on my 4 step process and the stylist secrets you've been looking for.

*** Disclaimer. ALL HAIR COLOR FADES! Even natural pigments fade in the right conditions... remember how your child hood hair turned two shades lighter in the Summer months? Yup, that's fading. These steps will slow down the speed at which your color fades, but you'll still need to keep up on your color services on the regular. Ok, let's get started!

1- The first three washes are crucial!

Resist washing your locks for at least 2 days post color job to allow the color to fully oxidize and set into the cuticle (outer shingle-like layer of the hair) Then, for your first 3 shampoos, use the coldest water you can stand without giving yourself a headache. This means you should wash your hair at a different time than your shower. I prefer to bend forward over the edge of the tub and wash under the faucet, but a kitchen sink works too. The cold water closes down the cuticle layer trapping the color molecules inside. Hot water opens the cuticles so pigment can escape- which means cool water is ALWAYS better for color treated hair, but is essential in the early stages of color protection.

2- Soft water = soft hair

The minerals in our water are not hair and skin friendly. Just ask anyone who has eczema and they'll tell you what a problem hard water is when it comes to drying out the skin. If you don't have a built in water softener on your water heater, you can add a filter right to your shower. The T3 Source Shower Head

uses tourmaline, charcoal and other precious medals to remove 95% of the Chlorine in your water. Your skin and hair will be softer then ever before, and your hair will retain those precious color molecules much longer with this god-sent gizmo.

3- Gentle color safe shampoos are required. period

Shampoos are essentially soaps designed to cleanse the hair of oils and buildup, but if you're not careful they can also 'cleanse' the hair of color molecules too. Using a gentle sulfate free formula is the most important step in this series. And yes, higher end products are the best option because they contain more of the ingredients designed to prevent fading. For example, Pureology Strength Cure uses the plant oils found in sunflower seeds that give a natural sunscreen to the plant [and in turn, your hair] A drugstore brand may also use this oil but usually in lesser amounts, say 10% versus 30% in the salon brand option. So both will help, but the Pureology option may help more. That being said, ANY color safe option is better than nothing... so spend what you feel comfortable with as long as it is sulfate free.

4- UV protection isn't just for your skin

Everyone knows the importance of sunscreen for your skin, but don't miss your hair when you are getting sun-ready every day. Adding a UV protection spray into your hair routine will guard against fading due to the environment. This is essential if you spend time outdoors, and if you were prone to sun-bleaching as a child, you're still prone to it as an adult. Living Proof Instant Protection spray gives a weightless coating of UV protectant to your locks for 24hours, and as a bonus it also protects your hair from heat styling tools up to 450F degrees.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you got a few new ideas for protecting your hair color. Be sure you sign up to get these posts delivered right to your inbox, using the email signup bar on the top right side of the blog. xo

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I've mentioned my un-dying love for DRY SHAMPOO on this blog before (ok a couple times) but when this reader question came in from @BrianneE, I thought- 'hey, you've never shown them HOW to use it effectively! Duh!'

She asked... 'What are the best dry shampoos, and how do I actually use them? Are there tricks and tips that I am missing?' Well the simple answer is yes! Check out my latest video below and pick up a few of my techniques and favorite dry shampoos out there.

Products mentioned in video:

I sure hope that answered your question Brianne, and that you fall in love with dry shampoos like I have! And if YOU have a question you'd like me to answer in my All About Hair Series- send me an email or leave a comment below. Have a great 4th of July! xo

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Heyo! Today I am answering one of the most-asked questions ever for a hair stylist- 'how do I get more volume?' I'd estimate a whopping 70% of women out there wish they had more lift and life in their locks. And when I announced my next series of

Ask The Expert

was all about HAIR... many of you wanted help with limp styles. Zero surprise. But it's a topic I still love to address because I have fine hair myself and need help in the oomph department as well.

This question was sent in via


from reader @torrima, and she says: '

I feel like my hair just hangs there... what are some no-fail ways to get volume if I have fine hair? 

' To hear my secret recipe for BIG VOLUME hair, check out the


below. Hope it helps you too!

Products mentioned in video:

Kerastase K Lift Vertige

Pureology Lustrous Volumizer

 (for salon locations)

Plastic Grip Rollers

Sam Villa Textur Iron

- (20% Off coupon code for Beauty Snoop readers: 20FORUT)

Do you have a hair question you'd like an answer to? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. Remember the higher the hair...the closer to GOD! xo

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Today on

Summer Essentials

, we are talking all about chunky braids and beachy waves. Two easy styles that scream 'SUMMER!' I stopped by Studio5 TV to share some great tips on creating both looks. Check out those videos (




) below so you can learn how to get


worthy locks with little effort.

Wearing: Purple Leopard Shift Dress


Products Mentioned in Video:

Clip-in Extensions

 (full set- but for braids I suggest the use of only 2-3 inch wide wefts)

Turkish Towel

Alterna Bamboo Ocean Mist

Bumble & bumble Surf Spray

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray

Which Summer style are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure you are signed up to follow The Beauty Snoop by email over in the left top sidebar. Have a great weekend

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Round brush hot rollers for mega volume, detachable handle round brush

Raise your hand if you love BIG hair!?!

I certainly do. In fact my nickname in high school was 'Texas'- due to my love of BIG, BLONDE Hair. And while I don't rock the platinum blonde hair anymore, I still feel a little more girly and bouncy when I am sporting some major volume in the locks department. (Love to any texan ladies out there!)

At the salon, one of the number one complaints I hear from clients is about their lack of volume. It's a problem for a lot of women. I wrote a post about the perfect recipe for major volume


, but you can replace the brush and traditional rollers with these all new bad-boys of blowouts: round brush hot rollers.

What are they? 

Round brushes with detachable handles that give you the ability to keep the brush in place while the hair cools

. I picked these up about 5 months ago and took them for a test spin at the salon. They were fab so I snagged a second set for my own use at home. 

You use the brush just as you would any other round brush while blow drying your hair. The center is made of ceramic plating, so it heats up with the hot air put out by your dryer. After the hair is 70% dried, you can roll the brush down to the scalp with a decent amount of tension- then press the release button to disconnect the handle. Now its a hot roller, waalaa! Blast the rollers with additional heat until dry. Keep the rollers in while you finish your makeup, and once cool, remove the rollers for some 'holy-hannah-that's-big-texas-hair!' 

Most sets like this that I've seen come with 5-6 rollers which is enough for a whole head. I tend to just use a couple on my trouble areas like the crown and bangs. Either way the results last much longer because the cooling stage locks in the lift. You can get true blowout results at home, especially after a little practice. My set is made by


which is a professional line sold at salons, but I found virtually the same type of system by

Click n' Curl


in two different barrel sizes. (plus there is a handy video to see it in action!)

Who is coming to Texas with me?


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top 3 salt sprays for hair, 3 great things to do with beach sprays

SachaJuan Ocean Mist

 |  IT Surf Spray (discontinued) Instead

Try Bamboo Ocean Waves


Pureology Sea Kissed Texturizer

Salt sprays have really found their place amongst the giants of the hair care world, and for good reason. They mimic that 'just-left-the-beach' hair without the sticky and sandy leftovers. And while women with natural curl know the great benefits of salt sprays- there are also a few lesser known uses for the stuff that will leave you wishing you had known sooner.

Add major volume to your blow dry

While the most common use for sea sprays is to scrunch texture into your waves or curls, my favorite way to use salt spray is to spritz it in at the roots prior to my blow dry. The salt formula gives great flexible hold, and unlike gels, they are easily brushed through and never flake. Apply 8-10 sprays to your damp roots then blow dry as normal and use your fingers or a brush to lift and give volume to the crown of the head. *Extra tip for volume- After you've dried the hair completely gather it all onto the top of your head in a high loose with a Spin Pin or scrunchy to avoid leaving indents in the hair. The roots will cool in an upward direction, then when you release the bun after 10-15 minutes you'll have great lift from the scalp.

Skip the shower one extra day

You know I love my dry shampoos, but salt sprays also work great to keep roots grease free. Like in the step above, applying the formula to your roots prior to your blow dry not only gives volume, but the salt is also good at soaking up excess moisture in the hair. On day 2-3 of your blowout you can reapply the salt spray to the roots and hit it again with your blowdryer to give the hair a good pick me up and give you one extra day without washing. Scented sea sprays also help deodorize dirty hair.

Create waves you never knew you had

If you have straight or only slightly wavy hair, you can fake it with the help of a salt spray. On dry hair, lightly spritz the lengths with your salt spray (not too much) then use a wide tooth comb to disperse the product evenly. Next take large sections of hair, usually only 2-3 are needed for your whole head, and loosely braid the sections down to the ends. Secure each braid with a hair tie- then break out your blowdryer and apply low warm heat to the braids until the salt spray is dry and the braid is heated through. Wait at least 10 minutes for the braid to cool completely and for the waves to set. Remove the ties and carefully finger through the braids to undo them. Finally scrunch in some hair spray for added hold and you'll look beach worthy in no time.

Just keep in mind that hair that is air dried with salt spray will likely clump into cluster pieces, which is great for natural curl. But to use the spray in the above mentioned techniques you'll need to brush through the hair while applying heat to get a soft clump-free finish.

What is your favorite Salt Spray? Let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out. My top picks are in the image above, you'll love all of them- just decide which factor is most important to you, then shop accordingly for either most curl/hold, best for volume, or yummiest scent. Thanks for reading, be sure you're signed up for email so you never miss a SNOOP STORY.

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Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder, Hot Tools Gold Barrel Curling Iron, CHI Luxe Sparkle Spray, Alterna Caviar, Pureology Root Lift Reviews

Today I am stopping by Studio5 TV to dish about my knock-out hair products that leave others in the dust. We are comparing two types of products that offer similar results, but ultimately, only one can stand supreme.

Take a look at my list below and be sure to check out the


 for more details.

Hot Rollers vs. Curling Iron

1- Winner:

Curling Iron by Hot Tools

While hot rollers are making a comeback in the beauty world they still don't offer the variety of curl patterns that a good ol curling iron does. By utilizing different wrap techniques, as well as varied temperature and density of each strand, you can achieve numerous looks that just don't come from a hot roller. The other major problem with rollers is that you don't know what the curl will look like until after its set and cooled, and by then it may be too late to reform the curl without having to start all over by wetting the hair or at the very least re-heating the roller and waiting for it to set again. For those of you with REALLY resistant hair that won't take curl, the hot roller may be the only option, but for most of us the curling iron still wins. My favorite is the

Hot Tools Gold Barrel

in the 1-1/4 inch size, it's versatile and affordable... a perfect combination!

Creme Conditioner vs. Spray Conditioner

2- Winner:

Creme Conditioner by Alterna Caviar

Spray or leave-in conditioners were designed to give an extra bit of moisture to hair and to help close down the cuticle on the outer shaft of the hair. This helps give the appearance of healthier and shinier hair, but it is not conditioning enough to skip the creme version in the shower. Even fine haired people need to be conditioning to replace the moisture that is lost in the mid to ends of our hair. Skipping conditioner can lead to breakage, dryness, and static electricity. If you feel like conditioner weighs your hair down, your either applying it wrong or using the wrong formula.

Alterna Caviar

offers several varieties of conditioner for normal, mature, or fine hair. I love them all! They smell amazing and turn your hair into instant silk. I seriously cannot get enough!

Shine Serum vs Shine Spray

3- Winner:

Shine Spray by CHI

Everyone loves the idea of shiny hair, but if your not carful you can go from shiny to greasy in a snap. Shine serums are made from heavier silicones that coat the hair and can leave it looking greasy. My experience has also been that serums tend to build up on the hair and create a film that can be hard to remove as well as making blow dry more tedious. Using a shine spray to finish off a look after its been styled gives that added shine your looking for, but the thinner formula is much easier to control and washes away much better. The

CHI Luxe Sparkle Shine Spray

leaves hair with a light reflective quality that I love, but it doesn't leave hair greasy. Always remember less is more when it comes to shine!

Root Boost vs. Mousse

4- Winner: Root Boost by Pureology (

salon locator to purchase


Adding lift to the hair is one of the most requested attributes be get at the salon. Bouncy volume can be hard to come by though, and so we turn to products for help. While mousse will add volume and subtle hold, it can also be very drying because it contains alcohol. It's consistency is also very hard to control, and you can end up with heavy application in one spot and zero product in another. I opt for a root lift instead which offers a much more controlled application, and targets the product only where its needed... at the roots. The pin point nozzle on

Pureology's Root Lift

is perfect for getting the product right down to the scalp and giving you great volume. It's a must-have.

Dry Shampoo Spray vs. Dry Shampoo Powder

5- Winner:

Dry Shampoo Powder by Bumble & bumble

While I love dry shampoos in general for stretching the time in between hair washes, and for offering texture to hair, I find that spray in varieties tend to break down in the hair sooner and lose their oomph. The spray versions offer more options as far as colors and scents, but for a lasting experience powder is the tops.

Bumble & bumble Pret a Powder

acts as an oil absorbing machine that lifts hair and refreshes it perfectly. A few sprinkles of this stuff at the root will boost your strands back to life and combat any unwanted smells (you know what I mean, right?) It is white however, so those with dark hair need to take extra care to only apply the product beneath your part lines to avoid looking chalky.

You can shop all of my winners below,

plus one lucky winner will walk away with everything above

! Oh ya that's some great hair days comin your way! Use the rafflecopter entry below, for each step you complete you'll gain an additional entry, but you're not required to complete them all. Good Luck!

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Bed Head Deep Barrel Waver

Star Necklace


Orange Lips

It's time to get


! Today I decided to rock a little edgier look- but let's face it... I still look pretty girly wearing sparkles and hot pink. I tried.

beachy waves, rocker waves

For this fun look I used my

Bed Head Deep Barrel Waver

to simply place a single row of waves in the

mid-section of my hair, and left the ends stick straight to finish the look with a 'tougher' vibe. This look works best for shoulder length hair or longer, and I recommend you don't start your wave any higher than cheekbone level.

To start, work with straight hair that is parted near the center (this also key for the rocker look). Next section the hair so you can start waving from the bottom near the nape of your neck, and pin everything else up out of the way.

Place the waver at the base of the hair near the nape, using a large 2-inch horizontal row, and clamp down. Heat through for 6-10 seconds and then release- you'll find a 3-shaped wave has formed and your ready to repeat on all subsequent sections. Make sure you hold the waver with the same orientation on both sides of your head. I like to have the bottom flatter side closest to my face- this way the wave peaks and valleys are the same on both sides.

Remember that you want all the waves to be focused in one visual 'row' around your head, so this means that you may need to place the waver in using visual markers. For example, each strand would be clamped higher on the strand for the underneath pieces or lower on the strand for the top pieces, with the goal to keep the wave line consistent near your cheekbone.

Follow up by running your flat iron across the ends to get a smooth, pin-straight finish. A little fluffing and some hair spray, and your ready to rock! This

deep barrel waver

is really affordable, and comes in handy for lots of styles. You can create faux-finger waves, Victoria Secret volume, and effortless beachy looks in a snap!

Thanks for your love and support! I am so grateful for all of you- seriously.

For more fun please follow along with me on


! @beautysnoop

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essie protein base coat, NS Minerals eye primer, Alterna Style Prep, Benefit Porefessional

I'll be the first to admit that some products out there (and in my drawers) are just 'fluff' products. They are kinda nice to have, but they aren't by any means necessary to own or use. When I de-clutter my makeup stash, it's the fluff products that always find the bottom of the garbage can first, because they take up valuable storage room, and don't give me any real payoff.

But one thing that I have learned in my beauty career is that primers can make all of the difference when it comes to the performance and longevity of your other products. A good primer is essential in my eyes and can easily replace 2-3 fluff products while getting you better results.

Why go through all the work of applying makeup, or styling your hair... or the time consumer of them all... painting your nails- just to have all that work go to waste!?! Seriously, stop doing that to yourself and invest in some top notch primers, you won't regret it! Remember that

the purpose of any primer is to prepare the surface to receive the subsequent products better

, with longer lasting results.

Best Nail Primer:

Essie Protein Base Coat

Nail care is not my strongest suit, mostly because I work with water, shampoo, and color every day so my nail polish has a slim chance in Hell of surviving more than 24 hours. But, when I do take the time to paint my nails, I want to be sure the color lasts as long as possible. I love this nail primer because it also strengthens the nails with its' protein ingredients. One coat of this dries quickly and provides a smooth surface to paint over. Your polish will last longer and the added layer gives a nice rigid protection to the nail itself so your less likely to break a nail when your popping open that morning can of Diet Coke. No? Just me? Ok.

Best Hair Primer:

Alterna Caviar Style Prep

Style Prep is my go-to detangling spray that is lightweight and smells amazing, BUT what it really does is even out the porosity of the hair so that all of your styling products absorb evenly and spread more easily. It also helps to repel water out of the hair so that your drying time is cut down significantly. This is the first product you would apply to your hair right out of the shower, then comb it through with your wetbrush or wide tooth comb- followed by any mousses, gels, creams, or oils that you use to style.

Best Skin Primer:

Benefit POREfessional

Makeup priming may be the most important of them all, and anyone who struggles with uneven pigment or oily/acne prone skin knows this first hand. I love the POREfessional primer because it is fairly lightweight and absorbs quickly, but it does a great job a filling in fine lines and large pores. Think of it as prepping the canvas prior to painting. Makeup primers typically help absorb some of the natural oils in the skin too, which helps makeup stay put with less slipping throughout the day.

Best Eye Primer:

NS Minerals Eye Primer

I am a big fan of NS Mineral makeup, but my favorite product from the line is their Eye Primer. It's unassuming on the outside, but this little tub packs a punch! It's a cream-to-powder finish formula that's not too liquidy- so it never creases or runs. And it has major staying power which is essential if you are wearing loose powder shadows. A swipe of this stuff across the lid will give your shadows the boost they need to be brighter in color and stay put the whole day. It's great for any work with photo shoots or bright lighting because it really holds up under heat well.

So there ya have it- the prime of your life is just around the corner! Do you have a favorite primer I need to try? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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