We've seen a growing trend popping up on our instagram feeds- grown women wearing girly hair accessories! It's one of my favorite trends in years... so much so that I decided to open up my own online bow shop! [bonjourbobby.com]

The accessories are playful and fun, and can add a major pop to a simple outfit. But it can be tricky to wear them without looking childish, so here are my tips! [video here]

1- The Fabric

Look for more MATURE fabrics- like Velvet, Linen, Leather, Chiffon or Satin. These more grown up fabrics bring the level of sophistication up and are more age appropriate.

2- Prints & Patterns

Avoid shopping in the little girl sections of the store for your wares... rainbows, unicorns, and sparkles should be left to the little ones. Instead opt for patterns that are classic and timeless- think stripes, polka dots, plaids, and paisley.

3- Style them carefully

It's important to avoid bow placement that looks too young- the places we see you girls wear bows are typically near the front of the face or on the top of the head. Instead 'hide' the bows slightly so that they aren't front and center in your style. Behind the head, or on the base of a ponytail or bun are great places to add your accessories.

4- When in doubt, keep it small

If you like the idea of adding an accessory, but hesitate- start with smaller pieces, like decorative elastics or smaller scrunchies. Avoid the LARGE pieces and you'll feel more comfortable with this trend.  

What do you think about this trend, would you try it? xo Check out


for more cute accessories too!


Lack of volume is still the number one complaint I hear in the salon.

I am one of those complainers, ha!

I wanted to share a few products today that give major volume- but aren't as commonly used as products like dry shampoo or mousse to achieve volume.

Lifting Powders

are a super fine powder that thickens the hair at the root by bonding to the hairs.

They tend to have a slightly tacky feeling when touched, and they don't make heir


cleaner like dry shampoos do, but they work so well for their actual purpose... lifting!

I love to use them on day 2 or 3 hair when my roots really need a boost. You simple shake the fine powder into the roots (you can't always see or feel that it's going on because its such a fine powder it's almost invisible and weightless), then massage through and finally brush out. If you are wondering what they are made of, it's mostly ingredients that absorb and thicken- think starch and silica.

Here are a few of my favs and where you can purchase them:

Have you tried these magic powders before? Let me know in the comments below, xo

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tape-in hair extensions, sombre hair color, DIY sombre hair color, DIY hair extensions

Heyo! It's time for another episode of


, and this time I'm switching things up in the length department! I wanted to throw in some

tape-in extensions

while the weather was still cool because they act like your own personal space heater for your head, and I want nothing to do with them once the temps outside reach 60 degrees or higher. I also opted to

add a 'Sombre' effect to my extensions


aka Subtle-Ombre

if you haven't heard of that made-up word floating around the beauty world...

Take a look at the


below to see the process of how I achieved this look!

Tools Mentioned in Video:

Harry Josh Dryer

Nume Flat Iron

(Save 40% with code: WINTERSNOW)

What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below- and tell me if you have any plans for a new look yourself this New Year? xo

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Fall 2014 trends: sleek, blunt haircuts with red tones

Howdy Snoopers! Happy Monday- can you believe how fast the month has gone by?!

With every changing season I love to switch up my locks, and bring you along for the ride while I do it. Fall 2014 is the season for sleek and blunt-edged haircuts, and celebrities like Halle Berry and Whitney Port have both opted for blunt LOB haircuts too.

Take a look at the


below to see how I took my hair from Summer to Fall, and let me know in the comments below if you have any plans to switch up your hair this season as well.

Products & Tools used:

Sam Villa Blow Dryer

(save 20% with code: '20FORUT')

GHD Coral Flat Iron

Body Up Brushes

Unite Hair Oil

The Gnarly Whale Detangler Spray

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to enter my Beauty Blender giveaway


 if you haven't already. xo

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hair, makeup, nails, NYFW, New York Fashion Week Beauty

Happy Monday! Today I am excited to share with you my backstage coverage from New York Fashion Week. It was such a thrill to be backstage at a handful of shows this year- the energy and excitement is like nothing I have felt before.


15 gorgeous models, 30 makeup artists and hairstylists, and 5 manicurists... all doing their jobs at once,

 plus about 20 members of the press (that's me... 'press' :) trying to photograph and video ALL AT THE SAME TIME! In a tiny backstage area, I might add! It is chaos at its' finest.

In the


below, I put together some of the beauty looks that I was able to witness first hand, as well as some of my other favorites from shows I wasn't able to attend this season. It gives you just a glimpse of the beauty you can expect to see trending come Spring 2015. The majority of the designers all opted for sleek/wet hair looks on their models, and mostly natural looking makeup. But, there were of course a few outliers that went for bold lips, crazy nail art, and even pierced eyebrows! Take a look:

Featuring looks from:

I hope you find some beauty inspiration in these looks! I know I did, and I'll be bringing you some '

Inspired By'

posts over the next couple months, where I'll showcase some of my favorite looks, and how I would achieve them at home. Stay tuned for those, and be sure you come back later this week for a recap of what I wore while in NY, and for my

Mascara Wands 101

class with Studio5 TV. xo

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Nina Dobrev, Tutorial, How to add clip in extensions into a pony tail

Hi Snoopers! Thanks so much for hanging out with me today!

Over on


, I asked you

which beauty's look from the VMAs

you wanted me to recreate in a video, and a whopping

majority of you voted for Nina Dobrev

! She rocked a high pony and orange lip like nobody else could on the red carpet, and it was one of my fav looks of the night as well.

Take a look at the


below to see my take on her style and makeup... let's do it! *The focus on this video was not so great, so sorry! But, my new office/studio is almost finished so my next video will be much better!

Products Used:

I also mentioned my how-to video for using brow powders, which you can see 


. And a look at those cool round brushes can be found 



I hope this gave you some new ideas, and inspired you to rock an orange lip very soon! Have a great weekend, and see you all soon! xo

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I've mentioned my un-dying love for DRY SHAMPOO on this blog before (ok a couple times) but when this reader question came in from @BrianneE, I thought- 'hey, you've never shown them HOW to use it effectively! Duh!'

She asked... 'What are the best dry shampoos, and how do I actually use them? Are there tricks and tips that I am missing?' Well the simple answer is yes! Check out my latest video below and pick up a few of my techniques and favorite dry shampoos out there.

Products mentioned in video:

I sure hope that answered your question Brianne, and that you fall in love with dry shampoos like I have! And if YOU have a question you'd like me to answer in my All About Hair Series- send me an email or leave a comment below. Have a great 4th of July! xo

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Heyo! Today I am answering one of the most-asked questions ever for a hair stylist- 'how do I get more volume?' I'd estimate a whopping 70% of women out there wish they had more lift and life in their locks. And when I announced my next series of

Ask The Expert

was all about HAIR... many of you wanted help with limp styles. Zero surprise. But it's a topic I still love to address because I have fine hair myself and need help in the oomph department as well.

This question was sent in via


from reader @torrima, and she says: '

I feel like my hair just hangs there... what are some no-fail ways to get volume if I have fine hair? 

' To hear my secret recipe for BIG VOLUME hair, check out the


below. Hope it helps you too!

Products mentioned in video:

Kerastase K Lift Vertige

Pureology Lustrous Volumizer

 (for salon locations)

Plastic Grip Rollers

Sam Villa Textur Iron

- (20% Off coupon code for Beauty Snoop readers: 20FORUT)

Do you have a hair question you'd like an answer to? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. Remember the higher the hair...the closer to GOD! xo

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Today I am stopping by Studio5 TV to share some great hair styles that you can wear at the pool and beach. Often times when I get out of the pool I feel the 'wet dog' syndrome happening... it makes me want to run and hide, do you relate!?! 

These accessories and quick styles will help you feel put together at the pool, but they are easy and no mirror is required. Take a look at the

video below and check out my go to looks for wet hair beauty.

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Today on

Summer Essentials

, we are talking all about chunky braids and beachy waves. Two easy styles that scream 'SUMMER!' I stopped by Studio5 TV to share some great tips on creating both looks. Check out those videos (




) below so you can learn how to get


worthy locks with little effort.

Wearing: Purple Leopard Shift Dress

c/o Oasap.com

Products Mentioned in Video:

Clip-in Extensions

 (full set- but for braids I suggest the use of only 2-3 inch wide wefts)

Turkish Towel

Alterna Bamboo Ocean Mist

Bumble & bumble Surf Spray

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray

Which Summer style are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure you are signed up to follow The Beauty Snoop by email over in the left top sidebar. Have a great weekend

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If you follow me on


, you got a sneak peek of this look last night... but the real exciting part is HOW this look came to be. I mentioned a few weeks back that I was itching for a hair change, and sure enough the bug finally bit me!

What you may not know (or maybe you do?) is that I cut and color my own hair

. Why? Because I'm too dang busy to sit down at the salon- that's why! Ha, no really- it is just a matter of prioritizing my time, and I choose to support my staff and business while I am at the salon rather than get my own locks done. Although, I totally miss the me-time and have my hair shampooed by someone else!

To see how I made the switch you'll have to head over to this weeks

Allure Magazine Beauty Challenge

and watch the fun video. And don't forget to vote while your there- and everyday this week to keep me in the race. (to be honest, I am just barely scraping by each week, so I need extra votes and social shares. Add the hashtag #teambeautysnoop so I can find you and give you big virtual hugs for your help!)

What look are you going to try this Spring! Let me know in the comments below, and if you need some suggestions send me an email with a pic and I'll help you find the right look.

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Round brush hot rollers for mega volume, detachable handle round brush

Raise your hand if you love BIG hair!?!

I certainly do. In fact my nickname in high school was 'Texas'- due to my love of BIG, BLONDE Hair. And while I don't rock the platinum blonde hair anymore, I still feel a little more girly and bouncy when I am sporting some major volume in the locks department. (Love to any texan ladies out there!)

At the salon, one of the number one complaints I hear from clients is about their lack of volume. It's a problem for a lot of women. I wrote a post about the perfect recipe for major volume


, but you can replace the brush and traditional rollers with these all new bad-boys of blowouts: round brush hot rollers.

What are they? 

Round brushes with detachable handles that give you the ability to keep the brush in place while the hair cools

. I picked these up about 5 months ago and took them for a test spin at the salon. They were fab so I snagged a second set for my own use at home. 

You use the brush just as you would any other round brush while blow drying your hair. The center is made of ceramic plating, so it heats up with the hot air put out by your dryer. After the hair is 70% dried, you can roll the brush down to the scalp with a decent amount of tension- then press the release button to disconnect the handle. Now its a hot roller, waalaa! Blast the rollers with additional heat until dry. Keep the rollers in while you finish your makeup, and once cool, remove the rollers for some 'holy-hannah-that's-big-texas-hair!' 

Most sets like this that I've seen come with 5-6 rollers which is enough for a whole head. I tend to just use a couple on my trouble areas like the crown and bangs. Either way the results last much longer because the cooling stage locks in the lift. You can get true blowout results at home, especially after a little practice. My set is made by


which is a professional line sold at salons, but I found virtually the same type of system by

Click n' Curl


in two different barrel sizes. (plus there is a handy video to see it in action!)

Who is coming to Texas with me?


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Ways to style a wired headband

Bad hair day? Yeah, me too.

Seriously guys, lately my hair has been giving me grief. I think it's a sign that I need to make a change soon. So while I mull over what the future of my hair is going to look like, I have been covering up my bad hair days with my favorite new accessory; the turband.

A turband is a scarf-like headband that has a bendable wire core running down the length of it. The wire gives you the option to shape the turband for a perfect non-slip, non-squeeze shape- and the option to style the ends into numerous fun designs.

Above you'll find a few ways that I like to style my turbands- but I am sure you can come up with your own unique ways too. That's part of the fun!

Have you worn a turband yet? If you have let me know which ways you like to style yours, I am always looking for more stylish ways to wear mine!

Below you can also shop of few of my favs too- perfect for warmer weather and EASY hair days.

See you soon, xo

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P.S. It's April!?! How the crap did that happen?


This years' Oscar red carpet was filled with 'hits' and not too many 'misses'- which is always a treat for celeb-loving people like myself. I honestly love the fashion and beauty in the pre-show much better than the actual award show itself, and I don't think I am alone. 

This year during the red carpet there was one women on everybody's minds: Lupita! She stole the show with her stunning blue plunge-neck ball gown, and her elegant use of a HEADBAND. Wha!?! Headband you say? My instagram feed was blowing up with pics of her simple jeweled band, which paired beautifully with her cropped haircut- which I didn't know was even possible! Since then I have been on the hunt for a version of my own, and now I just need an excuse to get fancy and put it to use.

In the


pic above, I simply placed the stretchy head band around the crown of my head in a halo fashion, with the rhinestones placed about 2 inches behind my hairline. Starting near the temples, I took large 2inch sections of hair and wrapped them from the outside of the band up and over, then under the elastic to form one complete loop around the elastic. Once the tail is wrapped around the elastic and hanging free, incorporate it with the next subsequent 2 inch section, and then wrap them both around once again. Repeat on both sides, until the two tails meet in the back near the nape of your neck. Join them into one final tail and gently tuck it in behind the elastic to form a completed roll. This style is so quick and easy, and it works for shoulder length hair or longer.

You can shop my fav picks for a sparkler-band below. What do you think of Lupita's headband? Let me know in the comments below, and thank you for stopping by today! xoxo

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top 3 salt sprays for hair, 3 great things to do with beach sprays

SachaJuan Ocean Mist

 |  IT Surf Spray (discontinued) Instead

Try Bamboo Ocean Waves


Pureology Sea Kissed Texturizer

Salt sprays have really found their place amongst the giants of the hair care world, and for good reason. They mimic that 'just-left-the-beach' hair without the sticky and sandy leftovers. And while women with natural curl know the great benefits of salt sprays- there are also a few lesser known uses for the stuff that will leave you wishing you had known sooner.

Add major volume to your blow dry

While the most common use for sea sprays is to scrunch texture into your waves or curls, my favorite way to use salt spray is to spritz it in at the roots prior to my blow dry. The salt formula gives great flexible hold, and unlike gels, they are easily brushed through and never flake. Apply 8-10 sprays to your damp roots then blow dry as normal and use your fingers or a brush to lift and give volume to the crown of the head. *Extra tip for volume- After you've dried the hair completely gather it all onto the top of your head in a high loose bun...secure with a Spin Pin or scrunchy to avoid leaving indents in the hair. The roots will cool in an upward direction, then when you release the bun after 10-15 minutes you'll have great lift from the scalp.

Skip the shower one extra day

You know I love my dry shampoos, but salt sprays also work great to keep roots grease free. Like in the step above, applying the formula to your roots prior to your blow dry not only gives volume, but the salt is also good at soaking up excess moisture in the hair. On day 2-3 of your blowout you can reapply the salt spray to the roots and hit it again with your blowdryer to give the hair a good pick me up and give you one extra day without washing. Scented sea sprays also help deodorize dirty hair.

Create waves you never knew you had

If you have straight or only slightly wavy hair, you can fake it with the help of a salt spray. On dry hair, lightly spritz the lengths with your salt spray (not too much) then use a wide tooth comb to disperse the product evenly. Next take large sections of hair, usually only 2-3 are needed for your whole head, and loosely braid the sections down to the ends. Secure each braid with a hair tie- then break out your blowdryer and apply low warm heat to the braids until the salt spray is dry and the braid is heated through. Wait at least 10 minutes for the braid to cool completely and for the waves to set. Remove the ties and carefully finger through the braids to undo them. Finally scrunch in some hair spray for added hold and you'll look beach worthy in no time.

Just keep in mind that hair that is air dried with salt spray will likely clump into cluster pieces, which is great for natural curl. But to use the spray in the above mentioned techniques you'll need to brush through the hair while applying heat to get a soft clump-free finish.

What is your favorite Salt Spray? Let me know in the comments below and I'll be sure to check it out. My top picks are in the image above, you'll love all of them- just decide which factor is most important to you, then shop accordingly for either most curl/hold, best for volume, or yummiest scent. Thanks for reading, be sure you're signed up for email so you never miss a SNOOP STORY.

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Bed Head Deep Barrel Waver

Star Necklace


Orange Lips

It's time to get


! Today I decided to rock a little edgier look- but let's face it... I still look pretty girly wearing sparkles and hot pink. I tried.

beachy waves, rocker waves

For this fun look I used my

Bed Head Deep Barrel Waver

to simply place a single row of waves in the

mid-section of my hair, and left the ends stick straight to finish the look with a 'tougher' vibe. This look works best for shoulder length hair or longer, and I recommend you don't start your wave any higher than cheekbone level.

To start, work with straight hair that is parted near the center (this also key for the rocker look). Next section the hair so you can start waving from the bottom near the nape of your neck, and pin everything else up out of the way.

Place the waver at the base of the hair near the nape, using a large 2-inch horizontal row, and clamp down. Heat through for 6-10 seconds and then release- you'll find a 3-shaped wave has formed and your ready to repeat on all subsequent sections. Make sure you hold the waver with the same orientation on both sides of your head. I like to have the bottom flatter side closest to my face- this way the wave peaks and valleys are the same on both sides.

Remember that you want all the waves to be focused in one visual 'row' around your head, so this means that you may need to place the waver in using visual markers. For example, each strand would be clamped higher on the strand for the underneath pieces or lower on the strand for the top pieces, with the goal to keep the wave line consistent near your cheekbone.

Follow up by running your flat iron across the ends to get a smooth, pin-straight finish. A little fluffing and some hair spray, and your ready to rock! This

deep barrel waver

is really affordable, and comes in handy for lots of styles. You can create faux-finger waves, Victoria Secret volume, and effortless beachy looks in a snap!

Thanks for your love and support! I am so grateful for all of you- seriously.

For more fun please follow along with me on


! @beautysnoop

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preventing a bad haircut, rules for a good haircut

So you've been burned before. Figuratively. Maybe literally. Hopefully not. We have all had haircuts thats made us cringe a little, or a lot- but it doesn't have to be that way. There is a method to getting a great cut every time, and I am going to tell you things your stylist may never will.

Ready? Buckle up.

Finding a salon & Stylist

-Ask a REAL LIFE HUMAN that is wearing cute hair you like, 'hey, cute stranger- I love your hair. Do you mind if I ask what salon and stylist you see?'...

Real life can't be faked. Online life can be tweaked and altered, and yes sometimes completely faked. So while a great website is part of the picture, its not the whole picture.

Professionally lit photos and fancy graphic design are all fine and dandy, but REAL LIFE HUMANS matter more


-If you can't ask a RLH, online research is also a great tool. But be weary of salons that only post photos of statuesque models that would still look beautiful with a bowl-cut. You want to be able to

access real paying clients and their pictures

, so opt for a salon that has a current facebook or instagram account where you can see actual results from the stylists.

-Call the salon and

give specifics about your hair needs so they can match you with the best fitting stylist

. Saying things like, 'I am looking for a stylist who is great with short edgy cuts and color' or 'I have dense hair that needs extra time for styling'... will go along way for getting what you want. Calling blind with no guidance for the front desk is risky. Don't be annoying, but do be assertive.

The first time

-Start with a 'shape-up'. So your in the chair with your new stylist that you've never met... Now may not be the time to ask for a brand new pixie cut a la' Halle Berry. Stick with the basics first. A slight trim, add some layering etc. This will let you gain trust (or not) with that particular stylist, and then next time you'll decide to take the plunge and do the big chop.

If the stylist can't follow directions on the basics, or you just don't click... then you'll avoid a major catastrophe and be on your way


Six weeks later

-Now that you feel good about your stylist and their abilities, you can make a change in a bigger way. But first BE REALISTIC. Now is the time to be completely honest with yourself and your stylist about your ability to style your own hair at home, the amount of time you really spend getting ready, and how often you are going through the procedure. If you're not honest- you'll likely be disappointed with your hair cut.

Why? Because pony tails and short layers don't mix. Because curly hair is cut with a different technique than straight hair. Because wash-and-wear is not the same as blown out hair. And while some people are genetically blessed and look great no matter what,

most people have a routine that they stick to, and your cut and expectations should be within those perimeters


The right cut

-Looking through images of celebrities for inspiration is great, but not always helpful. To start, do your best to

look for styles were the texture of their hair is similar to yours

. Cuts and colors can be altered... but textures are another thing. If your hair is baby fine, you'll never have the thick hair of Sofia Vergara. So don't even look at her! Instead look at images of Claire Danes, Gwyneth Paltrow, or Cameron Diaz for inspiration. Be realistic. You'll be much happier.

Three months later

-Don't allow your stylist to get in a rhythm with you. Make it a point to

check back in and reevaluate your hair and cut every 3-6 months

. Offer new ideas or ask about new ways to style your hair so that you can keep variety in your life. It's great to be comfortable and to have a groove, but getting stuck in a hair rut is a bummer for all parties involved. So check in, and change it up!

The Bottom Line

-While your stylist is a professional and should make suggestions & collaborate with you, it should be a conversation that is two sided. Plus, you know your own hair better than anyone, so be honest and communicate before the shears even touch your hair and you'll never get a bad cut again!


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If you jumped on board with excitement and bought the easy-as-pie



Curl Secret

machines- this tutorial is perfect for you. If you've never heard of these gizmos or thought they looked too good to be true, this tutorial will show you one of the many ways that you can use these devices and get beautiful results in less than 10 minutes. I highlighted this beauty bad-boy in a recent appearance on Studio5 and in this post 


. I have become a big fan of these tools because they really are fool-proof and speed up style time, and who doesn't want that!?!

Check out the video below to learn how you can use the Miracurl (pro version) or Curl Secret (consumer version) to get an easy vintage waves


that is perfect for a night out or an upcoming Holiday party.

Love you all, thanks for stopping by today- see ya over on instagram for more fun-  


 Let me know in the comments below if you've tried the Miracurl and what your think about it!

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If you've ever craved the perfect wave in your hair but you just cannot master it- it may be a symptom of the tool your using, and not user error. Sometimes you simply don't get results because the heat appliance you are using is designed to give



Jennifer Stagg from the popular lifestyle blog


stopped by my salon to learn what it takes to

get the curls of your dreams

. The


can be watched above, but there are lots more goodies over on her site including my list of must have tools. Be sure to check it out





Hello my lovely readers! So glad you've stopped by today to check out the latest edition of StyleWise. Now that my hair is as long as it has ever been (without extensions) I have been wearing a miriad of updo styles to keep myself cool during these hot months. I also love an up style on day-3 hair when it has just enough 'dirt' to hold teasing and bobby pins well.

This hairstyle is a variation on a rope twist braid that starts at the nape of the neck, travels to the crown and wraps around in a bun topper. To achieve this look, I actually lay face down on my bed and hang my head over the edge. Why not let gravity help you out from time-to-time? Once my hair is all draped down towards the floor, I can begin twisting at the neck and work towards the crown. Much like a french braid- I simply incorporate hair from each side along the way until I have finished the twist. Secure the rope with an elastic and then wrap the rope tail into a bun and secure with two spin pins. Fun eh?

Don't know how to rope twist?... keep scrolling for a pin-worthy (hint, hint) illustration!

easy twist hair style

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your next up style. You may get a blood rush to the head if your try my version, but just think of all the other possibilities too. Top knot, low and over-the-shoulder, Princess Leia buns...sans golden prisoner bikini, of course!

See ya soon beautiful friends- and if you've got a minute, please share this blog with a fellow beauty lover, so I can continue to grow and spread the wealth. Thanks!

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