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Cutting your kids’ hair at home can be a real lifesaver when it comes to time and money… but it can also be a little tricky. If you have a child that will sit relatively still for you, it may be worth a shot!? Just give yourself permission to know that there is a learning curve, and it won’t be perfect the first couple times. It will probably also be a slower process at first- so get the bribery candy ready and maybe pull out the ipad for a little distraction.

Buy Guide for at-home haircuts:

  • Shears A nice set of hair shears don’t need to cost more than $50, and they will last a long time if you avoid cutting anything other than hair with them. Be sure you are aware that shears come in Right and Left handed options, and keep them under 5.75 inches for safety.

  • Clippers The Wahl brand is a staple and is really straight forward to use. A good set of clippers will last you YEARS and you can even replace the blades to keep them running smoothly after time. Look for a set with at least 8 guards to give you lots of options.

  • Trimmers Trimmer work great to clean up around the hairline and ears, they also work with for small boys under 3 who just have smaller heads, so the full size clipper may be too large.

  • Cutting Cape A cape works for better than a towel because you won’t have a big bulky area around the neck to combat, plus hair will easily brush off a cape making cleanup much easier.

  • Parting Clips Make your life easier and work in smaller sections- it’s less overwhelming!

  • Combs A good comb is easy to use and isn’t so large that you fumble it around- these combs have been my go-to at the salon for years!

  • Spray Bottle Nice to have on hand, just remember clippers should always be used on dry hair

Tips for at home haircuts: [VIDEO HERE]

1- Start with clean DRY hair- this is to avoid surprises. You’ll know the exact length your cutting to, and you can see your lines more clearly.

2- Section the hair into smaller workable areas- The whole head is overwhelming. Part the hair into smaller sections working from the nape up, then move around to the sides, top, and front.

3- Always start your first cut in the center to create a guide and match both sides to the guide. This will stop you from ending up lopsided. Less is more, start conservatively, you can always make it shorter but you can’t make it longer!


4- Blend by blurring harsh lines with 'point cuts' Carefully snip across harsh lines by turning the scissors parallel to the hair and snipping into the hair about 1/2 inch creating small V cuts. This will blur harsh lines and soften the overall cut.

I encourage you all to at least give it a try. Give yourself plenty of time and low expectations! ha! Remember that even bad haircuts are only really bad for about two weeks, and by 6 weeks things are back to starting. Good luck!

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Curling your hair can be a chore and one that can go off track real quick if you aren’t using the right tool for the look you want to achieve. Keep in mind that every head of hair will take curl differently, and factors like thickness, texture and even COLOR play a role in how your curls will turn out. Take a look at 5 awesome tools to achieve perfect curls, and grab a few of my expert tips in the video below. [video also here on youtube]

Tools to try:

There’s no ‘right or wrong’ with any of these, you just need to pick the type of curl that speaks to you most, and then also adjust the size of the barrel for your length of hair and how tight or loose you want you curls.

Here are a few other curling tips to consider:

Tip #1- Go back to basics; section your hair into smaller workable sections and keep your timing consistent on each curl to avoid too much variation or possible scorching.

Tip #2- Start with clean hair, prep the hair with a heat protectant and be sure to finish with a nice hair spray to preserve your work. If your hair is slippery and falls flat, try spraying in a texture spray to give your hair some grit before curling. like this one

Tip #3- Cool the curls twice as long as you heat them before brushing or tugging to lock in the curls for a longer period of time.

Tip #4- Sleep with curls in loose braids or stacked in a loose bun on top of your head, so you can refresh them in the morning without having to start all over again

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***GIVEAWAY*** Be sure you head over to my instagram and enter to win your own CHI Spin n Curl gizmo before the end of August.

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So… ya it vibrates, but why?

That was the question I am sure you asked, and to be honest I asked it too! And that’s why when Vanity Planet offered to send me one to try, I jumped at the chance. As a hair stylist, after 17 years- it takes a lot to make me excited about a new hair tool. So you can imagine!

So here’s the buzz; (pun win!)

The Vibe is a 1.5” flat iron that vibrates upon closure. The vibration is designed to lessen the drag and friction on the hair and help the plates glide more easily. I was happy to see that the vibration only happens when the plates are touching and you don’t have to worry about it wiggling off your bathroom counter. I also like the size of the plates for my long hair, because it makes the whole process faster from start to finish.


So how is it different that other irons? I think the difference here is that the pressure on the hair is less, and therefore the hair strands aren’t compressed as flat. So you still get shiny smooth hair but you are left with some volume too. Personally I like that my hair isn’t flat-as-a-board when I use this iron, but if you’re looking for uber sleek strands this guy probably isn’t for you.

It heats to a non-adjustable temp of 400 degrees and uses Korean Tourmaline coated plates.

Overall I think the idea and execution are both awesome, and that the Vibe fills a need if you want smooth hair but don’t love flat hair. And I mean, who really wants FLAT hair anyway?

If you want to check out the Vibe for yourself you can buy one here and save some moolah with my code: BEAUTYSNOOPVIBE making it only $30!! So cool


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There isn't much more that I love than dressing up my hair... after all it's my career- but it's also been something I've loved doing since I was a kid! So that fact that BOBBY PINS have made such a major splash in the industry right now, is just icing on the cake if you ask me.

I used to spray paint my own pins because colored options weren't available! But now... you can find every color and decorative pin under the sun. And that's just the beginning, the fun part comes when you layer and stack those pins to make shapes and patterns. The possibilities are endless.

Take a look at some fun ways you can use your pins in the video below, and then shop my favorites. Get those creative juices flowing and come up with your own art too.


Shop my picks:


Best of Hair 2018:

  • Dry Shampoo: Amika Perk Up $25 Smells amazing, works amazing!

  • Shampoo & Conditioner:Love, Beauty & Planet 'Blooming' Rose $9 each This product is incredibly clean and keeps all the bad ingredients out. It cleanses so well, protects color, and smells lovely!

  • Volume/Texture Powder:Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff (salon locator) I love to add this to my braids and buns to give them grit, texture and volume. It leaves a residue on the hair that you can feel, but not see. I tiny bit goes a long way, so don't be turned of by the price of the size of the bottle.

  • Shine Spray:Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Me (salon locator) Any time I get a compliment on my hair being shiny, it's because I have this sprayed in it! It has light reflecting mica particles in it that makes even damaged hair glisten.

  • Hairspray:Pureology Soft Finish Hairspray $28 Super lightweight and brushable. Great for fine hair that needs more volume and lift.

  • Root Cover Up Spray:Loreal Magic Root Cover Up $8 I can't live without this stuff in between my color services. It hides roots in a flash and washes away easily.

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We've come to use and rely on

Dry Shampoos

to extend the life of our hairstyles and help us skip a wash or two during the week- but it's important to spend a little extra time on the days we DO wash, to ensure that our scalp health remains in tact. Otherwise our scalps can begin to have issues with bacteria growth, clogged hair follicles or even (in RARE cases) hair loss.

Be smart and use common sense with your Dry Shampoos, and you'll be fine! If your scalp has become dry, flaky or irritated- then you may need to lay off the Dry Shampoo and only use it once a week. If you notice bumps in the scalp, like acne, you've got clogged follicles that need a breather until they heal. And if there's any sort of smell coming from the scalp, things have progressed to an unsafe level where bacteria could be growing. [

video here


Here are some

basic Dry Shampoo tips:


Limit use of Dry Shampoo to 2 days in a row

followed by a thorough double washing on day 3.


Only use on dry hair!

Once moisture from sweat or humidity is involved bacteria will begin to form and a traditional shampoo is needed to cleanse the scalp.


Spray Dry Shampoo on the underside of the HAIR itself

, not aimed directly at the scalp/skin.

Once every other week or so, it's a great idea to spend a little extra time on your scalp. Thoroughly loosening and cleansing the scalp ensures your skin and follicles are getting proper blood circulation and your hair will look and feel better as a result. 

Three Scalp Health Products:

How many days in a row are your reaching for Dry Shampoo? Does this make you think twice?

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We've seen a growing trend popping up on our instagram feeds- grown women wearing girly hair accessories! It's one of my favorite trends in years... so much so that I decided to open up my own online bow shop! []

The accessories are playful and fun, and can add a major pop to a simple outfit. But it can be tricky to wear them without looking childish, so here are my tips! [video here]

1- The Fabric

Look for more MATURE fabrics- like Velvet, Linen, Leather, Chiffon or Satin. These more grown up fabrics bring the level of sophistication up and are more age appropriate.

2- Prints & Patterns

Avoid shopping in the little girl sections of the store for your wares... rainbows, unicorns, and sparkles should be left to the little ones. Instead opt for patterns that are classic and timeless- think stripes, polka dots, plaids, and paisley.

3- Style them carefully

It's important to avoid bow placement that looks too young- the places we see you girls wear bows are typically near the front of the face or on the top of the head. Instead 'hide' the bows slightly so that they aren't front and center in your style. Behind the head, or on the base of a ponytail or bun are great places to add your accessories.

4- When in doubt, keep it small

If you like the idea of adding an accessory, but hesitate- start with smaller pieces, like decorative elastics or smaller scrunchies. Avoid the LARGE pieces and you'll feel more comfortable with this trend.  

What do you think about this trend, would you try it? xo Check out

for more cute accessories too!


PERM- it's a four letter word... literally of course, but also figuratively as well.

Why is that? Well, in my opinion, perms are associated with bad memories. Women remember them from their pasts, and the subsequent frizzy hairstyles that followed in our younger years. And hairstylists are somewhat afraid of the perm- because it's a service that we can't fully control the results of. We never want you to leave unhappy, and that fear of the unknown and the possible disappointment- makes many stylists avoid the perm all together.

The perm is not going to become mainstream again, but it is going to be seen and heard more often in salons. We've already seen a few celebs jump on the bandwagon and share their results online. So today on Studio5 we took a trip to the salon with a brave volunteer and delved into the return of the perm, take a look! [

video here


And if you've got some wave in your hair already, here are a few of my favorite curl enhancers to give your style a bit more of the beach. [

video here


Products mentioned:

Would you rock an updated perm? Let me know in the comments below. xo

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best hair products for blondes, purple shampoo, Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel, Clarifying Shampoo

Utah gals are no strangers to the color BLONDE! We have the highest rate of blondes per capita only second to Texas. So this is a topic I am very familiar with! Today I am sharing a few

ways to keep your blonde locks looking fresh, bright and non brassy

. Weather you are a natural blonde, or you get a little help from your stylist. [video


] Plus I am giving away a whole set of these goodies over on


, enter now through 4/15.


Hard water and product buildup will cause blonde hair to appear darker, more orange in tone and will also put a film on the hair that keeps it from feeling fully clean. A detox shampoo once a week will break down the residues and keep blondes looking their brightest.


Keep blonde tones cooler and less yellowy with the addition of a Purple toned shampoo and/or conditioning treatment. These can be used multiple times per week to maintain the cooler tone. Look for options that are deep in color, they will have the most impact.

Shampoo once with traditional shampoo to remove products and oils in the hair, followed by a second shampoo using the purple product and all the shampoo to sit on the hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing with COOL water. For even more impact follow up with a purple conditioner and again rinse with COOL water. 

To keep ROOTS BLENDED in between colors:

Opt for a Root Touchup Powder to keep roots camouflaged in between color services. These powders bind to the hairs and stay in place until your next wash. Apply to your part line and around the hairline to blur the line and soften the regrowth appearance. 

Here is to bright shiny blondes! xo

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Lack of volume is still the number one complaint I hear in the salon.

I am one of those complainers, ha!

I wanted to share a few products today that give major volume- but aren't as commonly used as products like dry shampoo or mousse to achieve volume.

Lifting Powders

are a super fine powder that thickens the hair at the root by bonding to the hairs.

They tend to have a slightly tacky feeling when touched, and they don't make heir


cleaner like dry shampoos do, but they work so well for their actual purpose... lifting!

I love to use them on day 2 or 3 hair when my roots really need a boost. You simple shake the fine powder into the roots (you can't always see or feel that it's going on because its such a fine powder it's almost invisible and weightless), then massage through and finally brush out. If you are wondering what they are made of, it's mostly ingredients that absorb and thicken- think starch and silica.

Here are a few of my favs and where you can purchase them:

Have you tried these magic powders before? Let me know in the comments below, xo

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Best Hair Perfume Mists

I take scents very seriously.

Just watch one of my


videos, and it's pretty much guaranteed that I smell something in the video! The scent of a beauty product is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing a product or not, I've definitely learned that first hand over my 15+ years selling shampoo!

But did you know, that

the scents in shampoo are not designed to linger in the hair


That's right, the vast majority of shampoo formulations these days are made with 'flash fragrances' that give a burst of scent upon first use- but then dissipate quickly. They do this because most people use multiple products and layering them would cause too many scents to be in play- it wouldn't be good.

Enter: The Hair Mist

What is a hair mist?

It's a perfume spray designed specifically for use in the hair.

The mist is finer, uses less alcohol (so it isn't drying) and they usually contain some shine ingredients to make the hair look nicer as well as smell better. 

Another factor to consider is that most women aren't washing their hair daily, so a hair perfume is nice to freshen up the hair on days 2 and 3. [



Here are 5 of my


 Hair Perfumes


I hope you'll give one a try, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Beach Waver Review, InStyler Max Review, Babyliss Miracurl Review

If you haven't updated your curling irons lately today's post just might motivate you to do just that. I am excited to share some of my favorite irons that are not only high tech but make your life easier too!

High tech irons all contain motors and rotate on their own. They take a lot of the guess work out of curling, and give you consistent, and QUICK results! Take a look at the


below for my recommendations

  • Instyler Max Polishes as it rotates for super shiny hair. Use it to smooth and straighten or get loose curls by wrapping hair around barrel prior to closing the clamp.

  • Babyliss Miracurl Creates tighter curls and spirals in a snap and is great for novice hair artists who need a little more help to achieve curls. Medium lengths are best for this tool.

  • BeachWaver Makes beautiful waves with the push of a button. The iron rotates both directions to creates soft bouncy waves a la Victoria's Secret.

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is one of my favorite topics! I love to see the change when a simple shift happens, especially for women who have been parting their hair in the same place for years!

You might not think that it could make a huge difference, but you'd be surprised with the amount of change it can have. Just look at my three pics above- same makeup, same clothing... but different partings make a HUGE difference in the appearance in my face and the area in which your eye is drawn to.

Here is a quick guide [


] that gives you some inspiration and a starting point to finding the most flattering part line. 

Off-Center Part:

Off center partings are great for most face shapes and hairlines- especially oval, square, or triangle

. It will drape a small bit over the forehead, hiding some of it, and directly focus to the eye that is more revealed. 

Place the parting over the center of one eye, and angle back towards the center of the crown. If you already wear this parting, a simple flip to the opposite side is a great way to add variety

Deep Side Parting:

Deep side partings are best for Round, Long and Oval faces- as well as more angular faces like Heart Shaped and Diamond.

This parting will cover a majority of the forehead, and direct the eye to the cheekbone. It will soften harsh bone structures and give a more 'formal' feeling to the hairstyle.

Part the hair over the tail of one eyebrow, and slide straight back for a more aggressive parting, or angled towards the center of the crown for a less formal style. 

Center Parting


Center parts are great for Oval, Heart Shaped, and Round face shapes

- this parting draws attention to the forehead and eyes, and is slightly more 'edgy' than the rest. A nod to the hippie/boho vibe, this parting works best with longer hair lengths, and those that don't have cowlicks near the hairline.

Avoid center parts if you have a large forehead (more than 4 finger widths, generally) or a larger nose- as this parting will draw attention to the center of your face and cheekbones. I always wear this parting with slightly more makeup, because it is going to really show off the face (no hiding behind your hair with this one!)

Part right down the middle directly above your nose, but only go back 2-3 inches to avoid looking 'flat-headed', and tease the crown slightly for added volume.

Hope this helps inspire you to try a new parting! You never know till you try! xo

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We all get stuck in a rut from time to time, it's human nature. But when it comes to your hair, I reccomend a refresh every two years- otherwise that rut will settle in and it's much harder to make a change.

Today we are helping four women

get out of there hair ruts

, by challenging them to accept a HAIR DARE. I was excited to give my expert opinion, and I hope it will inspire you to try something new too! 

Watch the



Products Mentioned:

What HAIR DARE do you want to try? Let me know if I can help!

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You've all heard the phrase... 'mom-hair', and it's usually accompanied with a negative connotation. And while I love to rock a 4-day-old messy top knot, just like the best of em, I also appreciate a style that's put together and chic.

Here are a few of my favorite quick ways to update classic mom-hair looks [Video]

  • The Polished Pony- ditch the sleek pulled tight look, and opt for a soft relaxed pony with loose curl. Part the hair in a U-shape starting from the top of the crown, down to each ear. Section the front off, while you secure a nice high pony with the hair behind the part line. Then loosly gather the front hair and sweep it back gathering it just over the elastic. Twist the section two times and lay the twist over the elasitic- secure with a couple bobby pins and fluff for volume.

  • The Twisted Top Knot- take your top not to a whole new level by adding a rope twist. Not sure how to rope twist? Check out my handy illustration here. It gives the look of a fancy braid, but only requires a few extra minutes.

  • The Double Up Half Up- make your half-up style twice as nice by pairing two twists together. Start by securing two sections from near the temples, swept back to the center. Flip the tail inward towards the head two times to make a twist. Fluff and pull apart the twists for more volume and texture. Repeat the step with two additional sections directly below the first for a layered look.

What's your go-to style in the Summer? Hope you'll try one of these too, xo

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Using a nice blow dryer is comparable to driving the ultimate luxury car. And if you've been driving a rusty old hatch-back Honda around, you know exactly what I mean!

So what exactly is a good blow dryer?

Here is my criteria:

  • Powerful Motor

  • Light Weight yet Sturdy

  • Quiet

  • Dries the hair in under 10 minutes (15 for super long or thick hair)

  • Uses Ionic or Tourmaline Technology

  • Lasts a Minimum of 5 Years

If your dryer doesn't meet ALL of the criteria- you could be driving a rust bucket. And there are better alternatives out there for you. I've rounded up my top picks at every budget, so ladies (and gents) meet your new Cadillacs: [



  • Splurge- Harry Josh Pro Dryer $300 This is the dryer I use every day at the salon. It's Italian motor has a 15 year life span and it's powerful while being super compact. It has a 9 foot long cord which is awesome, and settings to turn on and off the ION function. You want 'On' for smoothness, and 'Off' for more volume. Totally worth the investment, in my opinion.

  • High End- Solano SuperLite $159 Lightweight with multiple heat settings- this guy is great if you suffer from static hair. It uses ceramic and tourmaline technology to add shine and heat hair from over drying causing unwanted static.

  • Mid Range- Ultra CHI $79 Besides being super cute to look at, this dryer is a tried and true that has been around (and loved) forever. CHI pioneered the use of ceramic technology for better heat distribution without unexpected bursts of cool air. This one has a single setting on heat however, so it's best for those with thick and long hair that tolerates high heat well.

  • Budget Friendly- Conair Infiniti Pro $29 This dryer packs a punch with over 1800 watts of power- but at a super affordable price. I LOVE the nozzle on this one because it's super wide and expands the width of your brush all at once. It also has a cool shot button which is great for a shiny finish on your hair.

  • Best Travel- BaByliss Pro Nano $39 Mighty and mini... two things that describe me- and THIS dryer! :) It's perfect for travel and comes with all the bells and whistles of your full size dryer, including a nozzle and long cord.

Thanks for reading- happy drying! xo

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Spring time is the perfect season to click 'reset' on your hair and get a fresh start. The winter months often leave us with dry parched hair, and a need for a boost of moisture. I always reccomend a nice trim at the salon in Spring, but adding my 10 Day Hair Repair Recipe for even better results. 10 Days to Better Hair:

Day 1- Begin taking a Hair Supplement daily to repair from the inside out. 

Day 2- Shampoo with a protein based ShampooConditioner. Cool rinse after washing.

Day 3- Rest day... no washing or heat tools, instead use Dry Shampoo and refresh the ends with an Argan Oil

Day 4- Protein Treatment on the midshaft and ends of hair to strengthen and washing. 

Day 5- Rest day

Day 6- Scalp Treatment using a Scalp Brush and Scalp Elixir

Day 7- Rest Day

Day 8- Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Treatment

Day 9- Rest Day

Day 10- Scalp Treatment 

You'll see great improvement in just 10 days, but continue to repeat the regimen to see even better results in 30 days.

This regimen has been carefully crafted to give you just the right amount of protein and conditioning during each 10 day cycle.

Get more details in the video below:

Here is to healthy hair!

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Every now and then (once a week in fact) my hair just needs a major detox. There is buildup from dry shampoo, natural scalp oil, sweat, hair spray and more- that just needs to be gone!

While my regular shampoo does a pretty good job of ridding said buildup, I always reach for a detox shampoo to really get a good deep clean just one day a week.

What is a clarifying or detox shampoo?

Well its a shampoo with more gusto than typical shampoos, meaning it has more intense detergent designed to really break down everything clinging to the hair and scalp, and then wash that gunk away. They can be drying however because of the stronger ingredients, so only use them sparingly for best results.

How do you use a detox shampoo?

Pick one day per week to really focus on a deep cleanse in the shower, and replace your regular shampoo with the detox version. You may need to wash twice if you've got major buildup, and focus on the root area only. Be sure you rinse the hair very well, and follow up with a large helping of conditioner (on the ends only, not the scalp) to replenish lost moisture.

What will the results be?

Your hair will be lighter and bouncier, less weighed down, and your color will be brighter too!

Here are a few of my recommended detox shampoos:

Do you have a favorite detox shampoo I should try? Let me know in the comments below- and be sure you are following me on instagram (@beautysnoop) because my #30DaysOfGiveaways starts April 1st- you won't want to miss it!

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This blog started after years of working in the salon industry and hearing many of the same complaints or questions over and over again. Those common threads drove me to create a place where I can answer the 'cries of help' for a larger audience and share my knowledge with all of you!

One such complaint I still hear in the salon ALL THE TIME is; ‘My hair never grows!'

Well ladies there are several reasons why you feel like your hair won't grow, but there are also several ways to aide in the process and speed things along. So lets look at both sides of the story.

Your hair won't grow because:

1- Breakage at the ends

2- Lack of scalp stimulation and blood flow

3- Poor nutrition and vitamin intake

Three Ways to induce hair growth:

1- Limiting your heat tool usage is going to be number one for keep length on the ends and avoiding breakage. Opt for a maximum of 2 times per week using either a blow dryer or flat iron/curling iron. Which means you'll need to use your dry shampoo on non wash days, or opt to let hair air dry if you are washing more often. And on that note, be sure you are shampooing correctly (here is my guide on that) and protecting the ends with a heat barrier. I reccomend

Alterna Multivitamin Heat Protection Spray

2- Amp up the blood flow to your scalp to increase cell activity and turnover with scalp stimulation. This can and should be done two ways: with cold water rinses after shampooing, and with scalp massage/dry brushing. The first way is pretty self explanatory, but cold water will quickly bring blood to the surface of the scalp, as well is make hair appear shinier and less frizzy.

Next, you'll want to buy a scalp-friendly paddle brush and thoroughly massage the scalp with long brush strokes nightly on dry hair. (Once your hair has reached the desired length, you can maintain with massage sessions weekly) Avoid brushing through the lengths and ends of the hair, as this could cause breakage- ONLY focus on the scalp. And of course be carful not to scratch or injure the scalp. I reccomend The Wet Brush or the Tangle Teezer. Also, be aware of how you sleep. Consistent pressure on the scalp will limit blood flow, so if you ALWAYS sleep in the same position, your hair on that side of your head will grow slower. Rotating throughout the night is ideal for hair growth reasons.

3- Add a hair growth vitamin into your daily nutrition. Good hair comes from within, so eating healthy and exercising are always great places to start. But taking a supplement designed to help hair grow will be a huge step in achieving your goal. These vitamins are packed with Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Biotin, and Coconut Oil to aid in the strength and luster of the hair. My favorite are SugarBearHair Vitamins.

Remember that hair grows on average 1/2 inch per month, but with these techniques you can see that double! Good luck, and let me know if you have any techniques in the comments below, xo

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I'm always striving to come op with fun new ways to style my hair. After all, 13 years in the beauty industry can get a little repetitive...

Today I am sharing a few

new ways to use your heat tools

, they are creative and a little bit out-of-the-box. Each way will produce a curl, but hopefully they are curls you have seen or tried yet.

Take a look at the video below for your

lesson in creative curling

. [PS- this episode of Studio5 was filmed in front of a live studio audience, which was SO exciting and fun. The energy was fantastic! As part of the fun, I was able to pluck three ladies from the audience, whom I've never met and ask them to join me on TV! They were such great sports and I had so much fun meeting them, so thanks ladies- you all look gorgeous.]


The Mermaid Curl

Using a 1 inch wand or curling iron, twist wrap the hair in horizontal sections to develop ribbon curls with a twist that are slightly undone and not uniform. This produces an 'off duty' looks that is casual and relaxed. Practice the wrap technique by first looking at your 'pulse', then twist your wrist to look at your 'watch' before wrapping around the wand, and repeat to the end of the strand. [using 25mm wand form



2- The S-Wave

Using our flat iron, take thin horizontal sections and guide them into an 'S-pattern'. Tap the flat iron over the shape to heat it through, and then use clips to secure the wave while it cools. Repeat in the opposite direction to the end of the strand. The result is a vintage type finger wave look that is great for a formal night out. [using Megastar flat iron from



3- The Bantu Curl

Section hair into 2 inch triangle sections, and apply heat with the flat iron to heat the section through. Twist the hair into small buns around the head, and secure the ends with a booby pin. After cooling, release the buns to reveal bouncy textured curls that resemble natural curl.

Thanks so much for reading and watching, see you all soon!

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