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Cutting your kids’ hair at home can be a real lifesaver when it comes to time and money… but it can also be a little tricky. If you have a child that will sit relatively still for you, it may be worth a shot!? Just give yourself permission to know that there is a learning curve, and it won’t be perfect the first couple times. It will probably also be a slower process at first- so get the bribery candy ready and maybe pull out the ipad for a little distraction.

Buy Guide for at-home haircuts:

  • Shears A nice set of hair shears don’t need to cost more than $50, and they will last a long time if you avoid cutting anything other than hair with them. Be sure you are aware that shears come in Right and Left handed options, and keep them under 5.75 inches for safety.

  • Clippers The Wahl brand is a staple and is really straight forward to use. A good set of clippers will last you YEARS and you can even replace the blades to keep them running smoothly after time. Look for a set with at least 8 guards to give you lots of options.

  • Trimmers Trimmer work great to clean up around the hairline and ears, they also work with for small boys under 3 who just have smaller heads, so the full size clipper may be too large.

  • Cutting Cape A cape works for better than a towel because you won’t have a big bulky area around the neck to combat, plus hair will easily brush off a cape making cleanup much easier.

  • Parting Clips Make your life easier and work in smaller sections- it’s less overwhelming!

  • Combs A good comb is easy to use and isn’t so large that you fumble it around- these combs have been my go-to at the salon for years!

  • Spray Bottle Nice to have on hand, just remember clippers should always be used on dry hair

Tips for at home haircuts: [VIDEO HERE]

1- Start with clean DRY hair- this is to avoid surprises. You’ll know the exact length your cutting to, and you can see your lines more clearly.

2- Section the hair into smaller workable areas- The whole head is overwhelming. Part the hair into smaller sections working from the nape up, then move around to the sides, top, and front.

3- Always start your first cut in the center to create a guide and match both sides to the guide. This will stop you from ending up lopsided. Less is more, start conservatively, you can always make it shorter but you can’t make it longer!


4- Blend by blurring harsh lines with 'point cuts' Carefully snip across harsh lines by turning the scissors parallel to the hair and snipping into the hair about 1/2 inch creating small V cuts. This will blur harsh lines and soften the overall cut.

I encourage you all to at least give it a try. Give yourself plenty of time and low expectations! ha! Remember that even bad haircuts are only really bad for about two weeks, and by 6 weeks things are back to starting. Good luck!

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Curling your hair can be a chore and one that can go off track real quick if you aren’t using the right tool for the look you want to achieve. Keep in mind that every head of hair will take curl differently, and factors like thickness, texture and even COLOR play a role in how your curls will turn out. Take a look at 5 awesome tools to achieve perfect curls, and grab a few of my expert tips in the video below. [video also here on youtube]

Tools to try:

There’s no ‘right or wrong’ with any of these, you just need to pick the type of curl that speaks to you most, and then also adjust the size of the barrel for your length of hair and how tight or loose you want you curls.

Here are a few other curling tips to consider:

Tip #1- Go back to basics; section your hair into smaller workable sections and keep your timing consistent on each curl to avoid too much variation or possible scorching.

Tip #2- Start with clean hair, prep the hair with a heat protectant and be sure to finish with a nice hair spray to preserve your work. If your hair is slippery and falls flat, try spraying in a texture spray to give your hair some grit before curling. like this one

Tip #3- Cool the curls twice as long as you heat them before brushing or tugging to lock in the curls for a longer period of time.

Tip #4- Sleep with curls in loose braids or stacked in a loose bun on top of your head, so you can refresh them in the morning without having to start all over again

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***GIVEAWAY*** Be sure you head over to my instagram and enter to win your own CHI Spin n Curl gizmo before the end of August.

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I’m so excited to start up my ZODIAC BEAUTY tutorial series! I was inspired by this amazing Zodiac Palette by BH Cosmetics, and couldn’t wait to create a monthly look featuring the colors from the Palette. This month is all about the LEO, and the colors are totally my style. Warm and bronzy never disappoints!

Weather you are a LEO or not, you can still be inspired by their characteristics and create your own ‘roaringly’ beautiful look. So let’s jump in! Watch the super quick how-to here, and see the list of all the products used below.

leo necklace.jpg

Don’t forget each month our tutorial comes with a GIVEAWAY! One lucky LEO will get their own beautiful LEO set that includes a 14K gold LEO necklace and earrings. To enter be sure you head over to my instagram or facebook page, and help spread the word to any LEOs you may know with a birthday this month.


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CHARCOAL may not be the ingredient you think of when you hear the words luxury or beauty, but surprisingly enough charcoal is worked its way into every beauty category as of late. The use of charcoal is designed to detoxify or draw out oils and impurities from the body, so that is the unifying factor in all charcoal based products. You’ll want to look for products that are a dark or black color in tone because that means that there is a high concentration of charcoal in the formula. Take a look at my favs here [video]

  • DryBar On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Love this detox shampoo for removing buildup like sweat, oil and of course Dry Shampoo, but it doesn’t strip the hair or make it feel dry. Once a week is perfect for this guy!

  • Garnier Blackhead Eliminating Charcoal Scrub This is a great option for those of us who struggle with blackheads in the T-zone. The charcoal absorbs oil and the scrubbers go to work breaking down build up.

  • Shea Moisture Activated Charcoal Bath & Shower Jelly Now this is a weird formula, not going to lie… it’s slimy and slippery but somehow turns into a beautiful bubbly foam when you emulsify it in a washcloth. The charcoal detoxes but the coconut hydrates and it smells amazing!

  • Earth Therapeutics Charcoal Infused Body Buffing Sponge If you love a good exfoliation like I do, this sponge will be your new fav! It has charcoal infused into the bamboo fibers and I love to use it to scrub off patchy faux tan as well as prep skin for a new layer of tan.

  • Schmidt's Charcoal + Magnesium Natural Deodorant For those leaning more natural this deodorant uses charcoal and magnesium to absorb smell and moisture under the arms. It’s a little gritty in texture but that doesn’t bother me much at all. I won’t be using this all of the time but I wanted to include it in my round up.

  • Hello Activated Charcoal Toothpaste If you haven’t tried a charcoal toothpaste or if you’ve only tried the dry powdered version (yuck!) then you must give this one a try! It is minty, fresh and still foams just like regular toothpaste, but it is fluoride free and whitens like a DREAM. Seriously, go look online at the before & afters!

  • Milani Make it Last Matte Charcoal Setting Spray This setting spray is BOMB! It soaks up excess oils and keeps me looking matte all day using the power of charcoal!

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This years Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral- described as a 

coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.

I love this color in terms of beauty products because it is universally flattering, and easy to wear. It is also a favorite color for many women already, so I am excited to see it take center stage in 2019. [

video here


Products recommended:

Are you excited about the Color of the Year!? xo

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NYX Duo Chrome Lip Gloss, Stila Glitter & Glow, CAI Hair Glitter, imPress Press on Nails

This time of year we've got lots of excuses to dress up and add a little more sparkle into our beauty routine, here are a few of my favorite ways to add glitter and sparkle into your beauty looks: [

video here

] I suggest you just pick one area to focus on... no need to look like a disco ball!



  • Cai All That Glitters My fav for adding some MAJOR glitter to your locks. Start with a simple hairstyle like a sleek low pony, then swipe a small dusting of glitter near the elastic.


  • imPress Press on Nails Easy nails with a peel and stick application. I swear by them for an instant manicure that lasts about a week, plus the Holiday collection is always sparkling and so festive.

Happy [sparkly] Holidays! xo

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This time of year- we've got more excuses to get a little dazzled up! And lush lashes really make any look really pop! But if you're like me, lash extensions are a little more maintenance than you may want to take on. So instead I am sharing a few ways to enhance those lashes in other ways... [

video here


Products Mentioned

Here's to lashes that make you feel and look your best! xo

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bee venom mask, honey makeup primer, honey shampoo and conditioner, honey beauty products

Honey is an ingredient we know in love- but often don't associate it with beauty care products. If you start to pay attention though, you'll notice just how many beauty products out there contain honey as a key ingredient... What's to love about honey?

It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory making it great in skincare products. It's hydrating and repairing- perfect for hair care. And it's soothing and nourishing as a body care ingredient!

Here are six of my favs to keep an eye out for: [


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We've come to use and rely on

Dry Shampoos

to extend the life of our hairstyles and help us skip a wash or two during the week- but it's important to spend a little extra time on the days we DO wash, to ensure that our scalp health remains in tact. Otherwise our scalps can begin to have issues with bacteria growth, clogged hair follicles or even (in RARE cases) hair loss.

Be smart and use common sense with your Dry Shampoos, and you'll be fine! If your scalp has become dry, flaky or irritated- then you may need to lay off the Dry Shampoo and only use it once a week. If you notice bumps in the scalp, like acne, you've got clogged follicles that need a breather until they heal. And if there's any sort of smell coming from the scalp, things have progressed to an unsafe level where bacteria could be growing. [

video here


Here are some

basic Dry Shampoo tips:


Limit use of Dry Shampoo to 2 days in a row

followed by a thorough double washing on day 3.


Only use on dry hair!

Once moisture from sweat or humidity is involved bacteria will begin to form and a traditional shampoo is needed to cleanse the scalp.


Spray Dry Shampoo on the underside of the HAIR itself

, not aimed directly at the scalp/skin.

Once every other week or so, it's a great idea to spend a little extra time on your scalp. Thoroughly loosening and cleansing the scalp ensures your skin and follicles are getting proper blood circulation and your hair will look and feel better as a result. 

Three Scalp Health Products:

How many days in a row are your reaching for Dry Shampoo? Does this make you think twice?

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PERM- it's a four letter word... literally of course, but also figuratively as well.

Why is that? Well, in my opinion, perms are associated with bad memories. Women remember them from their pasts, and the subsequent frizzy hairstyles that followed in our younger years. And hairstylists are somewhat afraid of the perm- because it's a service that we can't fully control the results of. We never want you to leave unhappy, and that fear of the unknown and the possible disappointment- makes many stylists avoid the perm all together.

The perm is not going to become mainstream again, but it is going to be seen and heard more often in salons. We've already seen a few celebs jump on the bandwagon and share their results online. So today on Studio5 we took a trip to the salon with a brave volunteer and delved into the return of the perm, take a look! [

video here


And if you've got some wave in your hair already, here are a few of my favorite curl enhancers to give your style a bit more of the beach. [

video here


Products mentioned:

Would you rock an updated perm? Let me know in the comments below. xo

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Do you ever wake up and think to your self, 'wow, I look like a got punched in the face during my sleep last night!' ??? Ya, me too... its part of life- especially on the mornings after eating or drinking poorly the night before.

Waking up puffy is simply normal [and totally frustrating] but as the day wears on typically the puffiness subsides as the fluids underneath our skin begin to drain. But what if I told you that you can help the fluid systems under your skin (the Lymphatic system) to drain more readily and avoid the puffiness all together!?


Facial Massage

Not only is it relaxing, it is super beneficial for the look and tone of the skin. Massage helps to encourage collagen production, helps to tighten the skin, helps to strengthen the muscles of the face, and most importantly drain the lymphatic fluids found just under the surface of the skin. [

video here


There are three main types of tools used in facial massage [outside of your hands, which work well- but just be sure they are super clean!] the Roller, the Vibrating Bar, and the Sonic Massager. There are several brands out there that make these devices- but here are a look at the three I use and love.

Just like with any exercise, results won't happen with just once-in-a-while use. I reccomend adding the massage into your nightly routine after cleansing. Spend a full two minutes on the massage- working in upward strokes, and you'll see major improvement within the first few nights. Use the massage tool of your choice with a serum or an oil for added benefits and relaxation too.


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I get asked a LOT for

beauty recommendations when it comes to teens

, and what products are best for their needs. It's tricky because they've outgrown their kid shampoos, but don't necessarily need super high end products yet either. This list will get you started in every category of beauty, and the whole thing adds up to just about $80, so it won't cost you an arm and a leg- but you'll get great quality and results. [video here] PLUS, I am giving away a whole teen beauty kit over on my instagram, ends 5/20/18 at 12pm MST. 

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Pureology Vinegar Rinse, dpHue Cool Brunette Shampoo, Bumble&bumble Scalp Detox, Becca Hydramist Powder, Bum Bum Cream, Shake & Shot Mask

Every time Spring rolls around, it seems that beauty companies really pull out the big guns and release their BIGGEST innovations of the year. It takes a lot for me to stop and say WOW when I am wandering the isles of Sephora or Ulta, so you know this stuff is good! Here are six beauty innovations that will rock your world! [

video here


  • DpHue Cool Brunette Shampoo Counter act unwanted brassy and red tones with a cool blue shampoo designed specifically for brunettes. Shampoo and leave on for a few minutes to let the blue tone go to work on your hair and keep the cool hue.

  • Pureology Vinegar Hair Rinse This vinegar rinse is designed specifically for the correct pH of your hair, and will thoroughly clean the hair and scalp, as well as leave your hair shiny and fresh.

  • Bumble&bumble Scalp Detox This icy blast foam is tingly and refreshing on the scalp, plus it will detox the oil and buildup off the scalp for fresher more voluminous locks.

  • Becca Hydramist Set & Refresh Powder A powder made up of 50% water?! Yep, and it's awesome- it doesn't leave your skin looking chalky or cakey, just refreshes and mattifies with a lightweight finish. It feels cool to the touch and feels wet when you apply it, it's trippy- but so innovative.

  • Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Rubber Mask These Korean rubber masks are super fun to apply and take off, but they also leave skin GLOWING! The two part formula mixes together to form a rubbery gel, that you slather all over the face. It firms up and then peels off to reveal hydrating and firm skin underneath. Plus it's super fun.

  • Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Time for skin season and this cream will tighten and leave you glowing in those little shorts. It has 5 times the caffeine of most firming creams and mica to give your skin a reflective glow. You and your Bum Bum will love it!

Any new beauty innovations out there you think I should know about it? Let me know! xo

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best hair products for blondes, purple shampoo, Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel, Clarifying Shampoo

Utah gals are no strangers to the color BLONDE! We have the highest rate of blondes per capita only second to Texas. So this is a topic I am very familiar with! Today I am sharing a few

ways to keep your blonde locks looking fresh, bright and non brassy

. Weather you are a natural blonde, or you get a little help from your stylist. [video


] Plus I am giving away a whole set of these goodies over on


, enter now through 4/15.


Hard water and product buildup will cause blonde hair to appear darker, more orange in tone and will also put a film on the hair that keeps it from feeling fully clean. A detox shampoo once a week will break down the residues and keep blondes looking their brightest.


Keep blonde tones cooler and less yellowy with the addition of a Purple toned shampoo and/or conditioning treatment. These can be used multiple times per week to maintain the cooler tone. Look for options that are deep in color, they will have the most impact.

Shampoo once with traditional shampoo to remove products and oils in the hair, followed by a second shampoo using the purple product and all the shampoo to sit on the hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing with COOL water. For even more impact follow up with a purple conditioner and again rinse with COOL water. 

To keep ROOTS BLENDED in between colors:

Opt for a Root Touchup Powder to keep roots camouflaged in between color services. These powders bind to the hairs and stay in place until your next wash. Apply to your part line and around the hairline to blur the line and soften the regrowth appearance. 

Here is to bright shiny blondes! xo

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Everyone needs a little more time in their lives- but we all only have 24 hours in a day.

Make the most of your morning routine by becoming more efficient

with your products and time management. I put together 3 of my fav time saving products and 3 of my time saving tips! [Video



Time Saving Beauty Products:

  • Pixi Multi Balm Dab the same color on cheeks and lips for a quick pop of color and moisture in a single product.

  • Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo Soak up oil and give more volume to the hair with a dry shampoo, BUT be sure to apply it at night before bed for maximum results when you skip the shower in the morning.

  • Power Dry Me A Blow Dry Accelerator that repels moisture out of the hair so that your blow dry time is reduced by up to 40%.

Time Saving Beauty Tips:

Keep your morning creams in the kitchen and or fridge

, and apply them while your prepping or eating breakfast. The coolness of an eye cream fresh from the fridge will de-puff bags under your eyes, and applying them while waiting for your toast to pop will save you time later when applying makeup, you will also have better results when you allow your creams to set into the skin longer prior to applying makeup.

Declutter your makeup stash and keep only your 'use everyday products' in front of you- and keep your 'extras' stored away. The rule is:

'If I don't use this product at least 3 times per week, it doesn't belong in my makeup bag.'

This will cut down on time digging through your makeup bag passed all the clutter. Opt for stackable baskets and divide into categories for quick reference and easy locating. 

Dial in on the order in which you apply your products

- and then stick to the list for speed! You can even print out a cheat sheet and tape it to your mirror to help you until you memorize the order. Knowing what to reach for and exactly where it is will speed up your routine more than anything else. Make it a game and set a timer too, nothing kicks you in to gear like a ticking clock!

Beauty Cheat Sheet: (Print it out and tape it to your mirror until you've got it memorized)

5 minute makeup routine, What order should I apply makeup

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Aquarius Makeup, Fresh & Beachy Beauty, Beach Waves, Pink Eyeshadow, Star Sign Beauty

February marks the month of the


so this beauty look is inspired by her: She's adventurous and light hearted, is known to be an inventor and a visionary, and she has a lot of flirty charm.

The Aquarius gal loves the water, sand and sea and embraces easy beauty. Her birthstone is Amythist so I've included a little pop of purple in this Fresh & Beachy look. Here's how I accomplished her style. [

video here


Products Used:

Hope you'll try a few of these techniques and products and embrace some of your Aquarius attributes.

Happy February, xo

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Beauty Blender, Artis Brush Dupe, Silicone Sponge, Silisponge, Ulta Super Blender

Move over makeup brushes, it's time for a new generation of makeup applicators to find their way into your hearts! Today I am sharing 3 new categories of makeup applicators that you may have not heard of just yet. They are designed to make your routine more seamless, and use technological advances to up your makeup game! [

Video Here


Silicone Blenders

Silicone Sponges made it BIG in 2017 and have changed the way we apply liquid foundation to the face. They absorb ZERO amount of your product and are very easy to clean and keep sanitary. Best for those who use liquid foundation and want full coverage.

Paddle Brushes

The unique shape and handle (similar look to a large toothbrush) gives these brushes a leg up on blending and blurring your products. They contain a much larger number of bristles in each brush, meaning you can distribute your products more quickly. They work with liquids, cream, and powders for a seamless blend. 

Bouncy Sponges

The shapes and sizes are ever changing with these sponges, that have a bouncy suede like texture designed to bounce across the face to press products into the skin for a flawless finish. The sponges are used damp which will slightly thin out the product you're applying giving a more natural medium coverage. The unique shapes are designed to fit the contours of your face, and can be used with liquids, creams and powders.

Have you tried any of these fun tools? xo

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This year I thought it would be fun to explore beauty looks

inspired by the Star Signs

. I know that you'll only fall into one category yourself, but I hope you'll find inspiration in the characteristics of the other signs as well, and hopefully try some new looks.

The first sign if the year is


, and this look is inspired by her. She is determined, bold and perhaps a workaholic. So

this makeup tutorial is bright, clean, and a little edgy

. Enjoy! [

video here


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Ultra Violet has been named the Color of the Year by Pantone

- the universal authority on color... And I for one, am super pumped about the announcement. Purple is just my favorite color in general, but I've always LOVED to wear purple on my eyes as well. In my opinion it is the only color on the spectrum that is universally flattering on every skin tone. EVERY SKIN TONE!!

Not only does Ultra Violet make your eyes pop, it also wears beautifully on lips! Here is a look at the trend and a few great budget friendly options to get you started. [

Video Here





What do you think of Ultra Violet!?

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Another year has come and gone- and with it hundreds of beauty products tested and used. I get the privilege of calling this my job, and I take it very seriously while still having a great time! Playing with makeup is always fun. Today I've rounded up my most loved products of 2017, the best of the best- and I hope you'll find a new favorite here too. [

Video Here


Hair Favs

Makeup Raves

Skincare Slays

Bonus Yays

Here's to new loves in 2018! xo

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