I’m so excited to start up my ZODIAC BEAUTY tutorial series! I was inspired by this amazing Zodiac Palette by BH Cosmetics, and couldn’t wait to create a monthly look featuring the colors from the Palette. This month is all about the LEO, and the colors are totally my style. Warm and bronzy never disappoints!

Weather you are a LEO or not, you can still be inspired by their characteristics and create your own ‘roaringly’ beautiful look. So let’s jump in! Watch the super quick how-to here, and see the list of all the products used below.

leo necklace.jpg

Don’t forget each month our tutorial comes with a GIVEAWAY! One lucky LEO will get their own beautiful LEO set that includes a 14K gold LEO necklace and earrings. To enter be sure you head over to my instagram or facebook page, and help spread the word to any LEOs you may know with a birthday this month.


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