I get asked a LOT for

beauty recommendations when it comes to teens

, and what products are best for their needs. It's tricky because they've outgrown their kid shampoos, but don't necessarily need super high end products yet either. This list will get you started in every category of beauty, and the whole thing adds up to just about $80, so it won't cost you an arm and a leg- but you'll get great quality and results. [video here] PLUS, I am giving away a whole teen beauty kit over on my instagram, ends 5/20/18 at 12pm MST. 

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best hair products for blondes, purple shampoo, Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel, Clarifying Shampoo

Utah gals are no strangers to the color BLONDE! We have the highest rate of blondes per capita only second to Texas. So this is a topic I am very familiar with! Today I am sharing a few

ways to keep your blonde locks looking fresh, bright and non brassy

. Weather you are a natural blonde, or you get a little help from your stylist. [video


] Plus I am giving away a whole set of these goodies over on


, enter now through 4/15.


Hard water and product buildup will cause blonde hair to appear darker, more orange in tone and will also put a film on the hair that keeps it from feeling fully clean. A detox shampoo once a week will break down the residues and keep blondes looking their brightest.


Keep blonde tones cooler and less yellowy with the addition of a Purple toned shampoo and/or conditioning treatment. These can be used multiple times per week to maintain the cooler tone. Look for options that are deep in color, they will have the most impact.

Shampoo once with traditional shampoo to remove products and oils in the hair, followed by a second shampoo using the purple product and all the shampoo to sit on the hair for 2-3 minutes before rinsing with COOL water. For even more impact follow up with a purple conditioner and again rinse with COOL water. 

To keep ROOTS BLENDED in between colors:

Opt for a Root Touchup Powder to keep roots camouflaged in between color services. These powders bind to the hairs and stay in place until your next wash. Apply to your part line and around the hairline to blur the line and soften the regrowth appearance. 

Here is to bright shiny blondes! xo

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For those ladies out there looking for a more natural and softer makeup finish- products that offer just a

'hint of tint'

are just what you need.

They are designed to offer a more

sheer coverage, that will enhance your look

, without covering up your features. Here are a few of my recommended products that give just enough color but still have major payoff. [




  • Maybelline Dream Cushion- My go to foundation all Summer long. It gives beautiful pigment to even out redness and cover blemishes, but has a super thin consistency so the texture of my skin still shows through. It's perfect for the gal who 'hates foundation'.


  • Billion Dollar Brows Hint of Tint Brow Gel- This is a great brow gel that gives more color then a clear formula, but is still more subtle than a powder or a pencil. The universal taupe color is great for everyone.


  • Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel- Although the colors look bold, this formula is so sheer it only leaves a kiss of pigment on your cheeks. Just a few dabs on the cheekbones will give you a glow and flush of color that is so natural, you might just be blushing!



  • Colour Pop Ultra Blotted Lip- Hands down my favorite formula ever. It is a Matte-Sheer finish which means you can still see your lips ever so slightly under the pigment, but no glossy finish. It's just like the name says, a 'blotted' lipstick look. ***Giveaway*** Head over to my instagram for a chance to win the ENTIRE COLLECTION. Ends 7/23


  • NYX Lid Lingerie- I love these for a quick was of color all over the lid. They dry down and become budge proof, but still have a beautiful metallic finish.

What other subtle makeup products do you love? Let me know in the comments below! xo

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Every gal seems to be in search of

the perfect hair product

that will leave her locks looking like that certain celebrity gracing the cover of a magazine. Over my career as a hair stylist I have seen hundreds of images of the one and only

Jennifer Aniston

serve as the inspiration to hair cuts and colors not only in my salon, but around the globe.

To say Jen's hair is legendary isn't really overstating things. Her tresses single handedly started the phenomenon known as 'the Rachel' in the 90's- and I'll never forget how I felt bouncing out of the salon one Saturday afternoon after I'd gotten myself a good ol' Rachel cut somewhere around 1997.

And my love for her product line Living Proof is not new to the pages of this blog either. I've raved about her product Prime here as well as her SPF Protection Spray here. But this latest product launch, Perfect Hair Day, has really stolen the show and my heart and I am so excited to share it with you today!

Perfect Hair Day consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner, and a 5-in-1 Styling Treatment which is what I am going to talk about [and giveaway] today. They are all designed to extend the life of your style, and give weightless hold and bounce to the hair. And boy, do they fulfill that promise!

The 5-in-1 Styling Treatment is lightweight, and it just works. That's what I love about it. It isn't fussy or difficult to use and a little goes a long way. It not only smooths and polishes, but it also gives volume and lightweight hold in a single product, which is not easily accomplished because those two goals usually counteract each other. It is seriously a must try, and you can see from my pic above that my hair is loving it!

Now for the fun part... I am giving away two bottles of PHD- and you've got two chances to win. Enter here on the blog using the rafflecopter below, and again over on instagram.

Good luck and good hair!

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tangle teezer review, tangle teezer giveaway, detangling brush review, best detangling brush, beauty blogger pick for best detangling brush

If you've ever battled with snarly hair- then you know the trauma that can ensue when your tresses and your brush go head-to-head. Personally, I've snapped a few combs in half, and had my fair share of brushes lodged in my locks so tightly that only scissors could free them from the wrath that is;

the tangle.

And while I handle the annoying chore of hair brushing just about as good as the next fellow, nothing could have prepared me for what would happen when I'd have to brush the hair of my first born daughter! My six-year old, 'P' is tender-headed to say the least, and very dramatic to boot. So our post bath time routine was loud and unpleasant for all of those within a half mile radius. When she was about three, I began my search for a brush that would ease the pain for us both- and that is when I discovered the

Tangle Teezer


Tangle Teezer is a lightweight brush that is designed to get rid of tangles without pulling on

the hair or causing any damage. As soon as I bought a brush for my daughter, I knew that I had to have them in my


too, and I have been selling them there for the last two years as well. They fly off of our shelves, simply because they work so well. The design is simple and unassuming- in fact you might think; 'What makes them so special?'

Answer: It's the

multiple rows of flexible bristles, and the variations in their lengths- that help it to detangle the hair as you glide through the strands

. Also, the lack of a 'ball-tip' on the end of the bristle prevents pulling and stretching of the hair, so knots can't get tighter by accidental pulling. The bristles are also quite short, requiring that you work in shallow sections- again this is designed to aid in detangling and it really makes a big impact and gives better results.

Anyone can use a Tangle Teezer but they are

especially great for those people who have naturally snarly, distressed or curly hair and those who wear extensions. And they are wonderful to use in the shower to distribute your conditioners

and to distribute your styling products as well. I keep the compact size in my gym bag and purse too for quick touch ups on the go.

I really love this egg-shaped ninja brush and I think you will too. I am super excited that Tangle Teezer offered to sponsor todays giveaway. One lucky reader will get a prize pack of my favorite three brushes from the collection: the

Pink Holiday Compact

, the

Purple Salon Elite

, and the

Black Aqua Splash

. Enter by liking the

Tangle Teezer facebook page

and using the rafflecopter down below  for extra entries and good luck! xo

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a guide to using your beauty blender for maximum results

Every now and then, there is a beauty tool that comes around that changes the landscape of the industry. These rare cult-favorites are usually an investment and it may take some convincing [and/or saving] before you decide to buy. If you are like me, you may have tried some of the other knock-off sponges first in hopes that you would get the same results without the heavy price tag, but alas that didn't work out in your favor. Fast forward to today- I actually own and use FOUR

Beauty Blenders

currently, because it really is that good and I am totally obsessed. But again, if you are like me, you want to get the most out of your purchase because after all, $20 is $20 and it doesn't grow on trees.

Here are 7 ways to use your beauty blender in your makeup routine:

*Remember your BB should always be pre-moistened with water prior to use. This changes the texture and size of the sponge, but also makes it so your products aren't absorbed into the sponge.

1- Moisturizer or Serum

The BB is ideal for applying your moisture products and the white Pure BB is designed for just that, although any of the sponges work great.

2- Primer

This is one of my favorite uses for the sponge because it presses the primer into the pores and fills them more compactly and evenly then using your finger tips. Use the small end to apply your eye lid primers as well.

3- Foundation (Liquid or Powder) & Setting Powder

The most common use for the BB is to apply foundation, and if you just use it for this one step you'll still feel as though it was worth the purchase! The bouncing action of the sponge distributed your foundation so evenly with out streaking, and mimics the natural texture of your skin. Many people don't know however, that powdered foundations are also applied beautifully with the BB too. Just dip the sponge into the minerals, tap off the excess, and bounce the sponge on the skin to distribute the formula seamlessly. Finish your whole look with a dusting of translucent setting powder too.

4- Contour & Blush (Cream or Powder)

The precision small-sided tip of the sponge is perfect to draw lines of your dark contour colors under the cheekbones, down the sides of the nose, and under the jawline. You'll be able to see exactly where the color is placed and your results will be that much better. Then flip the sponge over, and bounce the rounded side along your contour lines to blend and blur the lines. Ditto for your blush as well.

5- Concealer

Use the BB to blend concealer with minimum effort and maximum comfort. I never worry about tugging on the delicate skin around my eyes with the BB because its' texture is so forgiving. The point of the sponge is great for getting to the inner corners of your eyes, and the small folds around your nose. BB even has a new mini sponge for detailed worked, although I haven't tried it yet.

6- Eye Shadow (Cream or Powder)

You might not think about using the BB for your eye shadow, but I find it is an amazing way to apply your cream shadows and blend out your edges with powdered shadows as well. The pointed tip makes application a breeze, and you can layer and build color beautifully. The mini BB would also be great for this purpose.

7- Lips (Balms or Stains)

When applying your more liquidy lip colors like balms, glosses or stains- the BB is a welcome companion. I love it for adding a hint of tint to the lips without looking too heavy in color. It's also ideal for blending ombre or color fade lipstick looks. Apply your lip liner first, then simply dab the lip color to fill in the lines.

Are there any ways you use your Beauty Blender that I haven't tried? Let me know in the comments below- and if you haven't tried a Beauty Blender yet... I am sure you can see that I highly recommend it! Be sure to enter the giveaway below- I am giving away a Professional Blender Wahoo!

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The makeup essentials every women needs on any budget, splurge makeup, save makeup

Hello loves! Today is a great day on the blog- I am so happy you are here, so thank you!

I stopped by Studio5 TV today to dish on my makeup must haves, and the best part is I included two budget options in each category so you can SAVE or SPLURGE! Check out the video and then shop your picks using the links below. PLUS, one lucky reader will be scooping up a care package full of my must-haves, so be sure you enter to win using the rafflecopter entry below. There's also a BONUS VIDEO today, where I answer the question, 'Can a women over 30 wear a headband without looking like a wanna-be teenager?' Check out my answer below.



Hope some of these goodies solve an issue for you! Thanks again for stopping by, don't forget the giveaway below- the first two entry options are required, the rest are optional but each one you complete adds your name into the drawing an additional time. Good luck!

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watercolor nails, marble nail art, #sharebeautycontest

Get my easy WATERCOLOR NAIL look, follow these super easy steps:

  • Start with your base color, I used Revlon Gel Envy in the color 'Jokers Wild'

  • After your base dries, top it with a clear coat (this step is to protect it from the use of acetone, see steps below) and let that thoroughly dry before moving on to your art steps

  • Apply a few random dots of your next color, mine is Essie in the color 'Splash of Grenadine'

  • Dip a small art brush into your acetone and gently thin and smudge the dots of polish

  • Next add random dots of your third color, mine is Revlon Parfumerie in 'Pink Pineapple' and repeat with the acetone until your desired marble effect is achieved

  • Finish with a coat of clear top coat, and you're done! I always use Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat... it's amaze

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you give this easy nail art a try... it is so easy to do and I seriously love the effect. If you do enter the contest, tag me in your pic too so I can see your mad skills! xo

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Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder, Hot Tools Gold Barrel Curling Iron, CHI Luxe Sparkle Spray, Alterna Caviar, Pureology Root Lift Reviews

Today I am stopping by Studio5 TV to dish about my knock-out hair products that leave others in the dust. We are comparing two types of products that offer similar results, but ultimately, only one can stand supreme.

Take a look at my list below and be sure to check out the


 for more details.

Hot Rollers vs. Curling Iron

1- Winner:

Curling Iron by Hot Tools

While hot rollers are making a comeback in the beauty world they still don't offer the variety of curl patterns that a good ol curling iron does. By utilizing different wrap techniques, as well as varied temperature and density of each strand, you can achieve numerous looks that just don't come from a hot roller. The other major problem with rollers is that you don't know what the curl will look like until after its set and cooled, and by then it may be too late to reform the curl without having to start all over by wetting the hair or at the very least re-heating the roller and waiting for it to set again. For those of you with REALLY resistant hair that won't take curl, the hot roller may be the only option, but for most of us the curling iron still wins. My favorite is the

Hot Tools Gold Barrel

in the 1-1/4 inch size, it's versatile and affordable... a perfect combination!

Creme Conditioner vs. Spray Conditioner

2- Winner:

Creme Conditioner by Alterna Caviar

Spray or leave-in conditioners were designed to give an extra bit of moisture to hair and to help close down the cuticle on the outer shaft of the hair. This helps give the appearance of healthier and shinier hair, but it is not conditioning enough to skip the creme version in the shower. Even fine haired people need to be conditioning to replace the moisture that is lost in the mid to ends of our hair. Skipping conditioner can lead to breakage, dryness, and static electricity. If you feel like conditioner weighs your hair down, your either applying it wrong or using the wrong formula.

Alterna Caviar

offers several varieties of conditioner for normal, mature, or fine hair. I love them all! They smell amazing and turn your hair into instant silk. I seriously cannot get enough!

Shine Serum vs Shine Spray

3- Winner:

Shine Spray by CHI

Everyone loves the idea of shiny hair, but if your not carful you can go from shiny to greasy in a snap. Shine serums are made from heavier silicones that coat the hair and can leave it looking greasy. My experience has also been that serums tend to build up on the hair and create a film that can be hard to remove as well as making blow dry more tedious. Using a shine spray to finish off a look after its been styled gives that added shine your looking for, but the thinner formula is much easier to control and washes away much better. The

CHI Luxe Sparkle Shine Spray

leaves hair with a light reflective quality that I love, but it doesn't leave hair greasy. Always remember less is more when it comes to shine!

Root Boost vs. Mousse

4- Winner: Root Boost by Pureology (

salon locator to purchase


Adding lift to the hair is one of the most requested attributes be get at the salon. Bouncy volume can be hard to come by though, and so we turn to products for help. While mousse will add volume and subtle hold, it can also be very drying because it contains alcohol. It's consistency is also very hard to control, and you can end up with heavy application in one spot and zero product in another. I opt for a root lift instead which offers a much more controlled application, and targets the product only where its needed... at the roots. The pin point nozzle on

Pureology's Root Lift

is perfect for getting the product right down to the scalp and giving you great volume. It's a must-have.

Dry Shampoo Spray vs. Dry Shampoo Powder

5- Winner:

Dry Shampoo Powder by Bumble & bumble

While I love dry shampoos in general for stretching the time in between hair washes, and for offering texture to hair, I find that spray in varieties tend to break down in the hair sooner and lose their oomph. The spray versions offer more options as far as colors and scents, but for a lasting experience powder is the tops.

Bumble & bumble Pret a Powder

acts as an oil absorbing machine that lifts hair and refreshes it perfectly. A few sprinkles of this stuff at the root will boost your strands back to life and combat any unwanted smells (you know what I mean, right?) It is white however, so those with dark hair need to take extra care to only apply the product beneath your part lines to avoid looking chalky.

You can shop all of my winners below,

plus one lucky winner will walk away with everything above

! Oh ya that's some great hair days comin your way! Use the rafflecopter entry below, for each step you complete you'll gain an additional entry, but you're not required to complete them all. Good Luck!

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Stokke Scoot giveaway

Stokke® Scoot™


The Wet Brush Mini


Vaseline Baby


Aveeno Sensitive Makeup Remover Wipes


Buxom Lip Cream


Marc Jacobs Beauty Concealer Pen


Ju-Ju Be Diaper Bag

Little bambinos are great accessories in themselves, but I still want to look chic and feel put together when I am out with my girls. Above you'll see the products that I always have with me at all times- They work in a pinch to freshen up while on the go, and they also keep my girls looking tidy and neat as well. I live and die by my Marc Jacobs concealer pen, and I have found 101 uses for a tub of Vaseline. Throw in makeup remover wipes, a mini version of my favorite Wet Brush, and the perfect shade of lip gloss... and you have everything you need in your designer diaper bag! 

See that



stroller!?! It's my pride and joy these days- I take it everywhere I go, and get compliments on its' sleek design at least once a day. It's the 

Stokke® Scoot™ 

and I am so excited to be 


 with them today to offer one of my readers a stroller just like mine. We can be chic-momma twins! 

Shop Stokke


Stokke Facebook


Stokke Twitter


Stokke Pinterest


Stokke Instagram


Stokke® Scoot™

works for me because it is light weight for a full-size stroller, and is convertible to a forward or rear facing seat. Now that Zoey is a big girl she loves that her seat is up high and facing the world. And I love that it folds away so compactly, and with just one hand so that I can throw it in my trunk in a snap. Beyond the look of the stroller, 

the quality is exceptional

- you can just tell the difference in the fabrics, zippers, wheels, and even the stitching. This is an investment piece that you'll get years of use out of. 

If you haven't checked out all of the



 products, you need to ASAP! I also have their highchair and it's one that I'll keep forever because it's design is so simple and it looks like a piece of furniture that


in your house. 

Be sure you enter to win your own 

Stokke® Scoot™

using the rafflecopter entry below. Good Luck, and thanks to Stokke® for sponsoring this chic-momma giveaway!

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This post was sponsored by Stokke- thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog 


T3 shower head, Pureology dry conditioner, batiste dry shampoo, harry josh dryer, cricket olive oil combs, sam villa texture iron, miracurl, turkish hair towels, lush bar shampoo, spin pins

My outfit details: Top:

Kingdom and State

 Waxed Denim:


Styling by LolaBella Boutique, thanks!

Oh my! This is a big one! I have a feeling this post will contain entirely too many exclamation points- but I am so thrilled with Part II of the

Snoop List: Hair Edition.

Today I am over at Studio5 highlighting the hair products and tools that you've never heard of, but CANNOT live without. This list is dear to my heart, because as you know I am still a hair stylist and salon owner, and hair has been my life for more than the last decade. So lets jump in and talk about all this goodness!


Goody Spin Pins

Spin pins do the work of 10 


 bobby pins combined

. Their unique corkscrew shape grabs on to hair and secures it effortlessly for hours without damaging hair. If you love a high bun or a 


 date-night updo... you must have these in your 


. I will love these things until my dying day. Seriously. 


Babyliss Miracurl

 (Pro Version)

Conair Infiniti

(Consumer Version) It's the latest gizmo in hair curling, and let me tell you this thing is crazy cool. The barrel draws in a strand of hair and spins it until the length of the hair is wrapped around the internal barrel. Next it holds it there until fully cooked and then

spits out a perfect curl every time

. It has customized controls so you can dictate the heat and timing, as well as which way the curl wraps. If you struggle with a curling iron- meet your new best friend.

T3 Shower Head

If you can't keep your color looking fresh, or your hair and skin are as dry as the sands of the Sahara... it may be your water that is letting you down. The T3 shower filter

eliminates more chlorine

in your water than any other type of filter on the market. You will notice a difference in your hair and skin after a single use, and anything afterward that isn't T3...won't be good enough. It is a life changer. (This even helped me get over my hatred of showering. Baths > Showers. but that's a whole other issue :)

Turkish Hair Towel

Curly haired ladies have known the secret of non terrycloth towels for a while now. But for those of you who think I am insane... hold your tongue. These super absorbent cotton 


 have a smooth surface but

absorb just as much as water

a traditional (american) towel. Because it has a refined texture, it doesn't rough up you hair and cause frizz. Use it to blot moisture out of the hair especially for those of you who 'scrunch-dry' your curls. 

Harry Josh Dryer

 Cutest. Strongest. Smartest. Dryer. Ever. Harry Josh is a celebrity stylist who set out to design a lightweight and compact dryer that will stand up to the harshest conditions. As a hairstylist my self- I am LUCKY if a dryer lasts me two years, because of the amount of use I put it through at the salon. This French-made power house will

last you 15 years

if you use it for 20 


 a day. (It dries my hair in 3 minutes flat. #noreally) It is an investment piece, but it is worth every penny and there isn't a single bad review out there on this guy. One of the coolest features is the ion function which can be turned off for more volume, and turned on for a sleeker finish. Custom is king. 


Ultra Smooth Detangling Brush and Combs-

Stop stretching out your strands and start using a friction free comb fortified with olive oil. These combs have

a glass-like finish that glides through the hair

without tugging and helps to smooth the cuticle surface. Great for days when you air-dry your hair and makes a perfect shower comb to distribute your conditioner. The new detangler version uses short flexible bristles and  a 


handle for extra control, so that you can detangle with one hand and restrain your screaming 5 year old with the other... have I mentioned her before?

Sam Villa Texture Iron

 + [additional 20% off with code: 20FORUT] When you need a lift, you need Sam Villa. Not only is he my personal hair-hero (and the sweetest guy!), he designed the Texture Iron to give you micro texture that gives your hair the oomph it so 


 needs. Use this guy to crimp the hair right at the scalp and

double the thickness at your roots instantly

. Use it to fatten-up your braids, buns and twists too. Avoid teasing and start texturizing instead!

LUSH Solid shampoo and conditioner

Who says shampoo has to come in a bottle!?! LUSH shampoo and conditioner bars are perfect for travel & your gym bag, while offering little bits of luxury with their organic and plant based ingredients.

The smell on these guys is hypnotizing

and the experience of using them will leave you feeling like you had a quick trip to the spa in your own shower. Let's face it... anything by LUSH is amaze! 

Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes and redheads

 I know they say 'blondes have more fun' but I tend to 


 since I am currently sporting a brunette hue. That being said, I have noticed that my brown and red-haired sisters often get left out of the dry shampoo conversation, and this just cannot be! Batiste dry shampoos for brunettes and gingers offer the same

great results without leaving a white powdery finish

on the hair. So go ahead, skip the shower today... and tomorrow!


Pureology Dry Conditioner (

Professional Salons

) What? Dry Conditioner!?! Yes, you read that right- and you need this stuff in your life ASAP. We all know that washing every day is a no-no, and that dry shampoo rescues your roots from the grease-bomb explosion on day 2. But what about those ends? They need some loving too, right? Dry conditioner is applied to the mid lengths and ends of your hair to

infuse it with a burst of moisture and shine

on the days when your not washing and freshly styling your hair. Use it to revive fuzzy curls and split end-i-fied locks and you are good to go [again].

There you have it! My

top hair picks for 2013

-- Which one do you need in your life? Let me know in the comments below and be sure you enter my giveaway. One winner will receive:

  • LUSH Shampoo and Conditioner bars

  • Cricket Olive Oil Combs

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunettes & Red Heads

  • Goody Spin Pins

  • T3 Shower Head

Good luc


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Hi friends, thanks for stopping by! Today I'll be on my favorite day time show Studio5 talking about some lesser known beauty products that you may have never heard of, but cannot live without once you've tried them. I'm calling this grouping the

Snoop List

and this edition is all about skin and makeup. 

 In October I'll be back on the show sharing the hair product edition, so please check back for that one too. If you've been reading for a while you may see some products I have mentioned before but I wanted to share again since I love them so much - plus you'll see a bunch of newbies to the blog that I am exited to call my new favs. 



Glam Glow Super-Clearing Mud Mask

 Black heads have met their match with this miracle mud. Apply it to your break outs and watch the magic as it dries and the 


 infused mask sucks the oil right out of your pores. You'll have 


 smaller pores and smoother skin with each use. #addicting [yes, I just hashtagged in a post]


Bliss Fuzz-Off Facial Hair Remover

 Peach fuzz and that unwanted upper lip hair 


 in 3 minutes with this stuff. It has a really 


 smell (


 is rare in hair removal!) but the coolest part is the double sided applicator tip which makes application 






 This egg-shaped gizmo has taken the beauty world by storm, but don't be fooled by the copy-cats... the original is still the best. Believe me- I have tried them all! Simply soak the suede-like textured egg in water, squeeze it out, then use it to apply your


or liquid foundation. You'll get an airbrushed effect and the unique shape allows you to get into those hard to reach areas of the face. 


Anastasia Reusable Brow Stencils


Brow Kit

 with Stencils. If you struggle designing the shape of your brow or often over-tweeze, then this brow stencil is a must-have. Pick the shape that fits your brow best and then using a pencil outline the shape onto your skin. Once you've drawn on the shape grab your tweezers and only remove the hairs outside of the line. Presto! You can also use the stencil to fill in your brows with color to get a perfect and symmetrical brow every time.


Dior AirFlash CC Primer

 Get instant primer with a corrective tint in a flash- literally. I love the simple and quick burst of primer when I need to move a little quicker in the morning and don't have time to blend. Dior fans will all love this new concept in CC cream, and you'll love the 


 power it gives your makeup while 


 red under tones. 


Avon Mega Mascara

 The whole world of mascara has been turned on its' head with this puppy! The first non-wand applicator is really fun to use (takes some getting used to) and give both eyes the same amount of love because your nose is not in the way. Genius Avon! The formula give shiny black lashes a whole new meaning, and I can't get enough of it.


Korres Greek Yogurt Overnight Facial

 Centuries of women have used greek yogurt on their face and they can't ALL be wrong... so slather this stuff on before bed and get the same luxury results as those Greek goddesses. The lactic acid is a great exfoliator and gives a fresh toned surface to the skin, and the creamy protein leaves parched skin fully rehydrated. Just... don't eat it.


Smashbox O-Gloss

 This gloss uses some serious science to give you the perfect pout. It's formulated with goji berry which mimics the 'blushing' response in your skin. When applied you get a flush of color to your lips from the inside out, so the color is 


 unique and perfect for your skin tone, because it


from your skin tone. Cool eh?


NYX Dewey Setting Spray

 Finish off every morning with a few spritzes of this setting spray that not only locks in your makeup but it adds a dewey sparkle to your your visage. Not in a sweaty or oily way-- just a subtle gleam that look fresh. It's got a knockout price tag too, so jump on board with this one! 

Hope you find your way to at least one of these goodies, you won't regret it! Please follow along with me on


too, and be sure to say hello so I can see your beautiful faces.

WANT TO WIN SOME OF THESE GOODIES!?! Enter to win using the rafflecopter entry form below- each step gives you an additional entry into the drawing. One lucky winner will receive:

  • The Korres Overnight Facial

  • Smashbox O-Gloss

  • Bliss Fuzz Off

  • Anastasia Brow Stencils

  • Beauty Blender

Good luck!

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Sample products from the companies above were provided to The Beauty Snoop


NYX makeup,, The Best NYX makeup, cheap makeup brands

You know that rare place where high quality comes together with low cost, all wrapped up in a nice package? Like I said, it's


. So when I find that glimpse of perfect harmony- I like to shout it out from the roof tops. This is


kind of post!

* * *

Makeup junkies, celebrities, and every-day divas have all fallen for

NYX cosmetics

. (pronounced like 'Nicks' by the way) This stuff is high grade when it comes to ingredients, performs like the big-dawgs ie. MAC, and has a price point that makes you double take. Literally, I was showing my mom some of the goodies that I use daily, and one of them still had a $9 price tag on it... she was shocked, to say the least.

So if you are a budget shopper, but still want the look and feel of department store brands- NYX is where you should start. Most of the line is priced well under $10, so if there is ever a time to take a risk with a new color or new type of application- THIS IS THE TIME PEOPLE! [roof tops, remember?]

In the


below, I am highlighting a handful of my top picks from


... but pay attention to the applications too. Sometimes you think

a color is too bold for everyday wear

, but that might be because you are applying it incorrectly! Almost every color can be worn during the day if you use it in a light-handed way. So take a second to learn something new, then come back and get excited about adding these affordable rockstars to your makeup bag, plus tons of other goodies beyond just these mentioned in this post. 

NYX cosmetic- review on eyebrow push up bra, cheek stick, eye color pencil, and dewey setting spray

Face Full Of:

NYX Push-Up Bra for EyeBrow

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Yogurt

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Rocky Mountain Green

NYX Stick Blush Orchid

NYX Propel My Eyes Mascara

NYW Dewey Finish Setting Spray

Do you have a NYX obsession? Let me know in the comments below- I'd love to hear your thoughts! And be sure to check out one of my fav online beauty shops

where you can buy these goodies and tons of other great brands too. If you are a Utah gal- you can shop NYX at the Got Beauty location in

Sugar House

Thanks for reading and


! Enter to win a NYX prize pack worth $50 from Got Beauty using the entry form/link below, and good luck!

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This post was sponsored by Got Beauty- thank you for supporting the companies that support this blog


Jamberry Nails, Incoco Nail Applique, Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Essie Sleek Sticks

Nail decals and appliques make it possible for every women to wear gorgeous nail designs without an expensive trip to the salon. And for every time I have heard a client say 'I am so bad at painting my own nails...', I now have a great alternative to suggest to them.  The biggest bonus in my eyes is that the decals apply quickly with no dry time, but they also withstand the harsh conditions that my hands endure every day at the salon.

But, not all polish strips are created equally- so I put together this post with my results and recommendations. While this experiment isn't scientifically sound, I have used all of these brands more than one time and my findings are consistent. Let's dive in shall we

Okay: Essie Sleek Sticks($10) I so wanted these appliques to be awesome since I am a big fan of Essie polish, but unfortunately these were pretty unbearable to me. I wanted them off my fingers almost immediately because the thick sticker like polish strips leave an exposed tacky edge that catches on just about everything.  And the textured rhinestones also grab onto hair and clothing etc. These are more appropriate for a one-time use such as a dance or wedding. Trying to wear them longer than that is not advised.

Good: Sally Hansen Salon Effects ($9-12) These polish strips were the first on the scene and their popularity pushed other major nail brands to begin producing their own versions. These strips are the thinest of all the appliques I have tried which makes them flexible and easy to stretch to fit. However they can tear easily during application and the edges succumb to wear easily within the first few days. The price point on these is very reasonable and you can find them in grocery and drug stores everywhere. A great choice for teens and drugstore beauty buyers.

Better: Incoco Nail Polish Applique ($10) I discovered Incoco when I received a sample from

BirchBox about six months ago. The design they sent me wasn't my favorite, but the strips applied so quickly (the fastest application of all), the thickness and flexibility of the strip is perfect, and they remained almost flawless through the first week. So, I ordered several more sets, including the blue design above and have been really happy with all of them. Incoco also makes french tip options that are really fun too.

Best: JamBerry Nails ($15) Jamberry has the cutest and most fashion-forward designs of any of the brands I have seen that are appropriate for women in the workplace and beyond (even sports team logos!). The application processes is slightly different requiring you to heat the strip with a blowdryer for a few seconds before application. This extra step does take more time but it also ensures a secure bond that holds up to wear and tear the most thoroughly. They call them nail 'shields' and that seems to be a fitting word- they add protection and thickness to the nail without bulky edges. More money, but longer lasting results.

Do you have a nail decal favorite? Tell me below in the comments so I can check it out!

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segment will teach you how to get big bouncy roll-type curls for your whole head is just six wraps around your iron! Sounds too good to be true right? You'll love this technique when you are in a rush but still want a curly look. In this video I am using the largest barrel on the


iron set. It is a 2inch/32mm diameter wand, and this size works best when you are using large sections of hair. Watch this video to learn how you can get this look at home, and scroll down to view my

Curl Wrap Techniques

so that you can see the Combo Wrap that I am using to get this look.

Tools and Products to achieve this look:

Nume 32mm Wand-



MoroccanOil Treatment

(enter 'Moore Hair Design' as your referring salon)

Living Proof Prime Style Extender

The Wet Brush

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! It is my pleasure to share these techniques with you, please be sure to follow along with my blog so I can continue to grow. Join here on




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Today's StyleWise lesson is all about achieving vintage waves using a

Reverse Wand from Nume

. The reverse wand is a great tool for this look because it works so well with my combo wrap technique (check the image below for details) which gives a smooth crown and then a twisted spiral throughout the lengths of your hair. Watch the tutorial here so you can create this look at home too.

***Coupon code no longer available

I have used almost every brand of curling iron out there- it is one of the great perks of being a hair stylist. But, I honestly have been so impressed with this Nume wand. It heats up so quickly and my hair takes and keeps curl better than with my other wands. I have also purchased the

Titan 3

interchangeable barrel set and use it on my own hair daily. 

Products mentioned in video:

In the pic you'll find my


Wrap Techniques,

 which shows the different methods for wrapping and the types of curls that will result. I encourage you to experiment with both the size of the section you wrap and the wrapping technique to find the curl pattern that is right for you.  Got questions? Just ask!

Happy Curling!

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